Offline games like cricket, soccer, rugby etc are widely played by majority of people around the world until digital games entered in this world which all started back in year 1962 when inventor Steve Russell developed and released the world first digital video game named SpaceWar basically moving graphics software made using number of programming languages for electronic computers after that many developers for personal or commercial purposes created and shared cool digital video games for people worldwide.

Fortunately, In just few years thanks to developers and companies the list of digital video games available for electronic computers increased very well but thing is back then like in year 1960s most people mainly in developing and undeveloped countries don't know about electronic computers even if they do at that time electronic computers are very expensive and big like in size of car due to that not everyone can afford and arrange space for them except some people and companies like IBM, isn't that bit dissapointing?

However, many people thought for whatever reasons can't buy or afford electronic computers still wish to play it's digital video games so to fullfill their wishes in year 1971 inventors Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney in partnership as Syzygy Engineering made and released world's first arcade machine named ComputerSpace with pay and use model  for offline stores to play electronic computer digital video games which is cool and many people begin using it but for some reasons it failed commercially.

Eventhough, ComputerSpace failed commercially but undoubtedly it's revolutionary product so many companies around the world for commerical reasons used the theme and technologies of ComputerSpace to create their own arcade digital video game by adapting to latest technologies in that process they made amazing arcade machines with better graphic video games so large of people whoever want to play digital video games without electronic computers begin to buy and use arcade machines globally.

But, the thing is arcade machines though comes with pay and use model where you have to just drop preset coins to play digital video games still at the end they are big and as whole they are expensive same as electronic computers including that whenever you want to use them you have go wherever it's available which is not always possible that's why some people don't like and prefer them instead wanted way better alternative at that time we got to see PCs aka personal computers.

PCs are basically evolution of electronic computers which are not only small size home compatible but also less expensive so people around the world started buying them to install and use not just softwares but also digital video games but thing is PCs are not gaming centric including that they are not handheld so you can't use them on move which is why some people who want to play only digital video games on the go wanted way better alternative to PC at that time we got home video game consoles which are pretty awesome.

The world's first home video game console is created and released by Magnovox named The Oddyseyy which you can connect with television and start playing pre-set digital video games using joystick at your comfortable zone quite conveniently after that many companies for personal or commercial reasons made their own home video games by adapting to latest technologies due to that now we have modern home video game consoles which are used by people around the world to play high end digital video games.

Home video game consoles are undoubtedly amazing as they are one time purchase unlike arcade machines where you have to drop coins everytime to play digital video games including that they usually comes with small compact design that's very easy to use on the go but thing is not everyone like to use home consoles to play digital video games instead prefer PCs for them many companies back then created gaming centric home computers which are basically custom PCs.

Now a days, majority of people mainly gamers using modern home video game consoles like Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox etc as they are Integrated with powerful and advanced hardware and software which are designed to handle and play heavy resources high definition and graphic intensive digital video games efficiently but thing is there are certain percentage of people who still want to play old PC digital video games mainly out of nostalgia or to satisfy curiosity.

If you are someone who want to play old PC old digital video games then right now most of them are not available in current market as companies stopped making and selling them long time ago but it is possible to get some used old home console video games from certain offline or online stores where availability is not guaranteed even if you get the one at the end as it's rare they very likely put expensive price which is not at all worthy unless you're collector trying to preserve old retro classic technologies for sure.

We have electronic devices like PCs and smartphones by using them you thought can't directly play old home console digital video games due to hardware and software differences and limitations but thing is many developers created and released various different emulator softwares using number of compatible programming softwares in supported format by using them you'll be able to play most old digital video games indirectly on PCs and smartphones effectively.

In general almost all emulator softwares are created by third party developers thus they are considered as unofficial who are very likely not connected with home video game console companies so in order to emulate hardware and software of old PCs digital videos into software they have to manually code and create each and everything then debug and find bugs themselves or as per reports of users while using software or playing video games which is not easy and takes time that's why most unofficial emulators for long time stay early access phase.

Un-official emulators as per written code of developers give an inside virtual hardware and software digitally on it's software basically like operating system or nutshell to be exact like virtual machine which is pretty interesting isn't it? but providing this is hard and challenging task so in order to fastrack it's development most developers over the years using many contributive development platforms like GitHub and GitHub etc on the go.

In sense, third party developers releasing their unofficial emulator code free and open source on public repositories projects on contributive development platforms where people around the world through world wide web of internet can contribute and commit their code to do required add additional options or features and fix required bugs to improve unofficial emulator due to that at present unofficial video game emulators becoming stable.

Usually, we have many advantages with free and open source unofficial emulator like for Instance as it's code is public you can go and check it to make if it's safe or not totally then proceed further to either use or not later on which you can't do on closed source unofficial emulators where code is encrypted so it's not easy to know if developer hidden data trackers or virus etc that's why if you want best privacy and security then it's always recommended to go for open source unofficial emulators.

The another important advanced of open source un-official emulators is as their code is in public repositories anyone around the world can use it to make their own custom version of unofficial emulators or even port PCs unofficial emulators softwares to smartphones and vice versa it other electronic devices like Smart TVs and smartwatches etc by adding their own additional optimizations and enhancements etc due to this process we got to see numerous unofficial video game emulators which support and work much better then the official ones.

Modern PCs are more compatible to run latest home consoles video games over smartphones as they are powerful and advanced enough to emulate them but from past decade smartphones which is evolution of mobile phones with operating system that can almost all tasks of PCs in it's own way electronically and digitally also getting numerous upgrades to increase it's power and capabilities due to that developers also focusing on making new or port existing unofficial emulators so for sure smartphones may support all PCs unofficial emulators in future.

Anyhow, In case of Commodore 64 it's quite popular popular old 16 bit.home digital video PC due to that third party developers already build number of stable unofficial emulators with many options and features for smartphones as it capable enough to play any old classic Commodore 64 home console video games without frame drops easily..

Recently, we found an free and open source unofficial emulator cross platform software without push ads and support for Android powered smartphones named RetroArch that has several Commodore 64 video games cores which you can simply download and load games to start playing them, so do you like it? are you interested in RetroArch? If yes let's explore more.

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• How to play Commodore 64 Games on Android using RetroArch with key features and UI / UX Overview •

- Go to your favourite website and download Commodore 64 video game roms then save them in your internal storage or SD card folder directories.

- Now, extract Commodore 64 video games in same folder.

- Here, I'm using Mixplorer.

- Now, open RetroArch then tap on OK.

- Tap on Load Core.

- Tap on Download a Core.

- Search and download Commodore 64 home video game console cores.

- Once done, go back then tap on Load Content.

- Go to folder directory where you saved Commodore 64 video games then tap on one you like.

- Now select your preferred Commodore 64 Core, I selected C64 Frodo.

Voila, now start playing Commodore 64 home console video games.

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of RetroArch there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway if you want one of the best unofficial emulator to play all old PC Commodore digital video games then RetroArch is on go choice for sure.

Overall, RetroArch comes with dark mode by default, it has clean and simple interface that ensures user friendly experience, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will RetroArch get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better as of now it's fantastic.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention RetroArch is one of the few unofficial emulators available out there on world wide web of internet that can play all old PC digital video games, yes indeed if you're searching for such unofficial emulator then RetroArch definitely has potential to become your new favourite.

Finally, this is how you can play Commodore 64 old PC digital video games on Android using RetroArch, are you an existing user of RetroArch? If yes do say your experience and mention why you like Commodore 64 digital video games in our comment section below, see ya :)