Web basically internet the one that majority of people access and use everyday using browsers like Chrome and Mozilla Firefox etc which now have more than billion websites and blogs basically online softwares created and hosted by people around the world isn't that cool? but do you know how all this begin? In simple It's all started in year 1991 when inventor Tim Berners Lee created and released revolutionary browser software named WWW aka world wide web.

WWW browser is world first software that can access public contents of Internet which is created by ARPANET to move data on network between computers at first Tim Berners Lee using programming language HTML on computer created a website with domain name info.cern.ph  using computer hardware and memory created a server that act as virtual bridge to host on internet isn't that cool?

In just few years large percentage of people around the world created and hosted various different websites and blogs on internet to access using world wide web or any other browser at first in web 1.0 era most of them are created using only HTML thus they are basic but eventually since early 20th century many people begin using several programming languages like CSS, PHP, JavaScript etc to create modern websites and blogs due to that we entered into Web 2.0 era.

Now we're in Web 2.0 era of internet though we have modern graphic design websites and blogs which look and feel awesome but the drawback here is almost all people host them on cloud centralized servers though they are quite secure with modern technologies yet at the end they are managed by one or more people and companies and uses single computer that was located in one area due to that they're  likely targeted and exploited by hackers to gain access to private data of users and sell them online, isn't that dissapointing?

In case, if you don't know what exactly is cloud server then for you in simple cloud server is usually accompanied by cloud storage they in back end work individually and uses hardware storage and memory which are provided through websites with flexible plans to choose so that people will be able to store their data wirelessly even if they don't have much space or memory available on computer conveniently.

Even though, in 21st century most people use centralized cloud storage and servers they as said earlier are regularly prone to exploits of hackers which is why they are not totally secure thus you can't rely on them completely to store data mainly important and private ones that's why large percentage of people who are aware of this wanted better alternative for them there are Web3 cloud storage also known as IPFS aka interplanetary file system.

Fortunately, we are upgrading web of internet to Web3 where people get total control and ownership in which when you upload data it will be encrypted using algorithms like ASA 256 and divided into numerous parts then they will be hosted on many decentralized cloud storage and servers provided by individuals like you or companies due to that they not only get no downtimes but also become censorship resistant including that no one can exploit them easily due to that you'll be able to host data securely and efficiently.

Web3 decentralized cloud storage and server platforms are yet available in full scale and most people around the world still use centralized ones to host data on internet but from past number of years as people are more focusing on security and privacy they are very much interested in Web3 due to that over the years numerous developers made and released number of Web3 IPFS storage and server platforms to host websites and blogs so that rapidly Internet will be upgraded to Web 3.0.

But, the thing is you can't use regular centralized domains names basically URL addresses aka uniform resource locator with decentralized cloud storage and server platforms instead you have to use Web3 domains which are based on crypto currency network where your crypto wallet address will be your domain name instead of internet protocol address which is used in centralized domains due to that not only your Web3 domains will be secure but also censorship resistant so they can't be taken by down by anyone at anytime for sure.

The reason why Web3 domains can't be taken down by anyone is because they utilise crypto currency network which is decentralized based on concept of Web3 where your domain address will be crypto wallet address that will be converted to human readable format using Web3 DNS aka domain name resolver as crypto wallet address was not managed and controlled by company unlike IP based domains so total ownership of it will be with you thus no one can ban or block them that's why  now a days people using Web3 domains to launch websites or blogs effectively.

We have number of Web3 domain providers each of them use particular crypto currency network out of them most use popular crypto currency Ethereum though Web3 domains are one time purchase unlike centralized domains where you have to renew every month or year but thing is at the end Web3 domains like centralized domains can be registered unlimited times thus value of those will be mediocreIsn't it? what if there is limited Web3 domains it will be super cool and amazing right? as they are rare value of them will be super high worldwide.

There are very few platforms who provide limited sale Web3 domains out of them .APE domains by Cortex and Butterfly protocol is one which are based on polygon crypto network if you are following our blog then you may probably already know about them who already given Gen0 Web3 domains to 256 people for free each user can only mint for 4 rounds of 3 invites at the end there will be only 30,976 .ape domains which makes it  highly valuable limited Web3 domains.

Generally, you can connect centralized domains to centralized CMS aka content management systems platforms which in backend use centralized cloud storage and servers like Blogger, WordPress etc which you can't use for Web3 domains that's why developers created number of IPFS Web3 CMS aka content management systems to connect your Web3 domains and publish content on internet not only securely but also quite comfortably and conveniently.

Cortex and Butterfly protocol for .APE Web3 domains also being developing their own Web3 content management system for long time named Cortex Press which was released on 18th January so if you already own .APE Web3 domain then you can right on search and connect with your .APE web3 owned crypto wallet address to publish content instantenously but incase you don't own then don't worry you can buy them in upcoming waitlists very soon.

Cortex Press is amazing CMS platform that uses Web3 IPFS decentralized cloud  storage network like any other Web3 CMS platform where the ownership is based on keys which comes with such infrastructure that solves number of Web3 challenges like cost, scalability and complexity developed and released for content creators, enterprises and developers to build next generation content driven modern feature rich Web3 apps.

Note : Content Press is still in early access phase which means development is in progress so you may find bugs or limited number of features but eventually Cortex and Butterfly protocol may fix all issues and release more interesting and exciting features of Cortex Press in future, so do you like it? are you interested in Cortex Press? if yes let's explore more.

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Website : cortex.press

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Atlast, this are just highlighted features of Cortex Press there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway if you want one of the best CMS platform for .APE Web3 domains then at present Cortex Press is  on go worthy choice for sure.

Overall, Cortex Press comes with dark mode by default, it has clean and simple interface that ensures user friendly experience, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will Cortex Press get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better as of now it's fabulous.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention Cortex Press is one of the very few CMS platforms available out there on world wide web of internet for Web3 .APE domains, yes indeed if you're searching for such platform then Corex Press has potential to become your new favourite. 

Finally, this is Cortex Press a Web3 CMS platform to connect with .APE Web3 domains and publish content on Internet instantly, are you an existing user of Corex Press? If yes do say your experience and mention if you any Web3 CMS that's way better then Cortex Press in our comment section below see ya :)