MX Player Vs VLC Player ?

If you are watching videos or movies that you spend more on viewing content you may encountered with these two apps popularly preffered by most users and millions of downloads, MX Player or VLC Player are the first choices as it tops the list.

- MX Player 

If you are probably installed or not MX player is from different company before than it got purchased by times india now there is alot of changes they made that made MX player originality got really disturbed and the features made some player feel and look changed however UI of MX player not got any changes but list and trackers that causing mx player lost its glory.

- MX player changed hands now it's part of times india.

- MX player got added times series and shows 

- MX player uneccessary features made lost its glory and originality.

- However, MX player Video Player not got any bigger changes, minimal or no changes is a good thing that can be considered as a good sign.

- MX Player added uneccessary ads, trackers which making a alternative option.

- Whatsapp Save Status Feature Which Automatically Saves and Show Folder Is good for whatsapp status likers.

- Sending uncessary notification from Bollywood songs or videos.

- Give Permission's Carefully.

- Finally, MX Player is not the same MX player that we seen years before it really got disturbed orginality.

- VLC Player

- VLC Player is one of the oldest android video player from pc to android VLC have good popularity and fanbase for thier quality encoding and support for huge audio and video formats giving simple UI but UX lacks a little here,

- UI is good but UX Lacks adding some UI changes like MX player getting UX get more usuability.

- VLC Player support quality encoding and faster streaming a big + point here.

- VLC didn't made big changes like MX player it is completely clean and can be said a pure video player for streamers and watchers.

- less Size, No Trackers, No ads

- A feature packed software from well known provider.

Now, choose the player according to yours our prefference will be VLC Player but they have to do more clean look on folders and usuability.