How to download files faster in Android ?

Eithier it's torrent or normal files any size in high speed and reliable.

Android comes with default download manager and stores directly into
download folder in your smartphone and some don't have pause and on support and moreover you can download torrent and mainly there is no
feature to download files whenever you wanted.

there are multiple download manager app available for android that can easily fix all this issues and provide you amazing download speed.

most download managers divide your file in parts for increasing download speed.

let's see some apps that we liked and most popular with assurance of faster downloaded.

Advanced download manager is one of the amazing app eventhough it doesn't have support of downloading torrent files it provides plenty of features.

IDM Supports Torrents, and accelerates most files upto 5times including schedule option to download files later

description says it's the best in the market, do check them out.

Download manager with included support of video downloading to.

You may ask why browser comes into the list uc browser have one of the amazing inbuild download manager.

it's can download most files at amazing speed better than most other inbuild download managers of browsers.

with support of pause and start support and download to your favourite location.

Yes, Again if you don't want to download a bigger browser than UC mini comes up in below 2mb size and most amazing features do check it.

These are some of the fastest downloading methods to speed up or download files or torrents in android.

if you have any suggestions, you can comment as below, will add it to the list.

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