Robots are basically hardware based mechanical parts Integrated with software powered by electricity or any other energy source that recharge it's battery which can do almost all tasks as programmed using programming languages automatically for instance from cleaning home to travelling in space with rockets to study planets etc you can do almost anything which is why many countries with inventors around the world since long time continously working on to make advanced and powerful robots 
to utilise them in various purposes due to that robots may change future of world.

It is possible that you may never seen an full fledged robot as they are not yet available in full scale even if you want to buy them they'll going to cost atleast millions of dollors based on available in-build technologies but most likely you have seen atleast one movie or animated cartoon or anime about robots isn't? even if you're kid like Doraemon, Wall-E, I Robot, Robo, etc which all show visual details of potential and capabilities of Robots.

Majority of people already know about Robots as they are well known and popular world wide special thanks to many movie directors and cartoonists, animators who since mid 19th century created thousands of films regarding them but unfortunately at present Robots are not yet evolved to the level shown in films for that to happen it may definitely take atleast few more decades or centuries from now.

However, the development of Robots since mid 19th century went in quite fast pace due to that people imagined unbelievable potential and capabilities of Robots came true now and they are now widely used in numerous industries around the world even every person use an electronic or digital robot in his hand or home but do you ever though how all this begin? It is in early 18th century with computers.

Charles Babbage created world's first revolutionary Computer named difference engine to calculate or tabulate the polynomial functions after that number of inventors and around created thier own computers to do different tasks for various purposes using thier own or anyone else concepts by adapting to latest technologies accordingly like electricity due to that by mid 19th century we got to see amazing electronic computers.

In sense, electronic computers is powered by electricity which if setup correctly can automatically simplify and do people tasks even 24/7 without regular supervision which is why back then at that time of industrial revolution many factories and companies started using electronic computers to make better powerful and advanced electronic machines to do various tasks not only more conveniently and comfortably but also efficiently.

Fortunately, the entry of electronic eventually leaded to development of  Robots which are configured to do real life tasks of humans using hardware materials like robots extensively use in factories and companies that were previously operated by conscience humans who are known as people in modern society but back then robots are basically electronic machines they are designed and capable to do only pre-set tasks mechanically thus they are not flexible with numerous restrictions and limitations yet they eventually formed and  shaped up current robotics Industry.

Even though, In mid 19th century electronic computers and it's formed up robots are not flexible yet the potential is quite enormous in utilisation of electricity and existing wireless communication technologies like radio active waves which is why alot of companies around the world done remarkable products and innovations out of electronic computers and robots for personal and for the change and benefit of society in numerous fields and sectors out of them aeronautical industry is one.

Thankfully, many aeronautical companies around the world who research on space extensively used electronic computers and robots but primary ones are russian government owned Soviet space program which using rockets sent first street dog named Laika and human in year 1961  named Yuri Gagarin into space and then comes American government owned NASA - national aeronautics and space administration which done number of remarkable accomplishments as well.

NASA worked so hard and spend millions of dollors to win space race against russia in order to keep it's global top player role they are first to send human to land and walk on planet moon after that they've launched number of rockets with satellites by upgrading and updating electronic computers and robots which escalated development of them further to such extent they're now able to study planet Mars and sun at close distances smartly.

Anyhow, PCs aka personal computers evolved small and home compatible version of computer came into existence in year 1970s era played major role in actual development of robots as they are Integrated with CLI aka command line interface and GUI aka graphical user interface operating system basically software developed using numerous programming languages that can execute real life tasks electronically and digitally.

Thankfully, Majority of companies in process of adapting to new technologies started using CLI and GUI operating systems and softwares for Instance NASA used to rely totally on physical buttons input to research on space that was simplified now as not just PCs but also robotic machines are integrated with operating systems due to that they're flexible which means you can execute a new digital program inside of machine then it will respond and act accordindly.

Currently, robots are not formless they can be created in different forms and shapes according to requirements and usage purposes like for instance to name few capture images and record through digital cameras we have drone robots and when it comes to industrial manufacturing and packing we have cartesian robots including that there are few humanoid robots which can work as companion for any purpose isn't cool and amazing?

It is definitely worth to mention few decades back robotic machines Integrated with software can only exceute tasks as programmed by developer which is hard as writing code to connect each and every point is super hard as time goes current plans may not work in future so if robots machines instead of purely depending on developer start self thinking to learn and adapt different scenarios including that manage and survive in social and nature environmental conditions itself in that way we will surely get powerful and advanced robots which not just have potential and capability to destroy human life and race but also secure and save them for sure.

Now, we already have numerous self thinking robots thanks to Integration of revolutionary machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies due to them robots can auto learn and improve itself day after day with right traning and technologies for instance a robot just like human can automatically learn to walk itself like baby by seeing or listening and reading from different sources out of them it uses best one in that process in span of few years it may learn almost everything which is cool and outstanding right?

There are few humanoid robots with shape of humans they use many technologies but mainly use artificial intelligence like for instance Sophia is well known and most popular powerful and advanced humanoid robot developed by Hanson Robotics debuted in year 2016 since then it was interviewed by many journalists and every time it managed to answer them including that Sophia even got citizenship in country UAE aka United Arab Emirates.

But, right now humanoid robots not yet reached the level of actually to work as replacement to humans in many areas for instance thier movement is not natural even though they can gather huge alot of information in seconds still they don't yet have living being real human conscience and consciousness also known as senses to understand in dept emotional scenarios and situations as humans emotions are complicated to understand even if there is huge tons of studies already existed and available out there in this world.

Even though, Robots can get artificial sensors to get feelings of humans either it's love or hunger etc still as every human is biological with different brain and IQ it is sometimes hard to understand and detect the next possible steps even if the robots managed to analyse and guess human behaviourial actions correctly still it may not always correct but as we are now in era where we can plant chips in human brains it may be possible in future for any robots to understand humans closely or approximately I still doubt though I believe it's not possible for them accurately.

Anyway, we also have digital robot softwares which use machine learning and artificial intelligence can learn giga or terra byte of database to provide best possible reply and answer to fellow questionaires and searchers like for example : AI robot auto messages and calls etc including that AI powered softwares also have capability to do any work you assign them which is why from local to global companies with inventors already implementing robots with artificial intelligence on softwares to provide services more cleverly.

Currently, robotics Industry rapidly growing in developed countries but in developing countries like for instance india we didn't yet got one worthy competitor to Sophia seems like robotics Industry is quite slow may be relying on foreign countries in this sector could be the reason for this scenario but digital and many other infrastructure technologies going in fast race so india may develop much better  humanoid or robots machines in future to get grip and scale up Robotics Industry.

Now a days, we already using number of robots in our homes itself which are basic not to the level of doraemon to provide gadgets but can give answers to almost everything in this world by getting them on world wide web of internet including that by connecting to supported devices like bulbs, television and air conditioner with bots on IFTTT - if this then that services you can simply and easily manage tasks from your pockets using smartphones.

I expect in future mainly upcoming decade and later on  we are going to see massive technology advancements robotics in india and around the world with utilisation of virtual, augmented, mixed and extended reality technologies robots will surely become  more powerful and  advanced drastically in future like any other revolutionary products like electricity.

If you're fan of Doraemon or any other Robot films or cartoons and animes etc then you may be thinking can we get such robots in real life? It is definitely possible nothing is impossible we usually limit our imagination that has to be unlocked then for sure miracles will happen that's why always dream and work hard to make impossible = possible because of that mindset only we got electricity and found space out of planet earth due to that we are also going to take taxi rides to planet Mars in near future using re-usable rockets of Elon Musk Space X company.

Moreover, if robots with proper technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence can work in all fields and sectors that humans are working now easily even become pets but that doesn't mean that humans should give robots job in everything it will make us lazy and can have severe negetive impacts in future at the end they are for us like unknown aliens so it's better to use in limit and ripe thd best out it to protect and safeguard ourselves and planet earth.

Finally, this is how robots going to change the future in india and around the world, are you an existing user of any robot? If yes why didn't you buyed it and say your experience and kindly mention which is your favourite robot in our comment section below see ya :)