If you're someone who like technologies then you may probably already know and used computers isn't few centuries back
they used to execute designated tasks via hardware parts mechanically first created by Charles Babbage then as time goes by mid 19th century thanks to few inventors we got electronic computers which uses electricity to run tasks electronically and automatically isn't cool and amazing?

Fortunately, In just few years we got to see another revolutionary advancement from  inventors who successfully run software developed using number of programming languages on processor of computer that work in connection with hardware which not only increased flexibility of electronic computers but also surely increased and improved potential and capabilities to run numerous tasks more efficiently.

However, electronic computers used to be big and expensive including that softwares running in background are not visible but in just few years thanks to inventors along with companies who by adapting to latest technologies accordingly reduced the size of electronic computers in that process by year 1960s we got home computers also known as PCs aka personal computers.

Thankfully, PCs are more convenient and comfortable to use not just because you can use them anywhere but mainly due to CLI aka command line interface operating system basically visible format software that you can view on PC monitor display and simply access using qwerty keyboard after that by year 1970s inventors started making GUI aka graphical user interface operating system which are way better as you can access electronic computer with mouse pointer to execute tasks digitally.

Even though, In begginings PCs are quite basic but eventually many companies as per users demand to supply them started making and releasing powerful PCs with advanced closed and open source CLI and GUI based desktop operating systems out of them to name few popular ones Linux and Windows which are now widely used by people around the world extensively.

In sense, you can do almost all tasks electronically and digitally with PCs but they are not handheld thus you can't use them on move easily like while walking or running etc which is why many inventors created an alternative to it known as PDA aka personal digital assistants which are handheld electronic devices with almost all functionalities of PC thus you will be able to use them anywhere and anytime  way conveniently and comfortably.

PDAs came to replace PCs but what they lack is being handheld devices you can't directly make and receive telecom calls and messages which some do but they're unavailable in full scale and alot of people globally want to get PC operating system on handheld mobile phones evolution of Telephone which is voice communication device to use more effectively.

In early 20th century, many companies developed and released keypad mobile phones with operating system like Java and SymbianOS etc by using them you can install and run tiny useful basic softwares then after that to replace them Apple inc. created revolutionary multi-touch display technology smartphone was released by it's visionary founder Steve Jobs in year 2007 on January 9 named iPhone.

iPhone comes with closed source powerful hardware and advanced software at first it don't have name which is based on Mac OS X but Apple inc. from iPhone 2 named it's operating system as iOS which are the main reason why large percentage of people used to buy iPhone immensely due to that sells of keypad mobile phones dropped slightly so to get back on track many mobile companies begin to form plans and strategies to make their own iPhone type custom smartphones.

Majority of mobile companies like Samsung and Nokia etc can make top notch quality hardware smartphones but what they lack is operating system like iOS due to that they used to struggle in making operating system and smarphones at that time in year 2008 american search engine giant Google in partnership with HTC build and released world's first Android powered smartphone named HTC Dream.

Google buyed Android from Andy Rubens in year 2005 for $50 million but was later released to compete with iOS and smartly launched as free and open source due to that anyone can use it's code to develop thier own version of Android with added optimizations and enhancements etc so eventually numerous companies started using custom Android on smartphones in order to make business worldwide.

Now, Android is less expensive super customizable operating system with more then 70% world wide market share mainly available on smartphones which work in connection with hardware parts and can do almost all tasks of PCs in it's own way like iOS but there are few drawbacks with them as they are primarily Integrated on smartphones you will get limited storage and memory with battery that you have to use carefully else you'll run out of them.

Meanwhile, PCs as you may know are powered by continous flow of electricity so you don't have to worry about it's run time as it don't have battery you not have to charge once in while to use it including that PCs allow you to change almost all parts easily either it's storage or memory etc to replace damaged ones or expand capacities accordingly which is actually not possible on smartphones.

Especially, you can simply run as administrator on PC in few clicks to get system level access and ultra customize operating system to optimize or enhance it to improve performance or battery life etc like by manually or automatically adding or removing certain code and files to improve user experience this process is known as 
tweaking and modding etc including that PCs usually have thousands of amazing softwares to do the same job easily.

In case of smartphones it's very different you will get sealed limited storage and memory with battery etc so in order to replace or change them you may have to hire skilled specialized technician that will surely cost money including that mobile operating systems like Android or iOS etc restrict system level access due to that you can't heavily customize smartphone operating systems, isn't disappointing?

Luckily, on mobile operating systems of smartphones you will get some apps to optimize and improve performance and battery life including that you can get system known as root level access by unlocking bootloader and installing custom recovery like TeamWin recovery project then flashing rooting software like SuperSu and Magisk etc to further extend functionalities but it voids device warranty that's why most people stay away from it.

iOS as said earlier is closed source eco system mobile operating system that even restrict users from installing apps from third party sources but some developers managed to get system level access on it that process is known as Jailbreak even after doing it you can't really do much on iOS which is why majority of people who want ultra customization like and prefer to choose Android powered smarphones.

There are numerous ways you can customize once you root Android device but alot of people want to increase and improve performance and battery life for that we have number of methods like you can reduce CPU cores that can brick your Android device if you don't it right or you may save battery or hibernate apps using  apps like Greenify and BatteryGuru which is safe but do you know there is better way to improve performance and battery life on Android devices it is possible with free and open source FDE.AI aka Feradroid engine.

FDE.AI is root app available as Magisk module as well for Android that using articifical intelligence basically machine learning to optimize and improve battery life and performance simultaneously for each Android device automatically and carefully without increasing or decreasing power consumption etc which loads and execute it's components in memory also known as RAM so that you no more have to do each and every settings manually which you don't even know exactly all you have to is simply enable FDE.ai and it will do rest of the work efficiently.

But, few years back like in year 2018 some developers criticized FDE.ai regarding it's working structure and using risky no barrier EXT4 mount flag that is harmful even brick Android devices so to verify and get clarification regarding this we went on to ask polite and humble developer of FDE.Ai named Ferat Kesaev also known as Feravolt in live conversation he clarified that in fact no barrier EXT4 mount flag is harmful but it didn't caused any problems before only devices that were effected and bricked by this is Xiaomi Redmi K20/Pro.

When Redmi K20/Davinci and K20 Pro/Raphael released it don't have any offlcial bootloader unlock method so people to unlock bootloader started spoofing bootloader signature and raw patching it then flash EU softwares on chinese smartphones which could be the reason why the devices got bricked or may be because of no barrier EXT4 mount flag or buggy UFS firmware even poor chips quality also played it's role as well.

The developer of Magisk John Wu asked Feravolt to provide source of FDE.AI as per Ferat Kaesav at that time it used Apache-2 license that was later upgraded to EULA yet still FDE.AI was removed from Magisk but later on Ferat Kaesav acknowledging his mistakes and fixed bugs and removed no barrier EXT4 mount flag totally but still it's better to don't use FDE.AI or any other root apps on unofficial bootloader unlock devices to always stay in safe zone.

Now, we have much better and safer FDE.AI available for Android 6.0 or up version devices with supported and compatible architectures ARMv7 - 32bit, ARMv8 - 64bit and x64bit, but at the end some kernels are not supported so you may verify it first here on GitHub so you won't get issues later on for sure.

Ferat Kesaev also developed another app along with FDE.AI named Preload that work on both rooted and non-rooted Android powered smartphones which preloads data into memory aka RAM for faster read speeds but it is recommended to run this on 6GB+ ram devices including that due to scoped storage in Android 11 Preload currently only available Android 10 or below smarphones, amazing right?

Note : both FDE.AI and Preload are undoubtedly fantastic tools to improve performance and battery of your Android devices on the go but be aware that they are unofficial apps and require root access with permissions to change or modify files so despite safe measures and assurances still it can brick your smarphones so kindly use this at your own risk we don't any type of responsibility for personal or financial loss occurred to you by using FDE.AI or Preload we just shown demo purely for informational purposes, so do you still like it? are you interested in FDE.AI or Preload if yes let's explore more.

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• How to download FDE.AI and Preload •

It is very easy to download them from these platforms for free.

- GitHub [ FDE.AI ]
- Telegram [ Preload ]
- Google Play [ FDE.AI Donate ]
- Google Play [ Preload Pro ]

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6B64Z83XR82F7SGG1C8492G [ used ]
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- Preload Pro keys - 

AR4H85YRG46MJA6XRDM7QVG [ used ]
3XT937ZQ84E2Y8HNL7CSSXU [ used ]
TE5CMB1A885S36K1WQQ2KP6 [ used ]

• FDE.AI key features with UI / UX overview •

- Open FDE.AI then give root access using Magisk to continue futher.

• Preload key features with UI / UX overview • 

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of FDE.AI and Preload there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway if you want one of the best Android optimizer then FDE.AI and Preload are worthy choice for sure.

Overall, FDE.AI and Preload comes with light and dark mode by default it has clean and simple interface that ensures user friendly experience, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will FDE.Ai and Preload get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better as of now they are impressive and super cool.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention FDE.AI is one of the very few root apps available out there on world wide web of internet that uses articifical intelligence to optimize and increase battery life and performance of Android smartphones, yes indeed if you're searching for such tools then FDE.AI definitely potential to become your new favourite.

Finally, this is FDE.AI and Preload which can miraculously improve and increase performance and battery life to certain extend that you'll like, are you an existing user of FDE.AI or Preload? If yes do say your experience and mention the reason why do you use FDE.AI and Preload in our comment section below see ya :)