It has now become quite hard for anyone in this modern world of technologies to live life without depending on electronic  personal computers isn't? as majority of  people everywhere using them to access operating system basically software that can install additional softwares developed using number of programming languages which are designed to execute various real life tasks electronically and digitally.

You may probably already know about personal computers as 1 in 10 people already have them but ever thought or wondered how they all started? it is with computers created by inventor Charles Babbage in early 18th century which is basically Integration of hardware based mechanical parts thus known as machine build to execute tasks mechanically.

In mid 19th century many inventors mainly in America created electronic computers which is evolution of computers powered by electricity then after that in just just few years inventors found way to run software on processor of electronic computers at first they used to don't have monitor and visible format softwares but by year 1960s
we got digital CLI - command line interface operating systems that extended potential and capabilities of them extensively.

But, electronic computers back then used to be big and expensive due to that not everyone can afford them except few people and big companies at that time companies around the world for personal or commercial reasons keep on reducing size of electronic computers by Integrating and adapting to new technologies in that process by year 1970s we got to see less size and expensive home computers.

Home computers which are now also known as PCs aka personal computers at first they used to depend on CLI operating systems but in year 1979 Xerox company developed and released world's first GUI - graphical user interface operating system that you can see and control using mouse with pointer since then many companies around the world build thier own custom GUI based operating systems for PCs.

Now a days there are numerous GUI based operating systems in Integration with CLI functionalities which are used by majority of people globally out of them Windows is well known and most popular operating system from Microsoft founded by Bill 
Gates and Paul Allen who used to first make and sell softwares for companies like IBM but later on started making and releasing softwares commercially.

MS-DOS is first disk based GUI operating system from Microsoft developed in year 1981 for IBM computers then after few years they begin publishing thier operating systems publicly which any one can install and run on PCs including that companies can buy Windows license from Microsoft to use on thier commercial PCs due to that it not only got immense popularity world wide but also huge bussines globally.

Bill Gates become world's richest man for two terms from year 1995 and 2010 and again from 2013 to 2017 mainly because of Microsoft Windows which is dominant operating system used in most homes and offices etc that was first released in year 1985 with Windows 1.0 version since then it gone through many required number of updates and upgrades with optimizations and enhancements to improve and provide more user experience awesomeness. 

Even though, PC with right operating system can do almost all tasks if programmed correctly but there are some drawbacks for instance they are not handheld which you can't use them easily while walking or running etc which is why not everyone like and use PCs at that time we got hand held PCs that provide almost all features and options of regular PCs to use more conveniently and comfortably.

However, hand held PCs can't make and receive telecom calls and messages but some are capable which are not available in full scale due to that large percentage of people who use mobile phones evolution of telephone to make and receive telecom calls and messages want to get PC based operating systems in them thus they were able to utilise PC software functionalities more efficiently on the go, isn't cool?

Fortunately, In early 20th century itself number of companies developed and released keypad mobile phones evolution of mobile phones with operating systems like Java and SymbianOS etc by using them you can install tiny softwares which are quite useful but to replace them Apple inc. developed revolutionary multi-touch display smartphone and got released by it's founder Steve Jobs in year 2007 on January 9 named iPhone.

iPhone 1 comes with closed hardware and operating system that don't have name in first release as per Apple inc. it is custom version of PCs OS X but from iPhone 2 they named it as iOS which played key role in driving iPhone to success as majority of people used to buy iPhone mainly because
of iOS due to that Apple inc. not only got huge popularity but was also able to sell iPhone in big numbers world wide.

In sense, the entry of iPhone definitely increased demand for smartphones and also it is the main reason keypad mobile phone sells dropped slightly due to that existing mobile phones started making plans to build thier own smartphones like iPhone but what they lack is advanced operating system like iOS due to that they used to struggle in making smartphones.

Google, most popular and renowned American search engine giant back in year 2005 acquired operating system named Android from Andy Rubens for $50 million then after few years in order to compete with iPhone they started developing and then partnered with HTC to make and release world's first Android powered smartphone named HTC Dream

Android was released as free and open source project by Google due to that anyone can use it's code to build thier own custom version of Android with added extra optimizations and enhancements etc that's why many mobile companies who are unable to get iOS started building thier own custom version of Android to install and ship with smartphones.

The usage of Android operating system on smartphones grown exponentially in just few years thanks to mobile companies who used to make and release expensive and affordable low cost Android powered smarphones due to that Android is now dominant mobile operating system with more then 70% market share and then in second place goes to iOS so it's possible that you may also using Android now.

Anyhow, both iOS and Android are nice in it's space but at the end they are mobile operating systems including that they lack many certain options and features that are already available on PCs due to that even if you mostly use either iOS or Android still sometimes you have to rely on PCs isn't? but in case you don't have or want to use PC instead like and prefer to do everything in smartphones then there are few ways to get desktop operating systems on them.

Usually, it is not possible to directly install desktop operating systems on mobiles and smartphones due to hardware and software differences but some developers created emulators softwares using many compatible programming languages where they embedded virtual environment of PC hardware and software digitally which is hard but by using them you can sideload  and run PC softwares on Android easily like on Limbo and Exagear emulators.

If you don't want to use emulators to install PC operating systems on smartphones then you may mirror PC using softwares like Airdroid or get cloud PC services which are way better then running desktop operating system on smartphone emulators but in case you neither want anyone of them instead want to directly run on smartphones then luckily there is one method available for you.

Recently, we re-went to project named Renegede created by group who want to run everything on smartphones to check out and thought to show you which allows you to directly install and run Windows 11 desktop operating system on compatible and supported arm68 architecture Android powered smartphones as of now, so do you like it? are you interested in Renegede project? If yes let's explore more.

• Renegede official support •


• How to install Renegede Windows 11 •

• Renegede project supported Android powered smartphones •

- LG G8S (betalm)
- LG G8X (mh2lm)
- LG V50S (mh2lm-5g)
- Surface Duo (Epsilon)
- Surface Duo 2 (Zeta)
- OnePlus 5 (cheeseburger)
- Xiaomi 9 (cepheus)
- Xiaomi11 Lite NE 5G (lisa)
- Xiaomi Civi (mona)
- Xiaomi Mix 2s (polaris)
- Xiaomi PocoPhone F1 (beryllium)

Finally, this is Renegade by using it now directly install Windows 11 on arm86 Android smartphones, are you an existing user of Renegade Windows 11? If yes do say your experience and mention what you think about scope of Renegade project in our comment section below, see ya :)