Torrent is peer to peer file sharing technology which will let you share your digital files on internet anonymously with more privacy and security then cloud servers, here's why as Torrent though provide download link like cloud servers but the digital files that you are receiving through download link were send by people who are known as seeders who already have part of that files which means Torrent driven file is decentralized and no can track and hack them which is why it is mostly used to upload piracy.

Meanwhile, on cloud storage platforms which use cloud servers to let you upload or download files, though most of them says that we provide security and privacy using encryption or anything else but in reality they won't work effectively as we are still in web 2.0 era almost all cloud storage platforms still using centralized cloud servers which are usually managed by one or more entities and they're hosted in one country and computer or any other electronic devices due to that hackers can exploit and hack them for sure.

Even though, now we slowly started moving towards decentralization of internet known as Web3 which is future upgrade of internet and concept of crypto networks, Torrents and Tor where you'll get Web3 cloud storage platforms on that when you upload digital files then they will be divided into divided into multiple parts and encrypted on numerous decentralized servers facilitated by many companies or individuals around the world because of that not only your digital files stay 24/7 with no down at the same time they are totally censorship resistant and can't be hacked or taken down by anyone anytime and anywhere isn't that super cool?

However, Web3 is not yet available in full scale though you can definitely try out currently available cloud storage platforms like Storj which work amazing but as most people not aware and don't know about Web3 cloud storage platforms they right now mostly using torrents using softwares on number of electronic devices mainly on personal computers and smartphones that pratice may going to change in future.

The main advantage of Torrent is you can make them only with specific softwares  like Utorrent or qBitorrent etc including that you don't have to upload your digital file on any cloud storage platform instead keep your files in your PC or smartphone local storage then using torrent software generate torrent files or magnet links that once you share them you will be the first seeder after that more people may join based on digital file popularity due to that you will get full control and ownership of digital file with privacy and security.

In sense, if you don't like and prefer cloud technology then torrent will work for you but torrent generation is mostly offline for that there are numerous softwares and the problem here with most torrent generator softwares don't pay uploaders for viewers or downloads etc which is different on number of cloud storage platforms where you'll get money for uploads which is why large percentage of publishers around the world choose them to earn money.

Eventhough, majority of peope go with cloud storage platforms as many of them pay money to uploaders but as said earlier they can't provide anonymity with privacy and security to level of Torrents which is why certain percentage of people who care about them don't use cloud storage platforms instead want to earn money on Torrents which is totally possible thought bit lengthy process to do on the go.

Usually, the size of torrent driven file is within 100 kb and magnet link of it has more lengthy than regular download link provided by cloud storage platforms but that's no big deal as at the end torrent is file and magnet of it is link so you can upload torrent file to cloud storage platforms and magnet link with url shorteners which pay money but that loosens your privacy and security in one way or another which is why some people don't use them for full anonymity.

In case, you're someone who definitely want privacy as well as security and using torrent driven files or magnet links with centralized cloud storage platforms then it's big mistake as even if you use all fake details to register on them yet at the end when it comes to payment you mostly have to submit real bank account details due to that you private data can be hacked or accessed and sold to third parties which is why it's better to get payments of money in form of crypto currency.

Fortunately, we do have numerous cloud storage platforms which will let you earn money in crypto currencies on uploaded digital files, that's great isn't it? but at the end they are connected to centralized or decentralized cloud server technology so you have to first upload digital files on it not possible to locally host and do seeding like on torrents, isn't that disappointing?

Anyhow, even if there are torrent softwares that pay crypto currency for torrent views or downloads but most of them very likely pay at particular dates based on method of collection of data as torrents are not trackable including that they rely totally on torrent technology, what if they can utilize crypto blockchain technology to encrypt and share all your digital files, it will be interesting and amazing right?

Recently, I got to know about an open source project named Upfire which provides an software to directly make .upr token extension torrent files created locally on PCs in which you can upload digital files and start seeding to earn 50%  .upr crypto tokens which is based on well known and popular low transaction fee crypto network Binance Smartchain.

On Upfire, Whenever you generate .upr torrent driven file then it will encrypted using crypto technology thus to decrypt and access all contents of it users must have to pay .upr tokens pre-set by you out of which you as original seeder get 50% of .upr tokens even if they are online during. downloading/decrypting etc and then the remaining 50% .upr tokens will be splitted like for paid seeders who decrypted digital file themselves receive 3x the amount of UPR tokens when compared to free ones for instance out of 10 upr tokens, orginal seeder : 5 upr, paid seeder : 3.5 upr and free seeder : 1.25 upr respectfully.

Thankfully, if file processed through Upfire has one seeder then original uploader / seeder get 100% decryption amount of .upr which will be stored on Upfire provided crypto wallet and if you don't want to decrypt content of files then you can act as free seeder to earn .upr tokens including that once you have .upr tokens you can stake to earn more easily.

Once, you created .upr file extension blockchain based torrent driven files using Upfire software and started seeding setting up decrypt price amount of .upr tokens then like torrent links you can share them anywhere you like same as regular torrent and download links but if you want to specific index or site where you want to publish and show up your .upr torrent files then there is upfiles for this job.

Upfiles is public cloud hosting for .upr driven torrent files which acts as directory where people can upload their own .upr tokens created using Upfire or simply search fellow users .upr files quite conveniently and comfortably but for whatever reason Upfire not yet released for smartphones, so do you still like it? are you interested in Upfire and uprfiles If yes then let's explore more.

Upfire official support •

• How to download Upfire •

It is very easy to download that from these platforms for free.

• How to make .upr torrent driven files and earn crypto using Upfire with key features and UI / UX overview •

- Open Upfire and create wallet accordingly to proceed further.

- Enter details and upload digital files.

Hurray, now you can start seeding and  sharing it's links to earn crypto money.

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of Upfire there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway if you want one of the best software to earn crypto for seeding torrents then Upfire is on go choice.

Overall, Upfire comes with light and dark mode by default, it has clean and simple design with good looking interface that ensures user friendly experience, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will Upfire get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now Upfire seems pretty nice.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention Upfire is one of the very few platforms based on decentralized crypto network smart contract technology available out there on world wide web of internet which will let you create .upr torrents and earn crypto currency on them, yes indeed if you're searching for such softwares then Upfire has definitely has quite potential to become your new favourite for sure.

Finally, this is how you can earn money for torrent seeding files using Upfire, are you an existing user of Upfire? If yes do say your experience and mention why you like and prefer Upfire over others and also is there any such software which is better then Upfire that you know off in our comment section below, see ya :)