How To Clone Apps In Android ?

The time of cloning apps is in rise as more and more comes in play cloning apps become necessity for both individuals and company's.

Cloning apps have many useful benefits and mainly you can clone you favorite games and app in seconds and don't you wanna create two what's app accounts that can be essential.

So if you wanted then let's go ahead.
You can clone apps in android easily with the steps that we mention below and you can do unlimited things without any issues.

1. Apk Editor

App is not available in playstore but you can download it from apkmirror or upto down and not only being having cloning 
it has many other features for apps 

- Go to the website or and download the apk editor app

You must have to enable unknown resources option to install third party apps 

- Go To Settings - Apps - Unknown Resources 

Tick the option to install apps from third party sites and don't worry as apkmirror
and upto down are secured.

- Now Open App - Select App From Installed List Or From File Manager.

- Once Selected Then Click On Common Edit And You Have Options Like Below.

- Click on Edit Package Name.

- Change Package Name Or Add A Different Letter At The End.

Note : This Trick Work's For Most Apps Unless The App Is Banking Or Payement Or Even Government Apps Won't Work.

Now You Can Create Apps And Use The Features Easily With Apk Editor.

2. Parrallel Space

This is one of the popular method to clone apps in android and with the clone support of google play services to with numerous features and it's easy and simple.

- Go To PlayStore

- Search For Parrallel Space 

- You Get Two Parrallel Space Apps - Lite And Normal

- Now Select App That You Wanna Clone And Clone It Easily With Few Taps.

Note : Unlike Apk Editor, Parrallel Space Is Specifically Made To Clone Apps So You won't Be Facing Any Issues.

3. Apk Cloner

A Good Alternative To Parrallel Space With Different Look And Options As You Can Clone Unlimted Apps 

- Go To PlayStore

- Search Apk Cloner

- Install And Open The App

- Select App You Want To Clone And Let It Get Cloned.

- Once Cloned You Can Use Them.

Note : This Apps Works Like Parrallel Space And If You Like This App You Can Use It.

Extra :-

You don't wanna to clone app in your androd but on a emulator or online

ApkOnline.Net Is an Android Emulator That Runs On Browser You Get Android In Your Hands And You Can Experience All Android Feature With Emulator Add - Ons Inbuild.

- Go To ApkOnline.Net

- Run ApkOnline.Net

- It's Done You Get Your Own Android Device And You Do Almost All Things In Your Browser.

Note : In Cloning Apps Some Apps Have Addons Like 64 Bit You Have To Install Them Separately To App Work Fine.

Some Mentions -

2 Accounts - Dual Space

Parallel U - Parallel - Multiple Lab

Do Multiple Accounts - River Stone Tech

Multi Parallel - Winter fell AppLab

These are some mentions there are many apps in PlayStore that you can try as per your choice.

Now You Can Easily Clone Apps, Enjoy

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