Michael Jackson, the legend once said thinking is the biggest mistake in dance you have to feel you become the face you become a fanfare you become the clarinet you become the flute the strings and the drowns basically absolutely become the physical embodiment of music and dance though since long time most people and dancers choreograph dance steps and do rehearsals several times before doing any public performance but if you're alone or with close ones in your home or personal space at that time to pump up your mood or crunch up bit time what more enjoyable then dancing however you feel according to beats of music without thinking about dance steps, it will be relaxing right?  

In sense, why you even need to think and create dance steps for music just move your body as you feel to rythm simply like kids most of them don't know professional dance steps they very much simply move head or shake body but the happiness they get is high then pro dance choreographers because kids don't think on about how to portray dance which usually makes music less enjoyable isn't it? instead they potray themselves which you consider as dance or not doesn't matter when they're happy don't you think? that's why be yourself.

I mean basically dance choreographers take hours or days even months or years to get right visually appealing dance steps for their own music or anyone else which is hard though commercially valuable and at first seems cool but thing is eventually many get bored and tired due to continous thinking while dancing with repeated steps and day by day those dance steps will be normal to them and less enjoyable even if it is a masterpiece to fellow viewers at the end likely as said for most people dancing without thinking is more enjoyable then in reverse atleast for me is it for you to?

If you're someone who loves to dance without thinking about it steps then a hifi for you at the same time there are alot of people who think and make dance steps everywhere that's fine to as each individual has personal interests and preferences etc any kind of person you're in order to dance you need music right? though people can do without it but with music it is better for sure which is why many people get a lot of music songs they love and then play them on whatever devices available like iPods, DVD players, PCs, smartphones etc.

Nowadays, smartphones are primarily used by large percentage of people to listen music songs where they will be in digital file formats like .MP3, .WAV, .OGG etc including that all those file details will be displayed on screen of smartphones so that you can check and keep track of them but thing is they pretty much look and feel quite simple with music song banner right below you'll find play and off button which is pretty normal isn't it? to make it exciting what if music dances itself automatically it will be something new and exciting.

Visual music have you ever heard about this one? In that certain design graphics randomly move from positions at pace of sound or beat and rythm of music songs visually they can be recorded and saved on device as digital video based on software though you have to manually select certain design but whatever things and particles available on them will all move on their own automatically without your manual control or preset movements which is like dancing without thinking about the finest steps it's similar the only difference is this thing is now done by digital software.

When you make or see visual music video you'll know why I linked with it but anyway if you're here then you may already know about them? and probably looking for right software to make them in such case as you may be aware that PCs have many amazing softwares to make visual music videos but not everyone uses PC as it's not an handheld device which is why people like and prefer to use smartphones that to powered by Android ones which currently only have few music visualizer softwares out of them most are not uptomark so you be not very sure what's the best one.

Recently, we got to know about an music / sound visualizer app named Vythm JR for Android powered smartphones which is bigger size than other apps to create visual music videos but Vythm JR is customizable feature rich one that you'll enjoy, so do you like it? are you interested in Vythm JR? If yes let's explore more.

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• How to download Vythm JR •

It is very easy to download that from these platforms for free.

• Vythm JR key features with UI / UX overview •

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of Vythm JR there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway if you want one of the best app to make visual music / sound videos then Vythm JR is on go choice.

Overall, Vythm JR comes with several modes by default, it has clean and simple  interface lacks potriat mode of it's available then it will way more user friendly, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will Vythm JR get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now of it's superb.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention Vythm JR is one of the very few music / sound visualizer apps available out there on world wide web of internet for Android powered smartphones, yes indeed if you're searching for such app then Vythm JR has potential to become your new favourite.

Finally, this is how you can make music / visual music video on Android using Vythm JR, are you an existing user of Vythm JR? If yes do say your experience and mention if you know any app that's way better then Vythm JR on Android in our comment section below, see ya :)