Tech Tracker | Today the days that most rooting and installing custom roms got easy instructions and everything became simple and normal there are billions of smartphone's around the globe every smartphone model have its own features and company the most companies that use is android - os that being the top 1 open source os available today. 

The main question that most technology enthusiasm people get a question once they encountered with custom os roms in portals like XDA or internet.

The question is should I need to have stock os or custom os, well which is better ?

- Stock Rom Or Custom Rom

• Stock Rom

Stock Rom probably gives a clean user experience once you get used to stock rom and switched to custom rom and getting back to stock rom gives what actually stock rom experience.

- Less Customization

- Less Features

- Based On AOSP 

- No Third Party Apps

- No root

- No Major Bugs

- Getting Upgraded Or Updated Without Root or Team Win Recovery Project - Twrp or any other recovery's.

- Getting Long Battery Life.

- Stable Performance

- Some Tweaked Aosp - Stock Roms Getting Company Sided Features.

- Support Warranty

- Risk Free

Custom Rom

- More Customization

- More Features

- Based On AOSP, Lineage, Aosp - CAF with little and heavy skinned version.

- Lacking Good Optimization causing the heavy skinned rom working more better
than stock rom with have less features.

- Not only to upgrade without recoveries and root.

- Third Party Apps

- Less Battery Life and More Batter Life in well optimized roms

- Dark Mode Being Available

- Latest Features That Not Available Easily To Stock Roms.

- Ported Features.

- Vendor Apps From Other Company Can Be Used With Some Tweaks.

- Ability To Control More of Your Device.

- No Warranty

- Risky 

Now, You can decide yourself which one apt for your requirement if you want less features with stable performance or more features with little compromise on performance sometimes in some roms due to various reasons.

If you have any suggestions or queries you can comment down below.