How To Convert Any Website To HTML To Use For Blogger ?

We gone through long way in web development from HTML to HTML 5 with CSS with multiple coding languages that support advanced web development after the boring HTML sites than the new content management's system got into the scenario that got popular in very less time in the cms two company's do become all time favorite for web devs and publishers almost everyone.

Even though the two portals are run on different languages both are from well known company's and one by google which we know its from tech giant and most popular search engine in the world and second : automatic which is specifically made for cms and its in rapid development since then the launch to now and there are really hard working and mainly I like to clarify that google cms known as blogger and automatic inc cms known as WordPress both run on different coding languages like blogger uses python and WordPress uses php and due to that it has thier own functionality and features.

Google blogger got out of development and recently google looked on it and added new mobile layout and widget layout but WordPress is in continous development as it specifically made for that so the theme format for blogger is .XML and WordPress is .Zip.

Google lack interms of themes as it has only few inbuild templates available By default most of them made decade ago but gives old classic look and feel but WordPress have 1000's of in build themes and lakhs of 3rd part themes available from developers blogger do have 1000s of third party templates available.

So the availability of themes and templates are limited in blogger so now you may like a WordPress theme or you have a custom WordPress themes that you are either switching to blogger or else you wanna convert the theme to make it compatible to WordPress.

We do found one way to copy or can be said convert any WordPress or any website into HTML file so you convert that to XML but the final result of working may vary from user to user and depend on theme.

In our try, we however got that to work but the HTML file got a lot of the errors that we checked in

If You are really serious about converting or copy wordpress theme then you need to fix errors its takes days but do worth if the WordPress theme is worth the time.

But we like to say we don't have guarantee as we do not got a working theme but you can get most the code that the website uses.

- In PC 

You can efficiently do this in PC You Can Search For HTTRack Software And Then Download - Setup - Add The Site - Load It - Once Completed You Get Valid HTML File.

- In Android

Yes, You can even do it in android we have checked and its working you can try to.

So why late, let's dive into the subject let us first go to PlayStore - then search for HTTRack Then Install And Open It.

Once You Get Into App Then Add The Site That You Want To Convert in HTML Format And Go To Settings And Enable Just HTML Files.

- Hit Run

Once it starts loading every HTML file on the site starts downloading in your system and don't close it and make sure you have sufficient space in your system or else the process will be interuppted.

Once the process completely done then you get one HTML file with some other stuff that need to be downloaded to let the HTTRack Work As In our case it does taken about 600mb to get one website html.

Once you got the HTML file now you can work on several purposes.

If you have Pc we suggest you to try on PC for better load and functionality as Android is take more time due to limitations.

if you got any issues regarding HTTrack then comment down your queries or doubts below.

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