Digital audio, you may probably know it but if you don't then for you in simple as you may know inventors around the world created various electronic devices to record sound like Telephones, VHS tapes, Phonographs etc but the drawback here is they mostly record sounds on tapes which is hardware material thus can be damaged over time, back in year 1977 Soundstream created DAW aka digital work station for electronic computers that process sound through software due to that it is named as digital audio, isn't that super cool?

In sense, the sound that recorded and playable through electronic hardware in connection with digital software is known as digital audio which is right now available in many digital software technology formats like .MP3, .FLAC, .WAV, .M4A, .AIFF, .PCM, .OGG created for various purposes and each one has it's own speciality with pros and cons but at the end all of them can be recorded and playable only through compatible digital media players on electronic devices like PCs, iPods and smartphones etc.

PC aka personal computers are basically home compatible evolution of electronic computers which are now modern with powerful and advanced hardware and software capable of processing and playing any size and format digital audio in ease but the only drawback here is they're not handheld so it's hard and difficult to use them on the go which is why most people instead using handheld devices like iPods and smartphones to listen digital audio conveniently and comfortably.

Since, the early era hardware or software recorded sounds and audios are played through speakers available on electronic devices but the problem here is when sounds play through speakers it will be public so anyone near to you can hear and listen them which is fine when you want to share sounds with them but what if you don't want anyone to hear or listen to your or someone else recorded sounds in that scenario you have to use headphones.

Headphones are first created and patented by Ernest Mercadier back in year 1891 at that time they are wired which you can put in your ears due to that they are known as In ear headphones which pass sounds recieved from electronic devices directly into your ears thus no one except you can listen to them that gives privacy including that as it's revolutionary product with huge demand around the world over the years many companies for personal or commercial reasons created headphones by adapting to latest technologies due to that now we have modern headphones.

In 21st century, we have both big and small size powerful and advanced headphones available in two types wired and wireless Integrated with numerous revolutionary technologies due to them your sound listening will be awesome but each headphone comes with different price based on options and features in accordance to it's maker as they are thousands of headphones you have to select right value for money headphones one as per budget carefully so that you not only save money but also able to get high quality awesome music on the go.

Even though, wired headphones are primarily used by most people in iPods or smartphones thanks to it's 3.5 mm jack but for whatever reasons many companies like Apple inc. for instance removing 3.5 mm jack on iPods and smartphones including that wired headphones must be always connected to iPod or smartphone which is bit inconvenient at certain times so many people like and prefer to choose wireless headphones as best alternative to wired ones, are you one of them?

But, the problem with headphones is they are big though they cover whole ear and work as an acoustic to get more passive noise cancellation with space to put more hardware and provide better digital audio quality but not everyone like to use them so for them many companies developed wired and wireless in-ear phones and buds which are small and can fit well into your ears that's why majority of people widely using them to listen digital audio content anytime and anywhere quite amazingly.

In earphones and earbuds are basically similar but with one difference earphones usually comes with cushions they are designed to fit inside the ear canal thus you get more isolation and audio quality which is different in earbuds they don't come with cushions and fit outside the ear canal thus you may face bit less isolation and audio quality so it's up to you choose as per preferences accordingly but in the both to send and receive digital audio use the wireless bluetooth technology.

If you want wired audio listening experience then earphones else for true wireless experience it is always better to go with earbuds which are less expensive then earphones but as said earlier when buying earphones or earbuds you have to mainly check price and numerous other factors including that you must check reviews of fellow people who buyed the particular earphones or earbuds so that you'll end getting useful information and better understanding to form up decision either to buy them or not for sure.

Recently, after some thorough research when we decided to buy TWS aka true wireless stereo earbuds we got to know about Defy Gravity Z available at lowest  price 999 INR [ 12$ ] currently available at 1,200 [ 15$ ] which got positive reviews from customers in many online platforms out of them many stated it is most value for money TWS considering the price so as per our requirement we went to buy one Defy Gravity Z after some testing now we are ready to provide our personal review of it that may help you if you have any doubts in deciding to buy Defy Gravity Z.

Defy is actually china brand that currently focus on developing countries like India so if you're from india then you can simply right on buy it on Flipkart which sell many earphones and earbuds out of them one is Defy Gravity Z that currently available in 4 colours namely Black Fury, White Purity, Blue Impulse, Teal Aqua colours and has 13mm audio drivers with 4 environmental noise cancellation mics including that it also provides 50 ms low latency gaming and whooping 50 hours battery backup better then any other earbuds in this price so do you like it? are you interested in Defy Gravity Z, if yes then let's explore more.

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• How to buy Defy Gravity Z •

It is very easy to buy Defy Gravity Z earbuds from these platforms easily.

• Defy Gravity Z key features •

- 4 ENC mics
- 13 mm drivers
- Touch controls
- Type C charging
- Bluetooth 5.2
- IP X4 water resistant
- Quick pair and connect
- 50 Hours total playback
- 50 ms low latency / Turbo mode
- Brisk charging | 10 min = 3 hours | 
- White Purity, Black Fury, Blue Impulse, Teal Aqua colours.

• Defy Gravity Z overview • [ 8 / 10 ]

- Design - [ 8 / 10 ]

Now, when it comes to design it is decent and compact with pocket friendly round shaped small case with two Defy Gravity Z earbuds in this price range design is ok what makes it special is they not limited to black and white colours but also added two more colours that's satisfactory but in fact design is not top notch you get basic ones like most budget earbuds offers so if you want ultra customized designs then for sure you have to choose others or buy expensive ones above 100$ earbuds.

• Build quality • [ 7 / 10 ]

Usually, in budget earbuds you'll find usage of plastic likewise in Defy Gravity Z as well in both case and earbuds you'll get total plastic build but it's not super cheap though it's of nice quality and feel durable but at the end it's plastic so don't expect to much from it for sure it can be broken or get scratches if you truly care about build quality then going on with metal based like aluminium alloy or steel etc is definitely at present on go worthy choice for sure.

- Battery • [ 9 / 10 ]

In case of battery it's very important in earbuds the more it is the more you can enjoy digital audio isn't it? Defy Gravity Z at present right on beat many earbuds in this budget as it's have big 50 Hour playback with brisk charging in just 10 minutes of charge you'll get 3 hours playback isn't it amazing Including tha case and earbuds are chargeable so if you run out of battery then you can simply put earbuds in case for sometime it will charge to 100% so that you can use it for long time fabulously.

- Digital audio quality • [ 8 / 10 ]

The digital audio quality on Defy Gravity Z is good considering price point either it's  music or bass they are clear without any lags or delays etc and you can further improve audio if your smartphone or iPod have any inbuild audio engine or with right equalizer settings especially if you have Dolby Atmos audio engine on your device then you will get awesome digital audio quality on Defy Gravity Z earbuds.

• Calls quality • [ 8 / 10 ]

Most people buy earbuds for voice or video calls more then digital audio contents as using direct speaker mode on smartphones is sometimes inconvenient mainly when you are on move indoor or outdoor locations right? call quality on Defy Gravity Z is pretty clear and audible thanks to it's four environmental noise cancellation mics so definitely you don't have to worry much about call quality.

• Comfortability • [ 7 / 10 ]

It is very important to have such earphones or earbuds that gives comfort in ear so that you can listen digital audio for long time, but when it comes to Defy Gravity Z after some usage you'll feel bit in convenience in using them even for 1 hour which is common in budget earbuds but if you are someone who want true and super comfort then Defy Gravity Z is not the right choice for such experience you may find in other earbuds mainly in expensive ones.

• Software • [ 7 / 10 ]

Generally, in expensive even in budget earbuds you'll find it's makers provide a app for smartphones and smartwatches with equalizer and many useful options and features for customization but in case of Defy Gravity Z they didn't give any app though it does have several touch control for music and calls but lacking a app for them is definitely one big drawback but I hope Defy may surely develop an app for Defy earbuds to customize extensively.

Finally, this is Defy Gravity Z a well packed and feature rich value for money budget earbuds under 1200 INR [ 15$ ] if available for 999 INR [ 12$ ] then you can definitely go for it but stay updated as companies in this capitalist world competition keep on releasing better ones, are you an existing user of Defy Gravity Z? If yes do say your experience and mention why you like and prefer Defy Gravity Z over any other budget earbuds in this price range segment in our comment section below, see ya :)