Money is something that have value among people and that everyone want to earn which back then like few centuries  back used to be rare rocks and metals like diamonds and gold but since 18th century we started using fiat paper based currency form money then after long time now due to latest technologies with banks you can send or receive fiat money digitally.

In sense, people consider money as valuable asset that in 21st century can be viewed and used digitally anywhere and anytime conveniently and comfortably on number of electronic devices like PCs and smartphones but at the end in order to use any type or form money you have to earn it for that there are number of different ways exists and almost all of them are widely used by people around the world.

Even though, there are many ways to earn money but they can be categorized into two methods which are offline and online that you may probably already know isn't it? both offline and online money earning ways have it's own advantages and dis-advantages but at the end why someone choose offline or online earning method is user specific and it differs from person to person for sure, isn't that quite right?

Now a days, we have many powerful and advanced modern technologies with them you can execute almost all real life tasks electronically and digitally which is why over the years many offline jobs become online and now can be done digitally on PCs and smartphones but the thing is a lot of jobs are still offline so not everyone can work online, are you one of them?

Generally, online jobs are way more convenient then offline ones like stock market, copywriting, blogging etc as in most cases all you need is one or more PCs and smartphones which is why large percentage of people since long time like and prefer to do jobs which can be done online that's why a lot of parents enroll their kids in various software and digital marketing courses to earn money online.

Usually, if you already have or gained such skills to earn money online then over time you'll reach point where you may be able to earn passive income online but not everyone have such skills isn't it? which is why some percentage of people look out for such ways which require low or doesn't require skills to earn money online out of them most people right on go with online money earning websites and apps.

It is even possible that you may already have good online money earning job or skills but still want to use some online money earning websites for extra money or you may be someone who don't have any job or skills so want to make living expenses out of online money earning websites or apps isn't it? but thing is all this process is hard and takes long time.

If you want to use online money earning websites and apps for fun or knowledge to make little extra money then it's fine but completely relying on them is not right choice and can lead to severe problems in future as it's not possible to make a lot of money out of them even if you're talented and somehow managed to continously  make huge amounts of money yet at the end still they're not reliable for sure.

The reason why online money earning websites and apps are not reliable is because they mostly developed by third party developers who for whatever reasons can close down the platform that you are using anytime so in that scenario if you are using that platform so much to totally make living out of it then it will put sudden end to your financial gains which is basically like losing a job on the go.

When you lose a job you mostly go for another one offline or online one isn't it? likewise you may say if one online earning website or app closed down then you look for another right one isn't it? you are right but the thing is each online money earning website and app come with way different money earning model and most of them pay you minimal amount of money for alot of time, isn't that bit dissapointing?

In case, you use the work and time that you spend on money earning websites or apps in other different offline or digital money platforms then you may very likely get more stable career and high amount of money in less time but this doesn't apply to persons who earned millions of money using online money earning websites and apps they are super cool proffesionals.

You may say I'll learn and become professional to earn millions from online money earning websites and apps but the thing is not everyone can do this as it's not easy and takes alot of patience and time with requirements of existing or new huge scale support of people in offline or via social networks followers including that you need huge luck to be successful.

Especially, the main problem with online money earning websites and apps is each set of them as said earlier comes with different online money earning model like some will pay you for installing apps or completing surveys and another set may only pay you when you refer people and get them on their platforms but the thing is adapting to this different online money models is bit hard and takes time.

Majority of online money earning websites and apps pay quite low money even if you  complete a lot of tasks by taking alot of time like few dollars for couple of months work which is insufficient to make living expenses out of it isn't it? and some online earning websites and apps not even pay you digital fiat currency instead they will pay their own custom digital money even give you gifts as earnings or rewards etc.

Meanwhile, some online money earning websites and apps does pay high amount of money but for limited time including that few online money earning websites and apps states that they pay a lot of money for completing tasks and refferals but at the end out of them many turn out as scams which don't even you pay penny after reaching payout threshold yet still run continously to scam more people.

Anyway, the another main problem with online money earning websites and apps is they provide limited options like PayPal, Payoneer etc for money payout when you reached required threshold which if you have already then it's fine but not everyone have them and most of them don't provide local payments that can be problematic as a lot of people don't use them like in india most people rely on UPI, IMPS, RGTS etc.

However, in most cases you'll find many local online money earning websites and apps available in your country which you can use if you want money get paid through local payment gateways but in many countries there are no online money earning websites and apps so if you are from such place then you have to use such global money earning websites and apps.

But the thing is if you're from such country which got sanctions and banned by UNO then you won't be able to register on global online money earning apps even if you somehow managed to register and able to earn money yet at the end you can't able to get payments in your local bank of country as the country is not supported in first place in such scenario you have to use local ones to earn money online.

Anyhow, it is clear that you should see  online money earning websites and apps as way to earn some extra money and don't consider them as real job as they are not stable and reliable as well due to that totally relying on them to earn money for living can be quite problematic in future but If you're capable enough and already earn millions of cash from online money earning websites and apps then it's cool but make sure to always save money in your bank account to stay in safe zone.

Finally, this is why you shouldn't rely on online money earning websites and apps available on PCs or smartphones, are you an existing user of such platforms? If yes do say your experience and mention your opinion why people shouldn't rely on online money earning websites and apps in our comment section below, see ya :)