Who don't play games? nowadays as we are in modern world thanks to powerful and advanced hardware and digital technologies available on number of electronic devices like PCs aka personal computers and smartphones by using them most people around the world playing different high resolution big size heavy resources graphic intensive games quite simply and smoothly at the same time large percentage of people since long time as there are plethora of games using social messaging platforms discussing about them who are generally categorized and termed as gaming community.

There are many social messaging platforms developing using different programming languages basically softwares where you can send digital messages and calls to anyone wirelessly using internet on the go but most of them are designed for general discussions not for gaming ones so if you're gamer then they may not workout for you even if they do still you can't use them extensively for gaming to fix this problem number of developers over the years developed various gaming social networks out of them Discord is amazing one.

Discord is well known and popular closed source social messaging platform used by millions of users globally out of which most of them are gamers where you can create content broadcast channels and groups to chat and maintain community including that discord is equipped and Integrated with many super cool options and features which are useful for all communities not limited to gaming that's why Discord is favourite social messaging platforms for a lot of people globally.

In sense, you can freely create almost all topics and categories broadcast content channels and discussion community groups on discord compying with terms of service and policies which though quite fantastic and definitely better then many social messaging platforms but the fact here is Discord lack numerous options and features which are very much required by gamer community that's why many people look for best alternative to Discord.

Telegram is another powerful and advanced social messaging platform which has almost all options and features of Discord where you can even can send and receive 2GB files which will be extended to 4GB if you buy premium subscription that's not possible on Discord but at the end telegram thought similar to discord yet it not specifically designed for gamers which is why if you're gamer then telegram may won't suit you that's why most gamers since long time right on prefer and like to go with telegram over Discord, are you one of them?

But, the main problem with Discord is it's encrypted and closed source if discord
developers hide any suspicious data trackers or virus into app you won't know unless you're skilled developer and able to check and decrypt it including that as discord source code private and closed source you can't use it to make your own custom version of it adding optimizations and enhancements etc due to that users have to limit themselves and use default Discord, isn't that disappointing?

Meanwhile, In open source social messaging softwares like telegram as it's code is publicly hosted on contributive development platforms like GitHub due to that anyone can check and verify it in order to validate authenticity of software and then if found safe can use it including that anyone can use it's code in addition with API aka application programming interface to add thier own additional options and features extensively.

In sense, you can't develop and add additional custom functionalities on Discord as it's closed source but at the end Discord is software like any other 
social messaging platform so developers by doing offline reverse engineering of the discord software can inject their own code into app without negetively effecting other stuff of Discord due to that now we have number of feature rich useful third party discord clients to use on the go.

But, if Discord make any certain code adjustments to update or upgrade it's software for whatever reasons then there is high chance that whatever offline modifications third party discord clients have will stop work immediately including that as per Discord terms of service and policies inshort TOS they don't allow using third party clients so if detected they may deactivate or ban your account instantly as there is this risk it's always better to use official Discord to be in safe zone.

Discord clients are usually created by third party developers who are not associated and have any connection with Discord so the modification and changes done on Discord is voluntary thus they are considered as unofficial where if it's closed source then third part developer can integrate malicious code to take your Discord account or even install spyware on your electronic device that can cause quite big risk to your privacy and security.

However, there are numerous free and open source unofficial discord clients as well as it's code is public not only you can check to verify safety but also anyone through web can commit their code for developements of unofficial Discord in order to improve different sections of software including that as they are open source code discord clients anyone can use to make their own custom unofficial Discord clients, isn't that super cool?

Usually, unofficial discord clients are mostly available for PCs like Powercord+
BetterDiscord, , Replugged, OpenAsar, Goosemod+, Topaz, Polymod, Vencord and many more but thanks to some third party developers we do have number of amazing unofficial Discord clients for smartphones as well out of them Aliucord and Enmity are popular ones for smartphones.

Aliucord is feature rich unofficial Discord client that don't require root specifically made for Android powered smartphones and other electronic devices like smart TV's and smartwatches etc which provide numerous additional options and features through plugins which are unavailable on official Discord like it will provide various different useful external functionalities at the same you can change themes as well including that it will block most Discord Tracking/Analytics, fabulous right?

Even though, most unofficial clients usually can be directly installed and usable like for Instance Telegram if they are open source but the drawback of Discord is it's closed source so third party developers can't make this own custom unofficial of Discord even if they do there is chance that won't work well on your devices which is why Aliucord provide installer which will download and modify official Discord app locally to make it compatible and support your devices to work pretty well.

The latest version of installer provided by Aliucord first must be insalled on your Android device then on that you will get option to download it's discord and when you start installing discord on it most of the times it will work but some times for whatever reasons install will fail but don't worry try again and don't use link provided by the app to download on your own it will download but that won't work as installer download Discord it and inject code and do modifications to Android manifest of official Discord then only you'll be able to get external functionalities, gotcha?

In case, Google Play warns about Aliucord is not verified and harm your device then just simply tap on install it anyway, that notification you got is because Aliucord is built and signed locally on your Android bdevice so Google Play Protect doesn't recognise and verify signature, so do you like it? are you still interested in Aliucord? If yes then let's explore more.

• Aliucord official support •

- GitHub 

• How to download Aliucord installer •

It is very easy to download that from these platforms for free.

• How to install plugins and themes on Aliucord unofficial discord client with key features and UI / UX overview •

- Open Aliucord installer then allow access to storage to proceed further.

- Tap on Install.

- it will start downloading, wait till it complete.

- Once downloaded, it will started patching and signing discord app.

- When it's done, install and open Aliucord and login into your Discord.

- Now, join support server of Aliucord on Discord then go to #plugins-list channel and long press on any message you like where you have right required plugins.

- If you want want search for themes plugins on Aliucord Discord server.

- Tap on Open PluginDownloader.

- Tap on plugin you like, here I selected Themer for custom discord themes.

- Go to #themes Aliucord Discord channel then long press on theme you like.

- Tap on Install [ theme name ]

- Tap on Plugins.

- Tap on plugin settings you like to use, here I selected Themer.

- I enabled, Cappuccin Latte theme then to apply simply tap on RESTART.

That's it, you successfully setup Aliucord.

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of Aliucord there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway if you want one of the best unofficial Discord client them Aliucord is on go worthy choice.

Overall, Aliucord comes with plethora of themes by default and Discord has simple and clean interface that ensures user friendly experience, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will Discord get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now it's cool.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention Aliucord is one of the very few feature rich unofficial clients of Discord that provide many plugin and themes to extend usages of official Discord, yes indeed if you're searching for such unofficial Discord client them Aliucord has potential to become your new favourite.

Finally, this is Aliucord, a fantastic un-official Discord filled with useful plugins and impressive themes that you want to install over official Discord, are you an existing user of Aliucord? If yes do say your experience and mention why you like Aliucord over Discord in our comment section below, see ya :)