Battery life is something that most people are concerned isn't it? the more battery life or you may say juice you can get the more you can use device as battery is the main and essential component of any devices that powerup all hardware and software units without that you can't utilize them which is why it's important to select right battery thought there are numerous types of batteries out of them silicon and lithium are popular ones but thing is silicon is old one so most people at present to powerup devices using lithium batteries thought it does have drawbacks like when you over charge or use a lot overtime it generates heat and lose it's current storage capacity yet still at the end lithium based batteries are modern and cheap to use on the go.

In sense, lithium batteries are way better then silicon batteries not just interms of technologies used but also overall price of produce in comparison to silicon batteries which is why most makers like and prefer to use lithium batteries on most electronic devices like to name few laptops, mobiles, powerbanks, smartphones etc what not on almost all electronic devices but in the end whatever battery you use on device it must have power else device won't work though there are several ways to powerup battery out of them electricity is most widely used one in homes and companies etc which is available in 2 forms direct aka DC and AC aka alternate current but modern devices usually don't support AC as it has current fluctuations so we convert AC current to DC using devices like smps aka switched mode power supply, interesting right?

There are numerous ways to generate electricity at the end in order to pass it on electronic devices most makers usually Integrate with smps or such technologies to convert electricity's AC to DC current so that there will no fluctuations and device can be powered up consistently but you can't simply pass AC or DC current on to electronic device wirelessly unless you're using Tesla coil made by great scientist Nikola Tesla which is unfinished so at present you may have to use cable as mediator to pass AC or DC current from electricty resource to your device as you may know another great businessman and scientist Thomas Edison commercialized electricity extensively thanks to him now most places are electrified so all you have to do is connect device to electric source it can power up battery quite instantly.

However, if you don't have electricity then try to make or find it carefully if you have it then as said earlier you must have to use cable with device like smps as mediator between electricity resource to pass AC or DC current to electronic device but you can't use whatever cable or smps device they have to support and handle current well and properly else it can put powering up battery and device into many troubles because when you connect device to an AC or DC current electric power source it has to get right amount of it if exceeded it has to be somehow controlled by device  using smps or any other technologies else it may damage device completely to not let it happen we got device charger which not only convert AC to DC current but also it comes with particular voltage capacity based on that it supplies power to devices at the same time it stop over power supply to keep connected devices in safe zone.

In simple, charger is basically essential electronic device without that you can't power up electronic devices easily as charger with it's hardware even software technologies work as mediator to recieve and control flow of electricity and convert AC to DC current then based on it's voltage capacity passes it on to electronic device that may seems simple but mechanisms of charger is quite fantastic at first in the beginning era chargers are less capable with low voltage capacity as at that time most batteries used to come with less mah aka milliampere capacity but as time goes we got big mah capacity batteries due to that a lot of people demanded for fast chargers and demand for them in market increased exponentially thanks to that most makers started integrating many technologies and increasing voltage capacity of chargers in that process we got the fast chargers.

Fast chargers are way better than regular chargers they over the years rapidly gone through continous developements from many makers worldwide in that process eventually now we got super powerful and advanced fast chargers with huge voltage capacity and amazing technologies they can charge big battery in just few minutes quickly but the drawback of fast chargers is you can only use them on such devices which also support them due to the fact many makers developing various different fast charging technologies and integrating them in hardware and software of devices since long time which are cool though fast charging is absolutely life saver and useful in most scenarios but fast charging on the lithium batteries is not good idea because it not only heat and damage but over time also reduces battery capacity which is why experts recommend to always slow charge for long time usage, safety and well-being of your lithium batteries, are you aware?

Eventhough, there are many electronic devices yet still out of them most people widely use are handheld smartphones powered by Google's Android operating system as it's foss aka free and open source operating system and flexible though most latest Android smartphones based mainly on device processor and other number of specifications usually comes with inbuild modern fast charging technologies like to name few Qualcomm's Quick, Mediatek's Pump Express and then comes device based ones like IC, flash and vooc etc they usually comes with protection and support for high voltage fast chargers but thing is experts still recommend not to charge devices with fast chargers instead use low voltage slow chargers at the end you use regular or fast chargers when you over charge battery like more then 80% or even drop it below 20% and charge overnight or long hours of time can negatively effect battery life for sure.

Usually, most users power up devices using fast chargers overnight or long time but as said earlier doing that even with slow low voltage chargers will gradually damage and reduce battery life so experts recommend not to do such acts but thing is due to whatever reasons for a lot of people it's not always possible to stay  attentive to charging percentage and not charge device battery overnight right? are you one of them like you may only get time to charge battery at night or you are such person who due to work or schedule won't be able to check device battery percentage timely etc so at the end you may thought when device reach certain battery level you want to stop charging automatically so that you don't have to worry about the overcharge of battery right? but problem here is not only Android many other os smartphones don't stop charging until you manually disconnect charger from your  smartphone, isn't that disappointing?

However, in order to stop charging device battery you not always have to manually disconnect charger all you have to do is make some tweaks in system software of smartphone it will automatically not only stop even control temperature and slow down device charging time extremely like 1% in 1 hour or days isn't that awesome? at present AndroidOS has more than 70% market share globally yet still even on the latest AndroidOS doesn't provide an option to stop or slowdown charging on devices but don't worry Android device users can unlock bootloader and install one rooting software like SuperSu which is old one or modern systemless Magisk to get access to system partition aka root access where you can change, replace, modify necessary files to stop or slowdown charging quite automatically but in order to do this things you must be skilled developer or geek who have understanding of Android structure or else you may hard or softbrick device which is sometimes totally irreparable.

Especially, rooting Android and modifying system partition on smartphones voids device warranty unless you live in EU aka European Union if you aware of that still want to or already rooted your Android device and now looking forward to control charging then you're at right place, usually
in order to control charging at software level of Android smartphones you need to be skilled developer but if you want to control charging at hardware level then you have to be skilled technician but don't worry even if you are neither of them still you can auto control charging on Android smartphones using certain rooted apps made by third party developers thought there are many of them to do this job out of them we recently got to know about an pretty good app named ACC aka advanced charging control by using that on Android you can control charging productively.

ACC aka advanced charging control is simple solution developed by VR-25 intended to control charging and extend battery life service on rooted Android devices effectively which manipulates Android low level kernel parameters to control charging circuitry thought in most cases you won't get problem but if you do neither we or ACC take responsibility so try at your own risk before you install ACC on your Android device make sure to read FAQ aka frequently asked questions and proceed further gotcha? currently ACC is available as command line interface and graphical user interface which is known as ACCA so use whichever is convenient and comfortable for you at the end there are many versions of ACC out of them latest ones may have bugs so we are going to view old and stable 6.13 version of ACC which seems better and provide everything in simple manner, so do you like it? are you interested? If yes let's explore more.

• ACC official support •


• How to download ACC • 

It is very easy to download that from these platforms for free.

- Telegram | Zip | App | 

• How to install and use ACC on Magisk rooted Android devices • 

- Open Magisk, tap on Modules.

- Tap on Install from storage.

- Select ACC zip.

- It will start installing ACC.

- Once done, tap on Reboot.

That's it, you successfully installed ACC, now simply open and use ACCA.

• ACC key features with UI/UX overview •

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of ACC there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway if you want one of the best solution to control charging on Android devices then ACC is on go worthy choice.

Overall, ACC comes with light and dark mode by default, it has clean and simple interface that ensures user friendly experience, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will ACC get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now it's pretty impressive.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention ACC is one of the very few solutions available out there on world wide web sof internet which provide magisk module with CLI and GUI interface to control charging on Android devices, yes indeed if you're searching for such thing then ACC has potential to become your new favorite.

Finally, this is how you can stop, control charging temperature, voltage and many more on rooted Android devices using ACC aka advanced charging control, are you an existing user of ACC? If yes do say your experience? and if you know any better solution then ACC kindly mention in our comment section below, see ya :)