A long time back, we used to play alot of java games with keypad phones that we enjoyed thoroughly completing missions and levels. but later google conquered all the mobile market with their open source software called android which company's utilised and released smartphones. 

Due to advanced technologies used in smartphones like multi-touch or better rom and ram and even big processor in smartphones which improves gaming & multi-tasking experience with inclusion of good quality bigger display that made to give you marvellous experience. 

Especially, the less price of smartphones which made android based smartphones to sell like hotcakes, the price of Android smartphones cheaper because android is open source any company can use it and it's completely free due to that company,s able to provide at lesser price. 

Eventhough, google's android conquered most mobile market still there is always market for keypad phones either it is java, symbian or normal one's just because not everyone able to use android due to many reasons like not everyone able to use it's multi-touch technology and some want rough usage with simple experience which is not possible in latest smartphones but things are changing now everyone trying change from keypad phones to android or iOS smartphones which is good fortune considering rising modern era! 

But, In android you can't directly play java games even you download java softwares or games with .jar extension in android & you try to install the software it won't work as java is different OS and android is most advanced OS which developed infocus of latest smartphones

However, there are many people who still like to play java games which they used to play in thier childhood in video games and mobile keypad phones while some like to try for enthusiastic or nostalgic reasons. 

In this scenario, we have a workaround like in PC we have a android emulator that can do anything that we do on android likewise there is an java emulator available on your android device which can do anything that you can do on java device on android. 

Yes, java emulator on android was able to install java ( .jar  ) apps or games which is amazing so that you can enjoy java games on android based smartphone. 

Eventhough, you can now play java games or apps with java emulator on android still it is required to pick the best java emulator app so that you are able to play most java games without any problems.

We have huge list of java emulators apps in playstore and world wide web so it is important to pick the right one else there is chance that may raise issues later. 

We do like to play java games so we find two emulators to emulate java games or apps but the emulator that we presenting you now can't run java apps yet it Is able to play java games while ppsskvp emulator was able to install and run both apps and games but java apps can't be connected to Internet which requires an configuration which is not well known. 

Now, in search of best java emulator which can play most available java games in any size from any phone games like nokia, lava or samsung etc, we found J2ME emulator that gives you all the features with simple user interface for perfect gameplay of java games on Android phones. 

J2ME emulator is well optimized to play all the java ( .jar ) games, are you excited ? to install and load your favorite java game in J2ME emulator like Nokia's bounce tales & Gameloft prince of persia etc. 

Let's get started, Inshort J2ME loader is a J2ME ( java 2 micro editon ) which is a fork of J2me loader Its support 2D and 3D games with some limitations and it has a virtual keyboard,  individual settings and scaling support. 

Interesting, J2ME loader is a open source project which means it is more safter than other java emulators available out there on playstore, you can view J2ME loader code on GitHub

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How to download J2ME loader • 

It is very easy to download J2ME loader on these platforms for free! 

J2ME loader official support •

J2ME loader UI & UX Overview •
 - We installed 5 nostalgic games on J2ME to check user experience ! 

- In hamburger menu we have 7 options. 
- In settings, we have some important and most useful features that are required for flawless hassle free experience. 

- In theme, we have dark theme that gives good feel to users who like dark themes. 

- Enable status bar for full screen apps! 

- You can keep screen with this feature you can play games without interupption. 

- Enable Vibration for more attention feel. 

- You can sort order of apps by name and date which requires restart of app. 

- In default settings, you can create own profiles. 

- In working directory, you can set your favorite location in your storage to save your game data files. 

- In game settings, we have a lot of options to customize for splendid 

- All these game settings are useful but in 
system properties it will change based on the game, it's size and phone. 

- Bounce tales, I believe one of the Nokia's most popular keypad game got huge craze due to its simple and adventurous game - play in sense do you know? people used to buy nokia keypad phones for this game at the time but later when nokia stepped into nokia lumia windows series smartphones everything gone sluggish but nokia is king in keypad phones bussiness so somehow managed to take bussiness under control due to trust from people. 

Particularly, this game was limited to only certain popular models but this comes in #1 game that connected people to nokia including me! 

Now, the gameplay is nice, eventhough it doesn't give you feel of real keypad yet the gameplay is smooth and you even have an option to hide buttons which is another tool for convenient gameplay! 

- Contra, who doesn't love contra ❤😘 the first action powered game that most of us played in our childhood this game is one of the most special game. 

Yes, this game can be played using J2ME loader by just loading .jar file then you are good to go to bring pleasant moments. 

- Yey, graphics are low don't mind them but play the game for a true nostalgic interest then you will be satisfied! 

- 1, 2, 3 __ start__ go = super Mario °°, haha the fantastic game is back who can forget this game it has to be the first choice isn't so let's get back to track and play Mario. 

We have three super mario games 1, 2, 3 all the versions are mostly same but with little differences that you won't notice. 

So why late, let's play " super mario ⚡ "

- one of the worst java game played in my life.. LOL but it does have subway surfers characters which felt ok but we suggest you to not download this game. 

- You can even take in gameplay screen - shots by tapping on camera 📷 icon. 

- In common settings, we have exit, save log, key layout edit, key layout resize mode, and finish edit mode, switch key layout & hide buttons option which can be useful to play games more efficiently. 

Overall, the UI & UX felt good considering all the factors the gameplay is fabulous yet it has to improve overtime. 

Note : The review of game experience is personal do check out yourself for your own experience. 

How to download Java ( .jar ) games ! 

If you are really interested to download the games that we reviewed above then check the download links below. 

For more Java games - phoneky.com

Moreover, You may can't play all the Java games available in phoneky some may get you error if you got error try another ver. of same game will fix the issue. 

Finally, J2ME emulators made Java games possible to play on Android, it is really nice to see this, do you have keen interest on Java games have you tried the emulator that we said above, if so convey your user experience of the app in our comment section below, see ya :-)