A person according to gained knowledge and Intelligence can answer to questions presented to him isn't it? but the thing is a person usually don't know everything even if the person know everything as brain can store information of 2.5 PB aka petabytes as per scentific studies which is enormous
and studies on it continously going on so scentifically we are not sure about exact full capacity of brain so it's no big wonder if in future any scentific study states brain has no limit as brain is quite amazing.

In sense, if a person somehow stores almost all information currently available using brain as it's super power though it's impossible for humans yet still as world and universe keep on changing from time to time it is difficult to stay connected and updated with latest information unless you have super powers which is why almost all people like 99.99% in this world don't know everything that's why in most cases you'll find a person can't give all correct answers to the given questions, isn't that right?

In case, you know someone who states that he or she knows everything without help from anyone and you believe it's true, let's say for sake of this article it is true but thing is if that person is normal like fellow people then very likely that person can only communicate with one people or some people at a time to provide answers to questions isn't it? It is impossible for a regular human being to communicate with each person around the world for sure.

Generally, people don't ask every question to someone even if they try to do still at the end person even knowing the answer won't be able to answer each person at a time as giving answer to big numbers of people one after one itself take ages but the thing a person usually get various different questions in mind everyday if that person don't know answers then he or she lookout for right sources to get answers out of curiosity and mainly to get increase knowledge and Intelligence quotient etc.

Usually, In order to get answers to questions most people ask old people or educated and skilled persons as they very likely have more knowledge and IQ but the thing is as said earlier a normal person don't know everything which is why since ancient times majority of people used to ask certain questions to different people to get best possible right answer which is quite difficult though it become easy with communication devices like Telephone.

Telephone is revolutionary electronic communication technology device by using that a person can contact anyone who have telephone or it's evolved version devices then ask questions to anyone who know right answers but it is not always possible to contact someone isn't it? due  to various reasons which is why since long time even now most people around the world to get right answers to questions rely on books, are you one of them?

Fortunately, we have millions of paper based books of almost all categories where authors who are skilled in various fields written information according to topic so by selecting right book you can get answers to questions but thing is in order to get a book you have to buy it or somehow get for free at the end buying a lot of books is expensive and maintenance of books is quite hard Including that it is difficult to select book and get into right page for answers to questions which is why many people don't prefer books.

Especially, In order to get updated information of anything it takes sometime to be seen on books as authors write then print it on books after that they will sell it for a price in certain book stores in one or more countries due to that not everyone get books as they are unavailable in their country or area even book stores etc but 
there is one well known way to read books without buying them to gain knowledge or get answers questions which is library.

Library is basically a place with many books where people can visit then pay fees for monthly or annually to read or lend any available books which are owned by government or private entities etc but thought you can read books for free in library still there are some drawbacks like you can't get alot of books even if you do as library is public place it won't be open for 24 hours a day even if it does still you won't be able stay there for all time isn't it? for whatever reasons which is why alot of people setup their own home library.

You may say I will setup my own home library which is good but thing is if you are common person then you'll only able to get and maintain some books isn't it? It is near to impossible to get all books in this world in your home library even if you do get them still finding each book and get answers from your own library in home or anywhere else is hard task it is basically like finding one fish in ocean which is why in many cases people were not able to find answers to questions in library for sure.

What if, we can get answers to any questions without contacting anyone and buying books or going to any library etc it will be super cool right? for that there is revolutionary internet which is created by ARPANET in year 1969 that assign unique IP aka Internet protocol address to each computer then move data on network
between computers at first it is private and basic mainly used to send messages or files between computers but thanks to numerous Inventors around the world who from time to time over the years upgraded and updated Internet by adapting to latest modern technologies quite extensively.

Tim Berners Lee in year 1991 created and released revolutionary browser software for PCs aka personal computers named WWW aka world wide web that can access digital public contents of internet which are in form of online websites basically digital softwares at that time many people around the world using their PCs created amazing information filled websites then after that by using PCs hardware storage and memory created a server which act as virtual bridge to host websites on Internet due to that Internet become awesome.

In just few years large percentage of  people hosted millions of informative websites Including that written and published millions of articles on blogs even scanned and digitilzed millions of paper books known as electronic books inshort e-books which all you can simply access through search engine like Google available on browser due to that eventually Internet become one stop place for billions of people to get information and answers to almost all questions and as time goes now Internet become more informative so it is now widely used by people globally.

Internet with world wide web only working as best alternative to people and books and library not yet replaced them but thing is Internet is way better to get information about anything as it's digital not physical material so it won't get damaged including that in most countries you just have to pay minimum amount to your telecom or fiber network provider for internet then simply by using browser you'll get access to so much information that not even available in books or anywhere else which is why in future Internet totally replace books with e-books and other cool technologies.

Even though, majority of people use internet as it has information and answers for almost all questions worldwide but thing is Internet is a platform not a person or robot so it will feel like you are visiting a store with no real employees to help you  due to that you have to pick and try the products basically websites on your own then out of them you have to choose the one you like which not everyone like as some people want to communicate and get informative answers to questions like in good old days, are you one of them?

Google and other search engines thought use various technologies to provide best and quite relevant information as much as possible like giving most visited websites at top of search results with snippets but at the end it still feel like you are going to  some place to get information or answers not person as most websites only provide information as per the searches they don't chat or help you like real person in making something like for example : if you do an search on Google " who are you? " Then it will not say Google instead show related websites, isn't that bit dissapointing?

Fortunately, we have a revolutionary technology named AI aka artificial intelligence which is basically artificial brain made using programming languages like C, C++, Python etc that with machine learning can use existing data to learn and train on it's own same like real person for example : if you give a programmed AI about 1000 fake painting photos and give only one orginal Mona Lisa and ask to find real one then AI on it's own go through all the photos and compare it to orginal one from different sources like Internet then it will draw out the orginal Mona Lisa.

In 21st century, AI gone through alot of upgrades and updates due to that now we have modern AI that people around the world using in various different fields to simplify tasks and do them efficiently and effectively like for Instance Robotics as you may know there are different types of robots out of them humanoid robots are one which are physically close to humans and uses AI to learn and work same as people in society so you can ask robots to answer questions or do any type of tasks due to that you can use humanoid robots as assistant or companion on the go.

Humanoid robots can do tasks like real persons physically including that they can execute almost all tasks digitally and electronically but the thing is not every one want humanoid or any other type robots as they are expensive or for whatever reasons but want to get it's AI functions digitally for such people inventors around the world mainly from last decade developed and released many revolutionary AI powered digital robots Integrated on softwares for various different purposes by adapting to modern latest technologies for electronic devices like PCs aka personal computers,  smartphones and smart TV's etc.

AI powered digital robots inshort bots are available as softwares back then like in 20th century AI is not super powerful and advanced including that it's not accurate but inventors around the world as said earlier continously and constantly worked on AI to update and upgrade by adapting to latest technologies due to that now AI become modern and very accurate that's why many companies used AI tools on digital platforms which are available in form of chat bots as well so that you can use as digital assistant and companion to communicate in real time anywhere and anytime conveniently and comfortably.

There are numerous well known and popular AI powered communication chat bots to name few Google Assistant, Apple inc. Siri etc but recently a revolutionary AI communication technology created by DALL-E named ChatGPT 3 of OpenAI that is basically a large language model trained on a massive trove of information online to create its responses got quite huge attention and recognition from people on Internet including that many developers continously working on to extend potential and capabilities of OpenAI ChatGPT 3.

Thankfully, you can right on test and use Open AI from official website including that many developers using Open AI API already developed and released numerous websites and softwares to try on PCs and smartphones etc so that you can try right away but the thing is you definitely have to select best OpenAI ChatGPT 3 software as almost all of them are in early access thus you won't face any issues in future.

Recently, we got to know about an OpenAI ChatGPT 3 communication platform with emotional intelligence and numerous amazing AI options and features named Desygner which is quite useful for techie, introvert, chatterbox etc as more you chat the more it learns and adapts to the given questions and topics that give replies with no judgment or drama which you can use as own digital assistant and companion for sure, isnt that cool and useful?

Desygner AI is still in early access phase which means development is in progress so you may find bugs or limited number of features but eventually Desygner may fix all issues and release more interesting and exciting features in future, so do you like it? are you interested in Desygner if yes then let's explore more.
• Desygner official support •

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Atlast, this are just highlighted features of Desygner there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway if you want one of the best Open AI ChatGPT 3 communicator companion with emotional intelligence Desygner is on go worthy choice for sure.

Overall, Desygner comes with light mode by default, it has clean and simple interface that ensures user friendly experience, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will Desygner get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now it's super cool.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention Desygner is one of the very few Open AI ChatGPT 3 communicator companion app with emotional intelligence available out there on world wide web of internet, yes indeed if you're searching for such AI based communicator companion app then Desygner has potential to become your new favourite.

Finally, this is a Desygner, a open AI based ChatGPT 3 communicator companion with emotional intelligence, are you an existing user of Desygner? If yes do say your experience and mention if you know any OpenAI ChatGPT communication companion app that's way better then Desygner in our comment section below, see ya :)