Doing things at right time and at right place is what make your life organised right? Many people right from the day on  plan when and what things should be done next isn't it? so far we know thanks to a lot of scientific studies time is flexible and it moves slow and fast based on it's place, like for instance time travels slow in space and on some planets in comparison to the planet earth, including that time also travel slow when you move and go fast at super high speeds, if you've read Albert Einstein time dilation theory then you may probably know it's fascinating concept, isn't it? Like that there is another popular & interesting theory known as time travelling with time machine that basically state we can go to past or future in time, many people say it's baseless and not possible, but there are a lot of people who believe that it's possible as there is nothing impossible in this quite magical super natural universe, yet we are not sure but one thing is clear as per logic if we rely upon scientific research then it provides many theories which confirm that we may not be able to travel to past but we can definitely travel to future, for example : if we go for a space ride at light speed for like few years and return back to the earth then you may find you're younger than the other people at your age at the same time more than twice or thrice time already got passed on earth like shown in Interstellar movie, in sense we may likely can't travel to past and uncertain about future, so we can't change things happened in past and we can't control things which are going to happen in future, so why to worry about anything? At the end living in present time and scheduling plans for the future is what matters most isn't it? and that's why time is precious? so wise don't waste time.

If you waste your time or not? That's up to you, but in one way or another you'll be part of someone else time, as time is omni present and it's everywhere for everyone isn't it? for example: let's say you simply stay still like rock and doesn't do anything in the time but things around you may not do the same, and they may do whatever they want in time, including that you may somehow directly or indirectly get effected or impacted by it like for instance let's say you may want sunny day or you may want some fruit fall down from tree instantly, will it come or fall instantly or at exact time you want? Definitely not isn't? They will come or fall when time comes right?  So you can't do anything except accept the timings of them, basically things may not always go as you plan instead they may go by the things around you, for example to understand better let's say you planted a seed and want it to become tree or you call some bird out of nowhere and want it to come instantly, will it happen? Nope it will very likely not, as being a human being you lack the command to control the other beings actions and time, though you may with intervention somehow can make the things go as you plan upto certain extent but not entirely & not all the time, because things will only happen if they themselves want and at their own desired time, so due to that in one way or another you will be involved in someone else time and you have to go as per their time and scheduled plans thus they will do the same for you, in simple if you respect time then mutually it will do same to you, and acknowledge the fact change is part of time, for instance let's say air may be slow at certain time in someplace but the very next minute it may change, if you understand what's time and how it will work, then you'll able to better manage and adapt to time pretty well.

Time is eternal and ever lasting one, at present scientific studies didn't found a place where there is no time, basically if you feel something then there is time without that there will be nothing but will there be nothing? even if it is that nothing will be something, time is super natural which on it's own didn't provide any kind of formulas to calculate it except the fact you can feel it's presence, thanks to that over the years many smart human beings have  developed numerous formulas to calculate time, due to that eventually now as per our convenience we are able to calculate time in seconds, minutes, hours, days, years, decades, centuries, millennium and so on, including that they were further divided like 60 milliseconds = 1 second and 60 seconds = 1 minute, 60 minutes = 1 hour, 24 hours = 1 day, 7 days = week, 30 days = 1 month, 12 months / 365 days = 1 year, 10 years = 1 decade, 10 decades = 1 century, and 10 centuries = 1 millenium etc so that will be able to calculate and feel time better and accurately, majority of people around the world from past number of centuries calculating and feeling time as per them except animals and other beings, they have their own formulas and senses to calculate time, at the end when majority of people calculate and feel time that way then you being a individual who depended on others may have to go in that track as well, else you will be left behind which is not good if you want to adapt and live in harmony with them universally.

In sense, people basically designed their own mind framework and formulas to calculate time in order to check, arrange, understand, do whatever things they want and go on in time conveniently, back in ancient times people as per their own understanding and comfort created many different frameworks to calculate time including that though primitive they even  created numerous different types of clocks and calenders to understand and track past gone and upcoming time mostly calculated based on earth rotation around planet sun and moon, as it's more ideal than anything else because human beings relied on them for light / dark immensely, in detailed half rotation of earth which is in direction with the sun provide sunlight on earth and other half of earth which is in direction with the moon provide darkness on earth, while light and dark since ages are essential for survival and livelihood of human beings, eventually human beings named earth rotation phases timelines accordingly, however due to lack of proper knowledge back then calculation of time and earth rotation time phases used to be little inaccurate, but later on as time goes we got to see high tech tools, scientific studies, advanced mathematics and technologies due to that we are able to calculate time and earth rotation phase timelines accurately and efficiently.

There used to be number of calenders over the years created by ancients with their own different types of frameworks and formulas to calculate time, which are mostly based on earth rotation around sun or moon known as solar and lunar cycles, out of them most calenders were little bit in-accurate somewhere but as time goes many intellectuals developed and found many different better ways to calculate time thanks to them eventually we got to see way better and accurate calenders like Gregorian which in modern times we along with clocks utilising worldwide to track the past gone and upcoming timelines, in the solar cycle based Gregorian calendar we 
find naming for the earth rotation phases timelines categorized into days, months, years including that Gregorian calender also calculated to have 365 days per year which was widely accepted, confirmed and approved to be legit and accurate by the latest scientific research studies, which is why now a days we use it extensively isn't it? though Gregorian calendar can be used  globally but it's not everything because it only tracks the days, months and years not the actual live time, we use the Gregorian calendar in conjunction with 24 hours per day yet still it doesn't track the live time right? as said earlier time changes based on speed and place, so calender is not the right tool to calculate live time, instead we have to rely on different types of clocks.

On planet earth people reside in different parts around the world right? While earth rotates eastwards as it rotates different parts of earth are exposed to sun or moon at various intervals basically that's what we call earth rotation phases timelines, because of that earth and people get to experience many different light and dark conditions, people to use in daily life have named all earth rotation phases timelines like morning, afternoon, evening, night etc,  including that many intellectuals over the years created many timezones based on earth rotation to precise calculate time in certain part of earth including that based on the time zones we got clocks thanks to  them, now people around world were able to collaborate and function together very well, at first people used to rely on rock or sun and moon shadow clocks but as time goes eventually we got mechanical analog clocks and now in modern times we have digital clocks which are way advanced and better than existing ones, now a days most people using analog clocks in par with the digital clocks balancedly as analog clocks are still in wide usage and have potential to be continued in future as well, anyway in analog or digital clocks we commonly use 12 hour format ante meridiem and post meridiem for general purposes in home, office, private and public outlets etc including that we also use 24 hour format mostly in military, aviation, trains, science,  medicine, emergency services etc, which time format are you using right now?

You use any format time, but thing is very clear considering various factors in review, digital clocks are usually more flexible and feature packed than regular analog clocks thanks to embedded digital technologies, in the beginning stage digital clocks used to be basic but as time goes due to a lot of updates and upgrades they've became pro, in sense at present we have such digital clocks in them you will be able to calculate time extensively like ability to check all the timezones, stop watch, set timer, alarm etc including that as digital clocks are digital basically software they can be included in any digital electronic devices, though we have regular wall and wrist digital clocks and on many electronic devices will find digital clocks like on television, keypad  mobiles, refrigerators, radio etc yet thing is some of them are basic and mainly big in size and not quite portable as well, which is why majority of people around the world now instead utilize modern and portable smartphones and smartwatches in them,
people can not just check time but also do a lot of things on the go using apps, but the problem here is sometimes a lot of people due to whatever reasons lost track on how much time they've been spend on smartphones which is not good as unable to track and mis-managing the time spend on smartphones and smartwatches can cause trouble to you, even harmful and overtime it can be quite addictive that can lead to psychological or any other health issues, that's something you don't want to let happen right? If so then you may glad to know now a days most smartphones & smartwatches operating systems inbuild integrated with tools to track the time that you've spend on smartphones everyday.

Google Digital Wellbeing is one such top widely used tool, by using it you'll be able to better manage, focus and track the time that you've spend on smartphones and smartwatches created and integrated by search engine giant Google on their own Android powered smartphones and smartwatches though Google is well known conglomerate that created and launched many revolutionary and reliable products trusted by millions yet there are certain percentage of people who don't like to use Google Digital Wellbeing mainly because it's closed source software which can be concerning as the problem with closed source softwares is their code is usually encrypted and private due to that you won't know what's hidden in private encrypted code unless you can decode and decrypt it which is difficult and can be done only by skilled developer Including that some developers even encrypt code with virus, malware, malicious trackers, spywares, RAT aka remote adminstration tools etc and hide them well, which are sometimes not even detectable by some antivirus softwares or experts, using such closed source softwares can be risky as they can cause damage to your device  privacy and security, so to solve this big issue in recent years we got to see a lot of people and geeks stopped using closed source softwares instead craving for free and open source softwares aka FOSS.

Recently, we got to know about an feature rich FOSS alternative to Google digital Wellbeing named Neo Wellbeing, which is still in early access phase but what matters most is it's free and open source, the benefits of using FOSS is their code is usually made public available as repository project on contributive development platforms like GitHub or GitLab etc, as FOSS provide transparency of code due to that anyone online can check and review repository projects to find errors, faults, violations, security,  legitimacy, authencity of code thanks to that when using foss projects you'll get much better security and privacy thus you'll stay in safe zone at the same time foss projects usually also allow anyone to commit and contribute code to fastrack development of project so that you'll get  faster updates and upgrades including that foss projects also allow anyone to fork code so that people can develop their own custom version of them with their own removed or added external options, features, and optimizations etc, at the end foss projects are way flexible and provide much better experience than the closed source ones for sure, so do you like it? Are you interested in foss projects like Neo Wellbeing? If yes then let's explore more.

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Atlast, this are just highlighted features of Neo Wellbeing there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway if you want one of the best FOSS alternative to Google digital wellbeing then Neo Wellbeing at present is on go best choice for sure.

Overall, Neo Wellbeing comes with light and dark mode by default, it has clean and simple user interface that ensures user friendly experience, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will Neo Wellbeing get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now it's fine.

Moreover, it is very important to mention  Neo Wellbeing is still in early access phase which means development is in progress so you may find bugs or limited number of features but eventually Neo well being may fix all issues and release more interesting and exciting features in future, including that Neo Wellbeing is one of the very few foss alternatives to Google digital Wellbeing, yes indeed if you're searching for such foss app then Neo Wellbeing has  potential to become your new favourite.

Finally, this is Neo Wellbeing, a free and open source app alternative to Google Gigital Wellbeing,, are you an existing user of Neo Wellbeing? If yes do say your experience and mention why you like Neo Wellbeing and do you consider it has an alternative to Google Digital Wellbeing in our comment section below, see ya :)