Domain, the one that you're in now on browser to access my blog which is basically url aka uniform resource locator also known as link and web address that as you see is in alphabet format isn't it? it's a human readable format thus you'll be able to better understand and recognise it, most websites and blogs which you'll access on browser are usually in alphabet based web address but in back end they're in numericals like for instance 8.5, 0, 9, 7 which is actually digital format IP aka internet protocol address readable by electronic devices like computers.

Do you know what exactly is IP? it is unique identification address provided to electronic computers to communicate and move data on network with each other created by ARPANET in year 1969 named Internet basically network of computers back then it was used to send digital messages between 2 ARPANET electronic computers then after that many inventors around the world upgraded Internet that  extended it's potential and capabilities due to that we got powerful and advanced modern Internet that work efficiently.

In sense, Internet though can be used to send digital data and messages wired or wirelessly but it used to be private so in order to do anything on it back then in begginings you have to get manual access from fellow electronic computers due to that people were only able to use it limitedly but in year 1991 Tim Berners Lee released revolutionary browser software named world wide web to access public contents of internet since then the way we use internet changed immensely.

World Wide Web inshort WWW is digital software developed using numerous programming languages for PCs aka personal computers evolution of electronic and mechanical computers which using url web address can access digital content available on Internet like websites and blogs etc due to that number of people around the world for personal or commercial reasons developed them using PCs softwares then with hardware storage and memory created server that  act as virtual wireless connection to host on internet and access on WWW easily.

But, by default when website or blogs publicly hosted on Internet you'll get their random internet ip address which as said earlier is in digital numericas but that format is not easy to use as it's bit hard and inconvenient to remmember and access them on world wide web like browsers so to fix this issue and provide human user friendly url web address we got alphabets domains which you can connect to your hosting provider using DNS name servers then it will simply translate them into real Internet protocol address in background so that you can access on PCs and smartphones etc.

However, domains aren't free it's providers based on demand and extension like .com, .in or .io etc put price and and then as time goes change them according which is totally fine for majority of people but the drawback here is since web 1.0 era and now in web 2.0 era as well domains are centralized which usually have one IP address due to that if you write or host copyright infringement or objectionable content or any other illegal stuff on website or blog etc then your domain can be blocked in most countries by Digital Millenium copyright act inshort DMCA.

Especially, if any country for whatever reasons don't want your website or blog publicly available in their country may be because of any harmful content which is risky to people or government and country sovereignty and integrity as well as privacy and security then they can directly block it using country firewall or give government or judicial authorities orders to internet service providers to block them on their mobile or WIFI network locally or through out country making them inaccessible to it's country citizens completely.

The another problem with current centralized domains is they are managed by one or multiple companies who have access to them Including that as they are IP and DNS based domain web address they have to be connected to centralized hardware or cloud servers provided by hosting platforms who can sell your personal data to anyone including that as they are centralized servers where data remain in one location due to that hackers get advantage to exploit and extract private data to sell or publish them online or darkweb etc that can not just cause personal and financial losses but also privacy and security risks as well.

Fortunately, In order to fix drawbacks of internet we are moving and upgrading Internet to Web3 and Web5 where people use decentralized blockchain crypto network based domains and decentralized cloud servers to connect and host digital websites and blogs etc which most people don't know and use them but definitely as awareness on Web3 is continuously rising up mainly from last one decade thanks to number of crypto currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum etc so surely in full scale most people worldwide in widely may use Web3 Internet network in future.

If you don't know about crypto currency then for you in simple crypto currency is basically non fungible token and digital currency first created by pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto in year 2009 to replace fiat paper based money currency and unstrustworthy nosy middle persons like banks and governments who not just can access and store the personal data and money but also manage and control prices of them where transactions are private as well so you'll never know even if they use misuse your fiat currency money.

Crypto networks are decentralized digital currency which no one controls as it's price is automatically get adjusted based on number of buyers and sells like on stock market so they're like assets and to store them you must have crypto currency wallets which you can easily use without submitting personal details and when you make transaction of crypto currency In order to make sure validity of it number of people around the world who using their electronic devices solve algorithm blocks automatically known as mining to verify authenticity of transaction then only it will be successful after that it's record details will get published on blockchain explorer for full fledged transparency and security isn't that amazing and super cool?

Even though, Web3 based crypto currencies back in early era don't have much value and they are just digital currency work as alternative to fiat currency but eventually thanks to rise of Bitcoin and number of other crypto currencies like Ethereum and Dogecoin etc due to that eventually crypto currencies got great value at the same time many developers started upgrading them by adapting to latest technologies to extend their potential and capabilities in that process they started using blockchain crypto network technology on other digital products and services like domains, arts, music, videos, files, servers, storage etc which are known as digital NFTs.

Anyhow, when it comes to Web3 domains they are NFTs aka non fungible tokens and use crypto network like for instance when you buy Web3 domain you'll won't get IP address instead you'll get crypto wallet address which will be provided in alphabet regular domain format but in order to make it work on crypto networks it will be translated into crypto wallet address using decentralized domain name servers after that you can't connect Web3 domains on centralized hosting platforms like blogger or WordPress etc instead you have to use decentralized servers which are known as interplanetary File System inshort IPFS.

IPFS are simply decentralized servers on that you have connect to Web3 domain then whenever you upload digita data on IPFS that will be divided into numerous parts and encrypted on the go using crypto network technology then it will hosted on number of decentralized cloud servers operated by individuals like you or will be managed by companies globally as data is hosted on decentralized servers it won't usually get down time and it's super hard for anyone to exploit and hack them due to that you'll best security and privacy to your data to keep them in safe zone.

There are number of online platforms on world wide web where you can get Web3 domains and IPFS cloud storage and each platform uses their own crypto network decentralized technology like for instance most of them use Ethereum network but there are some platforms which use other crypto decentralized networks as well but at the end most Web3 domains providers only provide any Web3 domain when you pay them which is one time purchase not like on centralized domain providers where you may have to pay for all the registered domains monthly or annually etc.

Thankfully, we do have very few platforms where you can get free Web3 domain NFTs like for Instance .hmn domains provided by Cortex and Butterfly Protocol where they use polygon crypto network that relies on Ethereum as polygon network known for high scalability it has very low transaction fees like 0.1 to 0.3$ which is right now is covered by them so you'll get Web3 domains totally for free and they're going to launch testnet this month so if you want free Web3 domain then hurry up and kindly use this opportunity now.

Anyway, it's fact that we have both high and low price even free Web3 domain NFTs based on transaction fees but have you ever heard of limited edition NFTs? they are available for only some time that to selected users which is why certain NFT assets based on it's creators and rarity as well as popularity get sold for millions of dollors that's why many people mainly collectors crypto enthusiastics and those who make business out of NFTs try to buy rare NFTs for low price possible even get them for free, are you one of them?

Recently, we got to know about an limited .ape Web3 domain NFTs by Cortex and Butterfly Protocol who simultaneously maintaining free .hmn domains now, there are number of advantages with ape. Web3 domain but before getting into it let's first know how it works in simple there will be 256 Gen0 tokens released which you can get them for free if you are lucky enough then you can start mining them easily.

Minting is basically process of creating new coins through authenticating and verification of data and creation of new blocks which will be documented and recorded on blockchain explorer through proof of stake consensus but each user get only 4 rounds of 3 invites thus only total of  30,976 .ape domains can possibly be minted which makes it limited edition thus they may definitely and surely may have immense high value in future.

.ape Web3 domains are censorship resistant and owners can simply publish their digital content content using Cortex press which uses IPFS decentralized cloud  network and the ownership is based on keys provided by them which you can integrate with ENS and you can create unlimited Web3 subdomains and each of it act as PFP NFTs including that each Web3 domain and subdomain with webpage have unique crypto address that can hold assets and BAYC and MAYC holders get an scoped limited edition for name free isn't that super cool and awesome?

Especially, you'll be able to charge .ape Web3 domains with other assets and  each .ape Web3 subdomain you mint could hold an NFT concert ticket and this subdomain can then be used to publish 
pictures from the concert isn't that cool and another main benefit here is you'll get rewards once trees mint out and you just buy them once and own forever or until you  sell with no subscriptions, so do you like it? are you interested in .ape Web3 domains? If yes let's explore more.

• .ape Web3 official support •

Website :

• How to get . ape Web3 limited edition domains •

- Go to then tap on Sign Up for Allowlist.

- Fill up all required details accordingly.

- All done, if selected you'll be contacted soon, give correct details always!

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of .Ape Web3 domains there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway if you want one of the best limited edition Web3 domain then .ape are worthy choice.

Overall, .ape website comes with light and dark mode by default, it has clean and simple interface that ensures user friendly experience, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will that get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now it's super fine.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention .ape is one of the very few limited edition Web3 domain NFTs available out there on world wide web of internet which can be used for Web3 websites and blogs etc, yes indeed if you're searching for such limited edition Web3 domains then .ape ones has potential to become your new favourite.

Finally, this is .ape a limited edition Web3 domains for decentralized of Internet powered by Cortex and Butterfly protocol? are you an existing of .ape Web3 domains? If yes do say your experience and if possible kindly mention your .ape Web3 domain so fellow people can check it our in our comment section below, see ya :)