We are in a technology world, technology has becoming availability for everyone and growing at a rapid speed, the new inventions day by day the market for them is needed, wherever there is need of something people find the easy way, while public is price conscious and quality driven the retailers use different ways to sell thier products knowingly or unknowingly either for commission or money there are a lot of products that are available to the public and buying them and regret later, 

So here we will provide you 5 products that you should not buy and will state the reason, if TBD statement has logic then its up to you.

1. Laptop

Laptop was the new advancement of computer for go to use, day by day laptops become a new thing for techy's, public choosing laptops over computers for easyness and usability, being laptops coming with high specs day by day a new laptops showing up for companies, 

This things goes on then budget laptops appears, for students and budget oriented public however Intel budget friendly processor i3 being the only one for this laptops and i5 being slightly above budget, 

Dell, lenovo are the major laptop manufactures, then entry level laptops popup suddenly from well known companies, this thing not created much hype, but people have buyed this laptop and regret badly later the hype and pverhyped featurs like 10hour battery backup and touch screen with Intel atom processor - entry level processor etc, day to day usage was minimal and getting problems day by day faced by many purchasers, 

1. Micromax Laptab Series was one of them, either there is no quality nor availability of service center, software issues keep coming that there's only pre-build software has been installed, drivers are only available to service centers, this major problem has no solution yet, battery protection from voltage fluctuations has bill, Laptab got bluescreen death for this reason, either there is no software solution to this, only way to this is service centers which are time taking about minimum 10daya, no proper response from customer service, which is a bigsign of to keep away from this laptops, its better to buy a laptop from branded company like dell or lenove and upgrade features later rather then buying a Laptab like micromax which doesn't have upgrade option at the cost of 15k if you spend 10k more you'll get future proof laptop in this era.

2. Earphones from a non branded cheap manufactures that are available for 70rs to 100rs ( 1$ to 2$ ) this products however works fine in starting 1 to 2months if you use carefully and later stops working either its doesn't have warranty, its better to buy earphones from a quality brand after some good research and warranty from it is a good option over cheap availability.

3. Smartphones from local shops without knowing about features and blindly buying basing on seller words, Never do that do some research regrading the smartphone and some reviews most of the sellers in shops are work on commission basis, the more the commission sellers try to sell that product, you have many availabilities that are online only seller with lesser cost.

4. Buying Java or symbian feature phones in 2019 at the cost of above 3000, if you really feature phone users have less budget there are many options. In android the smartphone costs decreasing day by day. You can get many devices below 5000INR

5. Buying Android Over IPhone For Security, of you are planning to buy a smartphone, your major primary importance is security and privacy then iPhone have major update possibility you even get 5year old device got updated to new software versions, moreover iPhone software was closed source and available to less devices and completely only for iPhone lineup and you won't finding any other company get software to their thier devices, including that its very hard to implant anything in iphones hardware its well build and apps that are available in store are completely checked and released. 

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