10 Best Free PDF Reader Apps For Android

Tech Tracker | PDF Reader Is one of the important tool in today world, worlds most available knowledge available in PDF and that format can easily be viewed with reader so having such app in your android is useful. - PDF Reader Apps 1. Adobe Acrob…

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How To Convert .JPG To .PNG Format ?

Tech Tracker | The most popular and widely used image formats are .JPG and .PNG while JPG is most commonly used image format and it's less in size and .PNG provides more details and quality so it is mainly used for logo' s etc. So, if you …

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How to Cut Images In Android ?

Hi, it was really easy to perfectly cut a image with many available powerful.anf featured packed softwares in pc and it was just being limited to this and many photo editing features are just limited to pc for several years there are very less app t…

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