Have you heard of  "Dolby 234" a audio recording app from audio process software from Sony.

Dolby started working in this secret app project in  January, until then there are some screenies seen in some websites.

Dolby have not done any official confirmation regarding this app availability 

However they released this Dolby 234 audio recording app only for iOS, they launched the app on September 5, 

However the release of android app is still unknown,


Features : 

• Its cancels out background noise,

• it does have some presets like amped
Thump and bright, 

• you can adjust bass, treble, loudness and you can even do trimming,

• app records at 256 kbps in aac format,

Dolby says its like having your own music producer in hand,

However it does even have amazing features other than this,

If you have a iOS device you can try out and check it can be useful

 > bit.ly/dlbturndolbyon 

Go through above link and install the iOS application,