Generally, if you want to see yourself what you'll do? you usually see in mirror isn't? and when you want to see some places or persons what you'll do? you most probably have to go and check them isn't? but is it possible to see yourself or anything else without any mirror and going by yourself? in this way few centuries back majority of people used to question themselves and then eventually we got an answer with camera which history dates back to early 18th century by using that you can capture not just yourself but also around the world known as photographs then you can check them even after 100 years, isn't amazing?

You may probably already know about camera atleast in basic level isn't? since the early era of camera it gone through rapid developements from inventors and companies around the world due to that the camera which used to capture physical objects in low quality black and white was later on got capability to capture them in color at better quality and eventually as time goes camera reached to such phase that it can not just capture photographs but also moving photographs or you can also say moving pictures basically fims without sound though and yeah later on we got support them as well since then people worldwide using camera to capture photographs and films extensively.

However, In beginnings camera used to capture either black and white or color photographs and films on color paper and on negative reels which has numerous drawbacks and they're not easy to handle as well for instance if you want to capture alot of photographs you have get equal number of color papers and negative reels and then process them in labs which is bit hard and takes so much time yet still as there is no choice almost all people back then widely relyed on them everytime.

Fortunately, In order to fix the drawbacks and improvise color paper and negative reels based camera, many people tried numerous ways to improvise and make them more flexible and easy to use at that time Steve Sasson in year 1977 invented world's first digital camera which is in size of toaster will capture color photographs  in digital format known as image basically software build using many programming languages mainly C++ then store them on hardware storage like hard or static drive disks after that you can view them on in-build or external display screen monitors and softwares provided by digital camera or electronic PCs aka personal computers.

Digital cameras gone through rapid advancements and developments from inventors and companies for personal or commercial reasons in that process we got super powerful and advanced DSLR cameras build for professionals with numerous options and features which are capable of capturing photographs and films known as images and videos at high quality and resolution like 2k, 4k, 8k, 16k etc including that they're simultaneously Integrated on many electronic devices like PCs, smart TV's and smartphones etc.

Now a days, majority of people use smartphones digital cameras to capture images and smartphones as they also has operating system basically software build using number of programming languages like PC and can directly make and receive telecom network calls and messages to get whole package for productivity which though not yet reached the level of DSLRs cameras but it's manufactures continously upgrading camera sensors and all other required technologies to improve images and videos quality immensely on go.

Smartphones few years back even the flagship ones which used to come with camera sensors though having big mega pixels yet they used to not show impressive results when compared to DSLR camera as smartphone makers used to just pump up pixels in sensors not focusing on it's hardware quality including they also not well programmed hardware and software to process images correctly due to that at the end most smartphones used to capture mediocre images and videos in broad daylight and poor in dark and night scenarios which is why large percentage of people to capture proffesional level high images and videos used to prefer DSLR cameras.

Especially, the budget and low end smartphones used to capture even further low quality images and videos as they are usually Integrated with low quality sensor with poor image processing on hardware and software at that time in year 2016 search engine giant Google created an brand new OEM system camera known as Google Camera aka GCam for it's pixel smartphone lineup which mainly using thier own developed software image processing algorithm improved quality of not just captured broad day light images and videos but also night dark scenario ones to such level which is awesome and unbelievable as well.

Google Camera proved that hardware is not always necessary but with software image processing we can magically get super high quality images and videos as back then when Pixel captured images and videos were compared with other same camera sensor and hardware smartphone captured images and videos out of them Pixel Google Camera processed images and videos has big difference it has huge better quality and clarity in broad daylight and night dark scenarios which means Google Camera is clear winner here even now Google Camera is considered as one of the best image processing software algorithm available for smarphones.

Unfortunately, almost all softwares released by Google are closed source out of them Google Camera is one which means it's code is encrypted and can't be utilized by others easily yet still number of inventors back in time since 2016 worked super hard and long hours to decrypt code and tried to port Google Camera to non pixel Android operating system powered smartphones in that process eventually some developers succeeded in porting Google Camera to very few open source developer friendly Qualcomm Snapdragon 64 bit chipset processor smartphones and then later on numerous developers joined to port for thier smartphones due to that 
 Google Camera is in wide usage now.

Even though, many developers are continuously porting Google Camera to their Qualcomm Snapdragon processor chipsets as it's developer friendly due to that almost all supports Google Camera and it's one of the best enhanced image processing software but at the end it is closed source which means you don't know what exactly Google covering in it's encrypt code if it's bad one that can rise privacy and security concerns for sure.

If you are someone who think and believe closed source OEM softwares are risky then may always have to use open source softwares and Google Camera is not one of them isn't disappointing? but wait we recently got to know about Photon Camera a free and open source enhanced image processing software which is in heavy developement from past few years alternative to Google Camera.

Photon Camera created by many well known developers who ported Google Camera to many Android smartphones, but right now require HAL3 full support to work on smartphones and currently only support few number of smartphones, so do you like it? are you still interested? If yes then let's explore more. 

• Photon Camera supported devices •

- Xiaomi : dipper
- Realme : rmx193/1
- Xiaomi : laurel_sprout
- Motorola : Sofia
- Xiaomi : davinci
- Xiaomi : apollo
- Samsung : x1s
- Xiaomi : raphael
- lge : flash1m
- Xiaomi : cepheus

• Photon Camera official support •

• Photon Camera key features with UI / UX overview

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of Photon Camera there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway if you want one of the best open source enhancing image processing camera software for Android alternative to Google Camera then Photon Camera is on go worthy choice for sure.

Overall, Photon Camera comes with light and dark mode by default, it has clean and simple interface that ensures user friendly experience, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will Photon Camera get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now it's nice.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention Photon Camera is one of the very open source enhanced image processing camera software available out there on world wide web of internet, yes indeed if you're searching for such camera software then Photon Camera has potential to become your new favourite.

Finally, this is Photon Camera, A image processing software for Android powered smartphones alternative to Google Camera, are you an existing user of Photon Camera? If yes do say your experience and mention why you like Photon Camera over Google Camera in our comment section below, see ya :)