We have many revolutionary electronic devices developed by number of inventors and companies around the world out of them electronic PCs is one which is an evolution of computers but Integrated with CLI aka command line interface or GUI aka graphical user interface operating system basically digital software that allows you to install numerous additional softwares developed using programming languages which can execute and run almost all real life tasks electronically and digitally.

Internet is standard protocol created by ARPANET which provide unique address to each and every PC designed to move data on network at first it used to send digital messages between computers but later on in year 1991 Tim Berners Lee developed  and released quite revolutionary browser that can crawl public contents which are in format of websites due to that the usage of Internet increased immensely.

Fortunately, In just few years alot of people around the world using various programming languages build numerous revolutionary websites and blogs for articles by buying domain name for identity and then using PC storage and memory to create server and host them on internet after that using it's domain URL aka uniform resource locator access on world wide browser isn't amazing?.

Web 1.0 started in year 1990s at that time websites and blogs are developed using HTML aka hyper text markup language programming language thus websites are basic even browser softwares are same but eventually by web 2.0 era started in early 20th century people begin using numerous programming languages like JavaScript, CSS, PHP etc due to that we got many modern websites and blogs and to open them numerous developers and companies build and released many powerful and advanced browsers.

Even though, you can directly open websites and blogs using it's URL also known as links on browsers but in order to get urls you have to use search engines which using it's powerful and advanced bots crawl Internet then index them in simple format to it's users based on search keywords and other additional factors that people can see and click to visit website and blogs etc anywhere and anytime which all played major role in driving world wide web to success.

There are numerous search engines available on browsers out of them Google from Alphabet inc. previously known as backrub founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in year 1999 is well known and most popular one which is way better and much faster then other search engines with alot of options and features but at the end it is search engine so companies or users as per linking and preferences can add their own search engine on browser due to that Google is missing out users for sure.

However, Google back in early 20th century itself is leading search engine globally which is great but they didn't have their own browser at that time in year 2007 Sundar Pichai Google software employee understood that it is must for search engine to have browser so he speaked out his plan and project after approval he with his team developed and released browser named Chrome.

Chrome is first browser from search engine giant Google at first released on PCs then as time goes available for other electronic devices mainly smartphones, tablets etc which provide alot of features and options for cool and amazing browser experience on the go including that also provide facility to install and run number of extensions created by them or you and third party developers which can extend functionalities of Chrome but it is now limited to PC software of Chrome.

Generally, on majority of PC or smarphone browsers you can only use available options and features there is no way to get more isn't disappointing? as alot of people want to get extra functionalities on browsers that's why chrome and some other browsers are Integrated with extensions available officially for PCs but don't worry there are some browsers like Kiwi and Yandex to install and run chrome extensions on smartphones as well.

Now a days, chrome has thousands even more official and unofficial extensions available on it's web store so it will be definitely hard for anyone to find best ones out of them isn't? which is why we picked up 15 best chrome extensions according to our choices for you which you may simply try to make chrome more better and awesome so do you like it? are you interested? If yes let's explore more.

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Usually, when you visit any social media or video blogging websites like YouTube you'll find HTML player videos which you can watch by clicking on play button isn't? but whenever you don't see videos in full view mode you'll find alot of text and other suggested videos surrounding it that can be distracting if you like and want to focus on content of video for sure that's why we got a chrome extension named Turn Off the Lights that will dark everything else on the website and show you video thus you are able to focus and enjoy immensely.

There are millions of websites on internet which uses different types of HTML video player with numerous options and features to choose video stream and download quality and turn on captions etc including that they also normally let you speed up or slow down video like YouTube isn't? but some don't even if they do still you're only able to get 0.5 slow down to 2x speed so to futher slow down or speed up videos then this Voice Speed Controller chrome extension will work amazingly for sure.

We are now in world where listening music every day is part of life you'll find alot of people directly or indirectly play songs while in free time or work to boost up thier mood and relax or enjoy which is why every day musicians and singers make and release new music and songs for personal or commercial reasons that numerous people use in thier videos or podcasts which you like to listen again in different video or audio player but don't it's name then AHA Music - Song Finder will work as savior as when you use that it will automatically detect and recognise music and song in background and provide you full details about them isn't cool?

In year 2018, Google released picture in picture mode for YouTube that will let you watch videos in small pop mode which will stay intact to screen even after you close YouTube website thus you're able to use your devices by simultaneously watching  YouTube videos isn't useful? you can get that option from YouTube itself but in any case that didn't work then there is Picture- In-Picture official chrome extension from Google that will do the job for you.

Majority of people visit one or more websites everyday for various purposes either to read articles or watch videos but even if that website is required and useful for them still they don't stay in them mainly because they'll loose focus and interest after some time due to that they'll only get half enjoyment and knowledge so if you're one of them and want to fix this then there is Forest chrome extension when you turn on that on selected website it will run 10 minutes countdown timer in that time a digital tree will grow so if you focus and stay on that particular website it will stay alive else it will die so now you got one emotional goal to be present in website for some pre-set time that will increase your focus drastically.

When you visit any website on Internet you'll find many websites ask you to sign up with email to login and access offered free or paid services which is quite simple but as now we are in web2.0 era majority of websites use centralised servers that're primary targeted by hackers to exploit and access private data then publish online or sell to media agencies or darkweb etc.

Which put your personal privacy at risk that's why alot of experts suggest you to use Tempmail or unused mail but in case you already used personal e-mail then it is better to check either that website is still reliable or not because some websites won't personally inform you about leak even if they do as now a days we sign up on number of websites it is bit hard to get track of them in that scenario DeleteMe is fabulous chrome extension that will show all unreliable websites and provide option to simply delete accounts in them so that your private data will be in safe zone.

Now a days, almost all range and type websites and blogs full-filled with articles provide comment section where you can express your opinion or thought about articles or products and services etc but majority of people unable to convey them exactly even if they do most of them say in simple without using any words creativity to make it look and feel better for viewers.

if you want to say your thoughts and opinions etc exactly in comment section or send nice messages to people on social media or messaging platforms then you may try Wordtune chrome extension which will show many correct english phrases alternative to your lines out of them you can select right one in that way you will not only improve your grammar but also convey your texts exactly in comment or anywhere else super cool right?

8. Noisli

We have many interesting and useful websites and blogs on world wide web of internet which alot of people based on their needs visit on daily basis who even add them as favourite to quickly access them again but most websites and the browsers in which you open them don't play background music, it will be quite interesting if they do right? that will keep you engaged and distraction free? if you are someone who like to listen music and songs while using browser then you may have to use additional audio players or else there is this quite cool and fantastic chrome extension named Noisli.

Noisli don't play music or songs that you add from your device or any other online audio streaming services Instead it already has some music categories like
relax, productivity and noise blocker etc 
which it plays for specific period of time like 25 minutes as per your choice or randomly while browsing on chrome thus you'll be able to get rid of any background noises then by listening proper music you will be able to focus contents of websites either to work, study, relax easily.

You'll find many websites and blogs with number even thousands of articles that are usually equipped with alot of text and  images and videos so if you found them useful then you may save them to read or send and show to people by sharing link or in digital web format but incase you want to show up digital information available in physical form then definitely you have to take print out of it for that we have many softwares available on browser itself.

PDF aka portable document format is well known and most popular digital file where people usually save thier digital texts or websites etc and to make them we have numerous softwares available for PCs and smartphones but most of them lack alot of features due to that you are not able to get finest version of websites or any other material so to fix this problem we recently found useful chrome extension named Print Friendly & PDF by using that you can remove texts, images and advertisements, increases text size on websites and get print friendly PDFs comfortably.

Gmail is basically E-mail software that let you send digital messages to anyone with e-mail address electronically available for PCs and smartphones etc which also has website to access on browsers but every time you want to send email to someone you have to open Gmail on browser new tab that will put you away from content which you may be viewing or watching at that moment so it will be quite useful if you can send e-mails from your current browser tab itself right? for that we have chrome extension named Gmail Tables by CloudHQ which you have to connect with Gmail once done whenever you open that it will show window mode where you can enter and send e-mails pretty quickly.

If you're an writer or someone who read articles or anything else frequently in english then you may know writers have to use alot of english words according to context of topic at the same time readers also have to know about meaning of words used in information of articles or anything else to understand them completely but sometimes writers may don't know full meaning of particular English word even readers as well they usually have will to know regarding it for them there is chrome extension named Power Thesaurus that will show meaning of any English word in detailed thus you'll improve writing and knowledge as well.

People, A century back used to write any information on paper based notebook but later on we got computers and it's evolved version electronic computers which have numerous revolutionary softwares out of them notepad is one where you can enter information through hardware keyboard and save them in digital format that you can access on PC anywhere and anytime.

Notepad softwares are quite useful where you can store any written information that you can simply view and use anywhere on compatible and supported softwares on PCs which is why people started using different types of notepad softwares on PCs mainly since 20th century but do you know? alot of people don't write personal matters instead copy texts from websites or blogs then paste on Notepad softwares for that they have to leave browser it will be super useful if browser have it's own in-build Notepad right? for that there is this chrome extension named Google Keep.

VPN - virtual private network is software technology that provide numerous cloud servers in different areas in country or around the world which you can connect to unlock censorship and get security and privacy online as it will not only change and mask your real IP - internet protocol address but also encrypt and tunnel your device traffic which usually available as software on PCs and smarphones etc.

There are number of companies that provides different types of VPNs which people mainly use to proxy traffic of browsers more then device but all of them you have to install as seperate software on PCs and smartphones etc what if you have VPN in browser itself it will be awesome thus you can only proxy browser traffic not device for that purpose out of many cool and useful chrome extensions we thought to show you CyberGhost VPN.

When you visit a website on your browser you find something interesting or useful that you want to take screenshots or record videos to watch them later in order to do that you most likely have to depend on third party screenshot or recording softwares but do you know? there is an cool chrome extension named Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder that will let you not only let you take screenshots even record videos in resolution starting from 720p to 4K from chrome itself this one will simplify works for sure.

You may know right now most new websites and blogs in web 2.0 era are Integrated with dark mode it's popular and have huge demand from people but also look much better then light mode in dark areas but dark mode that you see on majority of websites and blogs is not customizable even if they do still it's minimal you may won't get the right level of dark mode that can disrupt your browser experience to fix this there is this chrome extension named Dark Reader that let you enable not just dark but also light mode with custom brightness, contrast etc to each websites on browser accordingly.

Internet as said earlier is network of computers which basically move data on network between computers at first it was used to send messages and as time goes due to upgrades and updates from number of developers and companies we got many softwares for PC which allow you to send not just send text messages but also other files like images and videos etc Integrated with alot of useful options and features to simply do fast messaging comfortably and conveniently on the go.

Whatsapp is most popular renowned social messaging app thanks to it's free service with simplicity at first available on smartphones and accessible as website for PC but both app and web version lack numerous features which are required by large percentage of people that're already available on advanced and powerful social messaging platforms like Telegram which is why alot of people leaving WhatsApp but we do have Chrome extension named WA Web Plus that externally provide many extra features which are unavailable on official web version of WhatsApp.

WA Web Plus for WhatsApp web version provide many features and options out of them to name few Blur private info, Restore deleted messages, Lock WhatsApp screen, hide blueticks and online status, like buttons and reactions, online status notifications, custom chat, start conversations with non contacts with bussiness tools like smart auto replies, contact list and groups exporting, CRM Integration, contacts synchronising and multiple messaging broadcasting etc with dark mode which all at the end not just lift limitations and restrictions of WhatsApp but also increase security and privacy.

17. OneTab

A normal person usually open few tabs on browser but some people especially geeks and techies open more then 15 tabs on thier browsers to open different websites for various purposes due to that browser software utilise more memory of device to keep tabs stay in background that will not only slow your device but crash browser as well in certain cases which is why it's better to keep less tabs on browser to work without issues smoothly.

But, in case you don't want to close browser tabs may be because you want to keep check of them then you can copy them somewhere on notebook that is bit hard and takes time for sure isn't, don't worry there is an chrome extension named OneTab that will note all your chrome tabs in one page thus you can easily open them whenever you want comfortably.

18. BlackBox

YouTube is revolutionary video blogging social networks started in 2005 which has millions of different videos on numerous categories from creators world wide since it's inception large percentage of people started watching videos regularly after that we got number of cool video blogging platforms alternative to YouTube which all are sometimes Integrated on HTML video player on websites but they don't allow you to copy text on videos due to that if you found something useful on video then you to write them manually that's super hard for sure isn't? to simply this task there is chrome extension named Black Box by using that you can not just copy and paste text but also code quite conveniently.

Currently, there are millions of websites and blogs on world wide web of internet which asks you to sign up with your personal email to access services or products etc right? but as per number of experts it is better to not use personal email on many services mainly on new and unreliable ones as they some times leak your personal data or even exploited by hackers for personal or commercial gains which is why it's better if you are able to use unused or temporary emails.

Temporary emails can used on many supported websites and blogs to access  thier services and products which provide alot of benefits for instance you can use temporary emails to opt out and recieve newsletters and postcards etc and then when you to stop them you can leave or delete them isn't useful? we have alot of websites and softwares to get temporary emails but recently we found an chrome extension named Tempmail.

Do you frequently send same context comment or send messages and emails on your PC then mostly likely you may be writing each of them manually? Isn't but do you know most businesses use many automated tools and bots to handle and send same or similar text phrases even expect them easily, If you don't have any such automated tools and you mostly use browser then there is good news for you there is this cool chrome extension named Magical - Text Expander & Autofill.

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of 20 chrome extensions there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway this are the most useful chrome extensions which definately worth trying out for sure.

Overall, 20 chrome extensions comes with clean and simple interface that ensures user friendly experience, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will this 20 chrome extensions get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now they're assuring and impressive.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention even though most of the chrome extensions that we stated above will also work on chrome extensions supported smartphone browsers like Kiwi and Yandex but CyberGhost VPN and AHA Music finder in not working so you may only able to use them on PCs.

Finally, this are 20 awesome and useful chrome extensions which will extend your chrome browser functionalities extensively, so do you like it? are you an existing user of this chrome extensions? If yes do say your experience and is there any interesting chrome extensions that you know kindly mention that in our comment section below, see ya :)