iPhone 12 series from apple with a14 chipset.

Apple  suprise every year with thier new series with new bionic chipset this time apple came with a14 chipset based on 5 nano meter which 50% increase battery and performance than any other smartphone out there. There are rumours apple n…

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Why Apple Struggling In India Market ?

Tech Tracker | Apple Inc, the glorious days of apple until the Steve jobs being CEO of the company with a lot of enthusiasm, innovation and trend setting accomplishments. Then the need of CEO required due to death of Steve jobs then Tim Cook Becam…

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The Truth Of Apple's Qwerty Keyboard

Apple's Qwerty Keyboard, Yes you heard it right. QwertyKeyboard that you in your devices either it's android and windows or another software that using that was patented by apple's. The story goes back in time when Steve jobs and apple e…

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