Cloud, you usually see when you look upon sky but when it comes to technology cloud means different which is basically digital information or you can say data hosted on internet in order to understand better about cloud technology, foremost it is important to know about Internet which is created by ARPANET a standard protocol that provide unique identification address to each computer then move digital data on network between electronic computers.

In sense, Internet is network of computer at first back in year 1969 it was used to send digital messages between electronic computers but in year 1991 Tim Berners Lee developed and released WWW aka world wide web browser software for PCs aka personal computers which will let you access digital public contents of internet that're in form of websites basically online softwares which back then is revolutionary and amazed people around the world.

Many people back then created various different websites then with electronic device computer hardware storage and digital memory created server to host websites publicly on internet but the drawback here is if there is quite large data and big percentage of visitors on websites then you need huge hardware storage like HDDs or SDDs or memory on PCs to handle vistors and work efficiently.

But, the problem here is back then PCs used to come with basic storage and memory including that they're expensive so most people were not able to publish heavy data websites even if they do still if there is basic memory then it can't handle vistors in large numbers due to that people have to buy more storage and memory etc that's not easy to handle and costly as well at that time number of companies started providing cloud storage and servers via websites, isn't that super cool?

In sense, the websites in back end have hardware storage and memory with them a cloud server can be created and provided digitally which act as virtual bridge that can be accessed through website and used to host digital data projects as it's easy and flexible majority of people started using cloud storage and servers mainly since 20th century which are now widely being used for almost all types of digital projects extensively.

Since, web 1.0 and now in web 2.0 era most people use cloud storage and servers to host websites and blogs but  there are certain percentage of people mainly developers use cloud storage and servers to deploy software projects like AI aka artificial intelligence bots or crypto blockchain networks etc for such projects proper tools are required which are lacking on cloud storage and server platforms as they mainly created to host websites.

However, there are number of companies who over the years created numerous cloud storage and servers with a lot of options and features specifically designed for developers to deploy software projects which are known as DevOps out of them most popular and well known ones are  Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Alibaba Cloud and Heroku etc.

Even though, DevOps platforms are paid with monthly or annual subscriptions but most of them provide free trials for limited time like Google Cloud but it require credit or debit card verification including that you can't automatically deploy softwares thus not everyone able to use them but there is one DevOps platform named Heroku that provide free 550 dyno hours with no credit or debit card verification due to that many people started using it for both personal and commercial software projects.

Heroku is one of the best DevOps to deploy software projects but people started creating numerous accounts to avail free services heavily which become problematic to Heroku so they keep on banning many accounts which voilated their terms of service and policies then eventually after providing free plan for long time for whatever reasons they 
informed users that they stop free plan that they already done, now it's paid only service so a lot of users who can't pay looking out for DevOps which is free.

Koyeb is one of the best free DevOps alternative to Heroku which is still free you can check it out but in case you're an existing user of Koyeb and searching for another free DevOps then you're at right point recently we got to know about a DevOps named Mogenius that has many DevOps tools which work as one of the best alternative to Koyeb and Heroku.

Mogenius comes with enterprise highly scalable cloud infrastructure with many DevOps options and features like cloud resources, security and delivery, kubernets management, CI / CD, auto config clusters, monitor and logging etc to deploy any programming language software project on cloud automatically on the go.

Note : In some DevOps platforms you sometimes don't tools to load projects from git repositories but on Mogenius like on Heroku and Koyeb you can deploy your own git repositories or from third party contributive development platforms like GitHub or GitLab etc, so do we got your attention like it? are you interested in Mogenius? If yes let's get started.

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Website :

• Mogenius plans •

• How to register on Mogenius with key features with UI / UX overview •

- Go to then tap on Sign Up.

- You'll get verification email check it then note 6 digit activation code.

- Tap on Activate account.

- You're in Mogenius.

- Tap on Create cloudspace.

- Tap on service you want to proceed further.

- Select plan then tap on Create now.
- Tap on continue with GitHub, if you want to deploy GitHub repositores.

- Connect GitHub and Authorize Mogenius.

- Select Git repository then Tap on Create Service.

Bingo, it will start deploying your software project.

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of Mogenius there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway if you want one of the DevOps app then Mogenius is on go worthy choice for sure.

Overall, Mogenius comes with light and dark mode by default, it has clean and simple interface that ensures user friendly experience, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will Mogenius get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now it's pretty nice.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention Mogenius is one of the very few free DevOps platforms available out there on world wide web of internet, yes indeed if you're searching for such DevOps platform then Mogenius definitely has potential to become your new favourite.

Finally, this is Mogenius, a DevOps platform to fast deploy GitHub repositores, best alternative to Heroku and Koyeb, are you an existing user of Mogenius? If yes do say your experience and mention is there is any better free DevOps platform in our comment section below, see ya :)