Telegram Popularly Known For Privacy and Security and being blind eye on piracy and other security criticism regarding telegram own protocol.

However telegram does not only provide secure features and anonymity for the app users. 

It was considered as best alternative for whatsapp, app supports groups and channels with multiple features and up to 2,00000 members, this kind of features will definitely a great competitor for whatsapp.

However Telegram Lacks For Not Maintaning User Security , Piracy and Being not Providing Necessary Information To Governments at the right time for Legal Activities.

OK.... However telegram even have a lot of controversies it does have an advanced features like bots that has been integrated nicely to telegram ui design.

So today we are going to provide you some amazing bots that we gathered and used for long time that even apps can't match usability of features in easy way.

Let's get started ...,.

 A bot that can do a lot of things on PDF files

Convert PDF documents to Image files.🤷‍♂

Quick way to upload files to telegram by url.
Maximum file size allowed  500MB
Daily upload limit 1GB, /upgrade for more

This bot provides subtitles for almost every movie and TV shows in different subtitle formats in several languages in no time

Popular movie and TV shows information website, this bot can get movie details and stuff

Google Drive client inside Telegram. Supports file uploads , and file management.

Have you tired of using google translator and trying several translator apps, now this bot you'll love it, it was easy and hassle free that only required telegram app in your device,

Just Send Me any Document File of any SIZE i will Generate a External Link. Any Issues Read The FAQ in HELP

There are some alternatives to this bot but we will suggest you this bot, no downtime and supportive.

Most of the smartphones have calculator as system app or your device doesn't have it, or you uninstalled for some wierd reasons, this bot can be a backup, even taught it can't compete with apps but can be useful.

This bot can help you find and share YouTube videos.

I am the Best Video Downloader with MP3 Conversion support. 
To search videos use @utubebot inline mode. 🤠

Have you remembered old days where we have to download tubemate and search for online downloader, and getting many issues.
This bot can be a complete replacement for downloading every video and audio's have a try.

Are you having an issue with seeding torrent link or file, or just you are looking for something different, this bot can leech your torrent and provide you a download link not only that you can even upload the file to your gdrive, only bot that I found no alternatives as of now.

I can help you convert and upload ebooks to your kindle. well that enough description to try it 😎

Search and Download Music inside Telegram, as you may know that popular app saavn buyed by Indian telecom giant Jio and renamed to jiosaavn, these bot get every song that available in app, main thing is your music can be stored in music. 

No Play store, No Worries...

Now you can download every free app that was available in playstore either a direct link or file, 
An official bot from popular website.

FLAC from Spotify or Deezer, You may know or not that flac is better audio format with bigger size, this bot was working perfectly, will suggest you to try out for flac format audio files.

Fetches lyrics from various sources and also provides YouTube, SoundCloud & Spotify links. Scrobbler: |

 Must Try for Lyrics 😎

Ip information Lookup, DNS Lookup, Ping, Https Request , Host2Ip and Many Features.

Tiny Proxy Anonymizer

QR & Text recognition on images 🤖

Create Temporary Mail [ Fake Mail ] Ids,
it will forward all the emails to you as soon as it arrives you can also reply to any email you receive.

This are the amazing and useful bots and most of the bot sources available in github or gitlab.

Upload URL bot admins use servers to maintain bot, telegram only provides coud storage, the files requested are stored first at their servers and uploading to telegram, so they put limitation's you can try premium if you needed it cost money,

Some honourable mentions >

@mfbbot @multi_purposebot

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Hope you have an Amazing Day Today