The entry of PCs aka electronic personal computers changed the way we work and live in this world isn't? by using that with right operating system basically software developed using numerous programming languages you can create or convert most real life objects into digital format like for instance to name few, photos into images and films into videos etc even people can create thier own new digital format using softwares but in order to store them on PC you must have hardware storage which is actually provided by HDDs aka hard drive disks and SDDs aka static drive disks etc.

PC is connected with display monitor where you can see visible format operating system either it's CLI aka command line interface or GUI aka graphical user interface which via kernel connect and control hardware so once you create digital files on PC it will directly store them on HDDs or SDDs that you can easily detach to carry along with you or integrate on another PC to restore or view and show them again isn't cool?

Usually, most people back in early era of PCs whenever they want to share digital files used to pluck out HDDs and SDDs and give them to fellow people who used to connect them to PCs then copy digital files to thier own HDDs and SDDs which is lengthy and slow process as well because back in time PCs storage and memory is not powerful and advanced enough due to that write and read speed is quite low but eventually thanks to number of Inventors for personal or commercial reasons they continously upgraded and updated PCs adapting to new technologies timely due to that now we have modern PCs.

Even though, modern PCs have better and faster HDDs and SDDs and memory with powerful processor to get quick write and read speed to copy or cut digital files on PC but it is quite boring to detach HDDs or SDDs everytime to share files don't you think? most people feel that way which is why as quote says inventions are created out of necessity like wise many developers and companies are in rat race to create an wireless file transfer between PCs in that process we got many revolutionary digital files wireless transfer technologies.

ARPANET created Internet a standard protocol for PCs that assign unique address to each computer to identify and move data on network between computers at first it is used to send digital messages between two computers but later on it was used to send other digital files as well but eventually we got numerous amazing and useful technologies alternative to internet to share digital files between PCs to name few Bluetooth and WiFi network etc.

However, Internet is primarly used by majority of people to share files as it's way better then other wireless file transfer technologies mainly because in year 1991 Tim Berners Lee released an revolutionary browser software named world wide web to access public contents of internet that are in form of websites and blogs etc which are developed using programming languages like HTML at first they used to be plain and basic but eventually majority people by early 20th century when web 2.0 begin most people begin using number of programming languages like CSS, PHP etc to develop modern websites and blogs which fool and look quite awesome.

Fortunately, majority of people who got to know about Internet and world wide web started making thier own websites and blogs using PC then with it's storage and memory to create server via that host on Internet in that process we got alot of revolutionary ones out of them cloud storage platforms is one which provide flexible storage where you can save all your files then it will generate url aka uninform resource locator also known as link that you can share with people who can access that using browser where they can download files pretty conveniently and comfortably anytime and anywhere.

But, Most cloud storage platforms back end use real HDDs or SDDs then create a server through that you can upload or download files which is why you'll get limited storage including that they ask you to create and login with email once you do your personal data and digital files will be stored on centralized servers located in one or more countries managed by 1 or multiple companies which are secure but not bug free they are primarily targeted by hackers who exploit then to access private data and then publish or sell them to any  media agencies or darkweb etc.

That's why your data is at risk which is why people who care about thier personal data privacy don't use cloud storage platforms instead they prefer and like to use alternatives like Torrent which is not browser but software that create end to end encryption magnet link basically a download link of any size digital files without uploading on cloud storage platforms directly and locally from device which you can download using BitTorrent or any other supported softwares securely.

Torrent is undoubtedly not only provide anonymity but also security and privacy as it doesn't have ip address no one track the uploader but it was depended on seeders and peers without them you will not able to download digital files which is why torrent creators ask you to seed after download so that other people can also download the same digital file which is fine for big audience but small like you may just want to share with one or two fellow people then Torrent may not suite instead it's better to use other useful wireless files transfer technologies.

We have bluetooth which is slow and then comes WiFi this one is quite fast but both of them require you to manually connect PC or it's alternative handheld smartphone to transfer digital files including that they have numerous drawbacks to name few you won't get any digital file share link including that device in which you want to share digital files must be in close range to share digital files successfully else it will fail miserably so it's right choice.

If you're ok with bluetooth and WiFi file transfer technologies then it's fine but most of them don't large percentage of people want to share thier digital files to many people who are in long distances or  around the world for them cloud storage platforms or torrent will work but if you don't want to upload digital files on cloud centralized servers or get seeding issue in Torrent still want privacy and security then right now we have only two options which are Web3 IPFS storage and local device storage direct file sharing using internet both are fantastic and can amaze you.

You may probably already heard of Web3 isn't? which is an upgrade of Web2 and future of internet where websites and blogs or any other digital platforms will be hosted on decentralized servers also known as nodes hosted by numerous companies or individuals like you around the world so they're not only censorship resistance and stay 24/7 without down time but also provide super security and privacy in core itself immensely.

When you upload digital files on Web3 cloud IPFS aka interplanetary File System basically peer to peer network like Torrent it will divide data into numerous parts then encrypt and upload on decentralized cloud servers world wide thus no one can easily exploit them even if they do still digital files will stay alive as the data is in various locations globally even it's quite difficult for law enforcement agencies to track the uploader of digital file by this you can understand the potential of Web3.

In case, you want to use Web3 cloud storage platforms then it's fine as of now Storj seems impressive but Web3 is not available in full scale and it is upgrading to Web5 for more personal data security and privacy including that at the end you have to upload your digital files in decentralized server online which you may don't want instead like the way of Torrent but still want to use capabilities of internet then for you there is ToffeeShare.

ToffeeShare allow you to directly generate download links of your local device files that uses end to end encrypted peer to peer technology to transfer digital files from one device to device without size limit by providing privacy and security which is like Torrent but no seeders and required and you can download digital files from browser itself, so do you like it? are you interested in ToffeeShare file sharing If yes let's explore more.

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Atlast, this are just highlighted features of ToffeeShare there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway if you want one of the best app to directly share digital files locally from your device like Torrent then ToffeeShare is on go choice for sure.

Overall, ToffeeShare comes with light and dark mode by default it has clean and simple interface that ensures user friendly experience, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will ToffeeShare get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better as of now it's nice.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention ToffeeShare is one of the very few platforms available out there on world wide web of internet that allows you to genrate download links of local files from your devices like Torrent, yes indeed if you're searching for such platform then ToffeeShare has potential to become your new favourite.

Finally, this is how you can share digital files locally from your device using ToffeeShare, are you an existing user of ToffeeShare? If yes do say your experience and mention which is your most used feature on ToffeeShare in our comment section below see ya :)