What you'll do? when you want to go somewhere? If it's short distance like under few hundred metres you may most very likely reach the destination by walking or running isn't? but in case the distance is like hundreds of kilometres then you may to reach long destination fast and save time use cycles, vehicles like bikes and cars etc either owned or booked via online service platforms isn't? due to them you along with fellows can travel globally.

Even though, you can reach almost all surfaces in this world by walking and running still to reach far destinations like another state or country is super hard and adventurous which is why most people use fuel or electric land vehicles like bikes or cars etc but they are not super fast so if you want to go some country or state then by using them it will take months or years that's why majority of people who are in hurry or want alternative way used to prefer and like to go in sea routes using traditional or modern ships like Titanic not swimming and small boats etc.

Majority of people since ancient times to travel long distances got used to walking and running or with help from animals like bullocks tied with carts or fast horses but they primarly depended and relyed on sea routes with ships facing rough and harsh environment conditions but later on back in 18th century at the time of industrial revolution numerous inventors developed and released number of wheels supported land vehicles like cycles, bikes and cars which are super cool and awesome?

But, It is not possible to reach certain locations and countries using the land vehicles as they don't have land to reach them instead surrounded by river or sea also known as ocean waters due to that like few centuries back even now alot of people prefer and like to use and go on in sea route with ships which are not capable of travelling in land including that once you start journey you will see oceans or rivers waters surrounding it everywhere so if you are someone who don't like them or want to see land while traveling then ships for sure can be be disappointing?

However, we have super powerful and advanced modern ships with almost all facilities and abilities to carry thousands  even more people at a time which is not possible on land vehicles like bikes and cars except trains but still many people don't like and prefer to travel in sea routes with ships for whatever reasons may be because of seasickness due to that most of them either travel with land vehicles like bikes and cars or instead go with air travel via airplanes also known as flights as they are quite cool and awesome as well.

There are many people who can't or don't want to travel on land with land vehicles due to motion sickness or other reasons choose either sea travel with ships or air travel with flights also known as airplanes but at the end people choose travel mode based on different number of preferences and requirements etc like for instance if the person like sky view of the earth then very likely that person will like and prefer to travel with flights, don't you think?.

Now a days, In this modern world of 21st century alot of people who want to travel fast to different locations like states and countries etc use flights as they can travel in air to reach far destinations in very less time like one or few days that takes more then month even more with land vehicles and ships which is why from past number of decades people around the world widely using flights to travel from one location to another as soon as possible worldwide.

We have are numerous ways to travel in air like parachutes and hot air balloons which are slow but flights are much better as the average speed of flight is 926 km/h due to that people can reach neighbour cities or states in just few hours which is why large percentage of people who want to quickly reach travel destinations for any purposes surely choose to go with flights over land vehicles or sea ships, don't you think?

Usually, you may know air is transparent available in distance between planet earth and sky full filled with alot of gases mainly carbon dioxide but as you keep on moving upward from planet earth due to lack of trees and plants which take carbon dioxide to generate oxygen air that is very required by humans to live will decrease to certain level which is not sufficient to humans so without proper arrangements travelling in air at higher levels is definitely not safe.

Now a days, we have number of vehicles to travel in air easily but few centuries back it is miracle to travel in air at first number of inventors created numerous hardware machines to travel in air which are not reliable so failed eventually, after that we got parachutes and hot air balloon which are slow and not safe then later on after long time in early 19th century we got better and fast invention to replace them known as airplanes, awesome right?.

Wright brothers created world's first airplane in year 1903 on December 17 named wright flyer at first it is basic but later on many inventors inspired by that build thier own custom air planes adapting to latest technologies due to that now we not just got better airplanes but also fast ones with potential and capability to fly at low and high distances in that process we got quite powerful and advanced airplanes which are equipped with oxygen support and many other facilities to flight around the globe conveniently and comfortably.

Fortunately, In just decade as alot of  people got to know about airplanes and want to travel on them due to that many companies around the world to supply huge demand build thier own airline networks and airports with numerous different types of commerical airplanes according to their financial capacity so that people can easily buy and get them like on bus and trains etc and all this process formed aviation industry.

Currently, aviation is industry worth trillions of dollors as most people around the world even in undeveloped countries has one or more airports and airlines networks but building and maintaining airplanes and airlines including airports either government or owned by private organisations are expensive which is why the ticket price to travel on airplanes is costly yet still out of necessity majority of peope use them frequently on daily basis or once in while extensively,
In order to take flights in airplanes few decades back you have to directly buy them at airport ticket counters and then later on as time goes in mid 19th century we got alot of electronic machines and computers at the time of 2nd industrial revolution when people in this capatilist world used to work in existing and new set-up factories since then most people around the world either for personal and business reasons to reach locations fast used to take flights so as the demand for flights grown exponentially most airlines networks to provide tickets started setting up ticket counters at all possible locations in the world on thier own or by partnering with many third party companies etc.

Ticket counters are usually in partnership with numerous airline, land and sea route public transport networks, in beginnings they used to sell tickets by noting details of customers in books then later on in mid 19th century they begin using electronic computers powered by electricity and it's softwares build using many programming languages to provide tickets to customers electronically but the problem with many of them is to get more extra commission for themselves or profit of companies they don't say even hide many low price airline network fares due to that customers most likely end up paying more then what they have to, disappointing isn't?

Thankfully, In year 1970s we got home compatible computers also known as personal computers powered by digital CLI aka command line interface and GUI aka graphical user interface operating systems then after two decades in year 1991 Tim Berners Lee build and released world's first browser software named WWW aka world wide web that can access public contents of internet in format of websites basically software developed using many programming languages which is standard protocol created by ARPANET that provide unique IP address to each computer and was designed and programmed to move data on network between computers.

World wide web browser changed the way we use internet so In just few years people around the world started creating amazing revolutionary websites on thier electronic computer then create server using storage and memory basically connection bridge to host them on Internet to access and show publicly on world wide web or it's alternative compatible softwares in that process numerous airline networks and third party companies also developed and released thier own websites to sell airline tickets and other interconneced services to all their global customers digitally.

The advantage and benefit of airline websites is you don't have to visit airport or any third party tickets instead just use your PC and supported browser software to wirelessly book airlines tickets digitally but do you know? when all this started? It is in year 1996 when SABRE world's builf world's first online booking travel agency website named Travelocity after that many airline networks and companies created thier online booking travel agencies.

Anyway, If you here then very likely that you may want to reduce airline flight fares as much as possible isn't? there are numerous ways to reduce flight prices easily but the first primary one is to choose budget airlines  as they usually provide fare rates at much lower prices when compared to premium ones because they target common people not business magnates or rich ones thus you may very likely can afford them.

However, it doesn't mean budget airlines always provide flight fares at low prices as several different factors invvolvee due to them you may sometimes see premium airlines also provide flight shockingly at much low price which is why you must always check flight fares of all airlines available in country so that you may find much better value for money deals, if you are not doing this then you're not saving money and also not travelling in flights effectively and efficiently as well.

Once you choose an airline and flight in which you want to travel then in airplane you have to select seats in economy class as airlines usually provide them at low price but not always there is possibility that sometimes few airlines companies provide business or first class seats approx at economy price that is super value for money which is why you have to do some research on prices of flights from number of airlines to get best low ticket price possible for travelling on the go.

Right now, In 21st century we have numerous super cool online booking websites to book flight tickets which shows almost all flights available in your area and country and are accessible on PC and smartphone browsers but the problem here is when you use those websites they will create cookies on your browser so that everyone you visit them website will know you are viewing flights everytime so they seeing this as opportunity may increase prices of flights to get more profits which is why whenever you want to book flights make sure to clear cookies of browser and use VPN like Windscribe for anonymity.

Especially, when you use VPN - virtual private server make sure to connect to different area and country cloud servers mainly from undeveloped or developing countries as airlines usually provide low ticket prices over there due to numerous different reasons but mainly to promote or because of country economy and annual incomes of people so at the end by simply following this trick you'll save few bucks to buy souvenirs in your travel journey.

Generally, almost all people don't clear browser cookies and VPN including that they do another mistake which is booking flight tickets one or few days before in this way you won't get best flight rate so if you are doing this unless there is no urgency and emergency, try to stop this and search for flights one or two months prior and then make sure to check the prices of airline flights in all dates in a month when you are decided to travel in this way you may very likely find low price of flights on particular day in month for booking as air lines based on thier marketing strategies provide different flight ticket price each day and month so be careful and book flight tickets smartly from now.

In case, airline company which you see is already providing low flight prices then it's competitors globally but still you want to decrease price further then you have to put stopover, yes you heard that right as airline companies usually charge more for direct flights you to have to put stopover like for example : if you want to travel from india to usa that costing you 1000 dollors, when you put stop over like from india to hongkong and from over there to usa, this is long distance and takes effort but you may definitely able to get much low price for the same destinations including that you'll get opportunity to explore several airports and countries but travel agencies don't show stopovers so you have to rely on third party online platforms for sure.

It's possible that you don't want to put stopover as you may not willing to explore that city or country etc instead want to go and come back to final destination in one way but want to decrease the flight price to significant level then manually finding them is easy one which is why number of developers with expertise in travel already build some tools and websites which are capable to find best price of flights in one way that will simplify work for you.

Do you know? there is another way to reduce flight price to significant level using hidden flights which is similar to stopovers but both are bit different like for instance if you want to take direct flight from USA to india then it will be costly right? but by knowing hidden flights like USA to Hongkong over there you may get less or more then 1 hour layover after that from same airport you may take another flight to go India using different airline but in order to know about this hidden flights then you have to use some hidden flight trackers who back then received law suits from airlines companies but eventually won them so it's totally legal.

Meanwhile, who don't want to buy flights at 1/10 price or even free? you may also want them right? generally almost airlines don't provide flights for free even at ultra low price unless they are exclusive public or personalized offers to customers but sometimes mistakes can happen from  airline companies for whatever reasons they may accidentally put flight price that actually worth 1000$ for 1$ due to spelling or coding mistakes at that time you have to be ready to get them but is super hard for anyone to track such offers as airlines will fix them in minutes or hours which is why there are some websites and tools  created developers where you can find such deals to travel almost for free.

Atlast, when you decided to flight on particular airline which uses some company airplane in that seats are arranged accordingly in sections like first, economy and business class etc in them based on selection of your class have to select 1 or more seats, but the issue here is you may don't know which seat will work best for you right? as each row may have different angle including that some have little space or no windows etc so if you choose one unknowingly then you will regret later which is why you may have to know about airplane seat arrangements in detailed which are not provided by airlines but we do have some websites which will provide full details of airplanes clearly.

Anyhow, I know to do all the above methods you need right platforms right? which is which is why now are going to provide some well known and popular websites where you can find and get cheap flights in one way or stop over and hidden flights, so do you like it? are you interested? If yes let's explore more.

Finally, this is how you can book cheap flights around the world, are you an existing user of any of this websites? If yes do say your experience and mention what do you think about stop overs and hidden cheap flights in our comment section below see ya :)