Dupes, have you ever heard of this name? which is short name of duplicates as you may know it basically mean copy of same thing for instance twins and products of same model they very much look and feel same in all corners atleast in terms of face when it comes to human twins right? but do you know there are many people in this world whose face look alike though they're not biological twins isn't that interesting?it's quite useful to as people who look alike capable of resembling another person due to that they are special and get number of job opportunities mainly in film industry to act as stuntman or duplicate in movies or tv shows etc in role of main characters or anyone else because of that directors are able to keep leads safe and complete the production with less problems on go.

There are many ways dupes can be used in this world out of them they are mainly used to unlock face recognition based security locks by high profile thieves and law enforcement agencies but thing is dupes are not easy to find as we're living in big world though we have numerous wireless digital technologies primarly  social networks by using them your chances of finding dupes will increase exponentially but for that you need 
atleast millions of followers on social networks with outreach around the world which is hard unless your'e an influencer or rich enough to invest and find dupes like you or anyone across the world.

In sense finding exact dupes of humans sometimes even with money and social reach is hard task unless you're super lucky which is why dupes have immense value mainly in film industry but thing is as you may know each person is different in terms of brain and skills so just because face look same that doesn't mean a dupe knows everything which is why dupes struggle in many areas and can't totally 
ressemble exact body language and voice of person unless they are well trained and proffesional artist that's why sometimes film makers use original persons even if it is risky to complete projects at best level as per vision accurately but sometimes dupes outrank originals in many segments who are way more special and saves time of film makers and teams immensely.

However, in certain scenarios using main leads of film can be very risky even with safety equipment as a small mistake or accident can cause physical or emotional damage to main leads that can stop whole production of film for sometime or totally which is loss for producer and everyone so in order to not let that happen when trained are unavailable makers use untrained dupes though knowing that it will reduce overall quality and accuracy of film but sometimes film makers won't even find any dupes so in such scenario most film makers with their expertise use gimmicks like only showing back of dupe and covering face with things like caps or only capturing them in dark areas so that people won't know performing candidate is dupe and give them feel that character is played by the main cast itself which will speed up progress of project but thing is majority of makers don't like to execute this way and it also won't show faces of main cast that can negetively effect film where face is main attraction for sure.

Especially not showing off face is not possible in all films mainly in twin based ones where character have to play double role according to story line though main lead can portray the same characters dual times which is followed by many artists around the world but it is not possible in many scenarios mainly when main lead have to do risky things which is why since long time most film makers reduce such risks to acceptable range or use dupes to do things but the problem here is when they are unavailable for whatever reasons back in olden days films used to delay or didn't go further but later on with entry of modern hardware and digital technologies many film makers begin using film editing softwares which eventually become quite advanced with ability to add faces on any film using cgi technology due to that film makers were able to make films without any physical dupes at ease efficiently.

But thing is making dupes of anyone with close to reality look and feel along with fluid graphic movements on film using cgi technology require alot of expertise skills and takes time based on total shots mainly it usually costs more than hiring a real dupe which is ok to most film makers when right dupe is unavailable for film but not every film maker can afford cgi technology due to budget limitations or anything else which is why they limit themselves to basic editing software technologies though by using them we can add face of someone on anyone but the problem here is they only work best in still frames where character don't move much not fluid movement intensive ones which is why at one point or another low budget film makers go with real dupes or add up some more money to hire cgi specialists and technicians to do job effectively.

In sense cgi specialists have to track movements of body and apply right reality like graphics manually due to that unless there is big team doing all this process take a lot of time in comparison to dupes which is one of the main reason why many film makers don't show interest to go with cgi technologies but thing is there are a lot of people who without physical and cgi based digital dupes want to add someone else face on someone in whatever images and videos accurately back in time like few years ago doing that thing is only possible with cgi technology but now with artificial intelligence inshort AI technology anyone with just by using smartphone can do all this automatically at very low price using cloud server technology even for free if you have powerful and advanced PC or smartphone on the go extensively.

Artificial intelligence inshort AI is futuristic technology existed since year 1950s but only become modern and popularized in early 21st century is basically digital brain build of algorithms and neural networks which can think and act on it's own just like humans based on existing data but by using machine learning technology which is sub section of AI by using that we can simplify almost all tasks and do them extensively due to such potential of AI by using that developers created a modern  AI powered technology well known as Deepfake with that you can automatically 
add faces of anyone on someone else faces on images and videos which also track exact movements of targets quite accurately but thing is if image or video size and length is high then for processing it require powerful and advanced hardware and software or else it takes a lot of time in order to do that as soon as possible large percentage of people use cloud servers like AWS, Google Cloud etc.

Deepfake is super useful technology utilizing it with cloud servers will make things quicker as on cloud server platforms you can simply configure high end powerful and advanced hardware and software through web which will work best for processing to complete tasks instantly but thing is Deepfake has equal amount of pros and cons when it comes to pros as Deepfake with AI can remove faces and add new ones digitally provided by you due to that you can use them for various cases like to test a face on different body shapes or to find one that suits best or use it on dupes to make them as main character mainly it's for entertainment like to add your favourite movie or tv series artists etc at that same time it has plenty of cons as it's an AI face morphing technology due to that it can used for illegal purposes like adding someone face without any illicit permission on adult or illegal scam videos etc which are prohibited and not safe.

However, in order to make Deepfake video realistic processing it well with a good frame rate is must else in first glimpse itself everyone knows it's fake but thing is in order to get realistic Deepfake video hardware and software of your cloud server or PC or smartphone should be powerful and advanced enough to process that level but thing is even if you make an realistic Deepfake video there are number of AI powered Deepfake images and video detectors which all can detect them well that's why deepfake is not totally reliable though developers eventually will make super realistic Deepfake videos yet still in order to detect them developers will work on constantly and release revolutionary 
technology because Deepfake is such thing that can cause billions of dollars loss to companies around the world.

In sense, many companies invest huge like millions or billions of money in developing anti deepfake softwares as it can negetively affect them in business operations like video editing, dupes, cgi graphic specialists and many more thought at the end for most people it doesn't matter which technology was used to create video if it's appealing and realistic but thing is ability to know difference itself is amazing as people whoever have curiosity and want to know the geniunity can simply use AI powered anti deepfake detector softwares on PCs and smartphones for Deepfake images and videos which are super useful for people primarily for detectives and law enforcement agencies as by using them we can automatically detect and reduce many types of illegal frauds and scams done using deepfake technology. 

Anyhow, now a days Deepfake technology is on rise thanks to many developers who created number of amazing modern softwares to make Deepfake videos in just few minutes which are widely used by large percentage of people though many of you already aware of them but if you don't and been searching then you're now at right place we are going to provide some hand picked online softwares to create and detect Deepfake images and videos for free out of them you can choose any you like and prefer based on requirements according to your budget based on project, so do you like it? are you interested? If yes then let's explore more.

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It is very easy to download that from these platforms for free.

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Atlast, this are just highlighted features of Deepware there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway if you want one of the best app to detect Deepfake links or images and videos then at present  Deepware is on go best choice.

Overall, Deepware comes with dark mode by default, it has clean and simple interface that ensures user friendly experience, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will Deepware get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now it's nice.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention Deepware is one of the very few platforms available out there on world wide web of internet that can detect not just images and videos but also links, yes indeed if you're searching for such app then Deepware has potential to become your new favourite for sure.

Finally, this is pros and cons of AI powered automatic face morph Deepfake technology for images and videos, are you an existing user of Deepfake? If yes do say your experience and mention if you know any better deepfake creator or detector softwares then kindly mention in our comment section below, see ya :)