When first industrial revolution begin people mainly workers class around the world started working in manufacturing plants and factories which is considered as turning point of humans that changed life style of people mainly in 2nd industrial revolution at that time numerous inventors around the world started creating various different types of revolutionary machines which use electricity in that process we got several electricity communication machines for instance Telegraph.

But, Telegraph is written or morse code form of communication that become an alternative to traditional communication methods like written letters which people used to communicate each other but alot of people didn't like or prefer instead want to voice communicate which is why many inventors for any personal or commercial reasons begin race to make world's first electric voice communication machine which can change world immensely.

Even though, there are many inventors who created number of amazing voice communication machines but Alexander Graham Bell was first to receive patents for his revolutionary Telephone that can send and receive voice signals of up to 3km radius range after that he setup bell company and commercialized telephones since then people begin using telephones.

Telephone back in end of 18th century is expensive in product as well as to make and recieve calls but later on number of companies around the world to make business started manufacturing thier own custom telephones by adapting to latest technologies due to that we got less size and expensive Telephones which can not just send and receive voice signals to city or towns but also states and countries. 

But, Telephones still used to be big and costly which didn't liked by alot of people yet as there is no better choice they used it for decades but as time goes thanks to companies we got evolved version of telephones known as home or landline phones that people eventually started using leaving old Telephones but they only work in inter-connection with cables and cords without them you can't make and receive voice call signals globally.

Fortunately, In mid 19th century we got partly wireless Telephones which depend on near base station to make and receive voice signals but in back end companies keep on working to make fully wireless telephones in that process in year 1986 Motorola Inc. american company build and released world's first commercial wireless telephone known as mobile phone named DynaTac 8000X that amazed everyone.

Motorola DynaTac 8000X though expensive yet it's remarkable technology after that alot of companies started making thier own wireless mobile phones with decreased size and affordable prices due to that eventually majority of people shifted to mobile phones leaving old Telephones and landline phones etc.

Mobile phones make and receive voice calls through wireless signals which are transmitted through base stations in state or country etc which are mostly provided by tele-communication companies but in some cases mobile phone manufacturer themselves own or build base stations to provide services and exceptional coverage to all thier customers world wide.

Usually, most mobile phone makers back then in year 1980s and 1990s by default used to partner with one or more tele communications network companies to provide tele-calls and messages services due to that people have no choice to use it but alot of them want to try out other tele- communication companies due to various reasons mainly because to get way better offers and coverage willingly.

Thankfully, In year 1991 Munich smart-card maker Giesecke & Devrient created world's first revolutionary sim card which is small that should be added on mobile phones with sim card to make and receive voice calls and text messages after that most tele-communications companies begin making thier own sim cards and started selling them around the world.

The entry of sim cards in this modern world increased competition among tele-communication companies since then they worked super hard to provide value for money offers and features through sim cards to attract people and make them as thier customers thus they were able to run business to generate money smoothly.

In early 20th century we got keypad mobile phones which are quite small in size with graphical user interface operating system basically software like computer in which you can simply add active sim cards and then start sending and receiving calls and messages but also data for browsing that increased usage of sim cards drastically.

There are numerous types of sim cards with different sizes like regular, nano, micro and mini etc but from past few years electronic sim cards aka e-sims known as Embedded Sim Subscriber Identity Module first introduced in year 2016 which is now available on number of electronic devices mainly on smartphones and then next to smart watches, isn't cool?

Smartphones is user friendly hand-held device came to replace keypad mobile phones which comes with multi-touch display technology and operating system and capabilities ofbcomputers by using that you can download quite big files and stream high quality content on the go due to that sim cards become more necessary.

Generally, In developed countries sim cards and it's services like calls, sms and Internet data available at cheap less low price for instance Israel but in developing and underdeveloped countries due to few or no telecommunication companies and lack of resources and new technologies over there sim card services are costly.

In case of india it's different over there 1 decade back sim card services are quite expensive like 1GB of mobile data that to for monthly or annual plans used to cost more then 1,000 INR around 11 dollors not because it's developing country but due to indian few tele-communication companies scam who intentionally increased price of sim card services plans in mutual shadow partnership to gain profits yet still indian people used to buy them as they don't know and aware of all this matters.

Reliance industries one of the largest Indian conglomerate current CEO Mukesh Ambani developed a new indian tele-communication network named Jio released in year 2016 which in name of offers provided unlimited calls, sms and data to customers for more then 1 year after that at very affordable prices like 1GB used to cost less then 10 INR around 0.10$ due to that majority of people rapidly shifted to Jio at fast pace.

Jio expansion in india become trouble to other existing Indian tele-communication network like Bharti Airtel which is top telecom company and then Vodafone and Idea got unrecoverable losses who went to stage of bankrupt but later on Vodafone and Idea merged to together to form new telecom company Vi which is going fine.

Tata one of the biggest indian conglomerate in year 2008 started thier own tele-communication network CDMA mobile services in association with Virgin Mobile and then same year Japanese telecom giant NTT docomo taken 26 per cent equity stake in Tata Indicom and become subsidiary of Tata Indicom since then it is branded as Tata Docomo.

However, In year 2014 NTT Docomo reported loss of $780 million and as per deal they would sell 100% shares after that in year 2017 on October 9 Tata announced exit plan for it's 5000 employees at that time on October 12, 2017 Bharati Airtel announced to acquire Tata Teleservices ltd in free debt deal that was approved by Competition Commission of India and share holders of Bharati Airtel in year 2018 on 29 August and then later year 2019 on July 1 it was merged into Bharati Airtel.

Bharti Airtel is main reason behind downfall of Tata Docomo more then Jio as from year 2010 itself Bharati Airtel with it's marketing strategies and campaigns was able to get customers despite it's costly offers and plans which are not tackled by Tata Docomo but at the end they luckily didn't got total bankrupt fate of Aircel.

Finally, this is what happened to Tata Docomo, are you an existing user of Tata Docomo? If yes do say why you like and  experience on Tata Docomo and mention why which tele-communication network in india you buyed for the first time and are you using that now if what's the reason in our comment section below see ya :)