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Nicegram - a well known telegram client developed by Sergey Akentev for iOS this client provide extra features that don't exist in official telegram. 

Nicegram have amazing features that are not available in official telegram app and it is currently only available for iOS platfrom.

This telegram client made using official telegram API complying TOS so you will get perfect app for telegram usage who follow all ethical measures. 

Eventhough, the first version of nicegram was 5.4.1 yet 5.7 version released in app store infact nicegram is new it is just a year but got huge popularity in app store with 4.1 rating which is impressive. 

It has to be mentioned nicegram is open source you can see the code in Github it does mean nicegram is safe and secure you can rely on the app as you can check the code anytime to check issues. 

If you have any doubt regarding privacy of this app as per app store it doesn't collect any kind of information still if you want to know detailed info check privacy policy of nicegram. 

It is interesting to see nicegram even have a in app purchase premium version while the official app itself doesn't have and they struggling to monetize telegram, telegram should take nicegram as an inspiration :) 

° The story behind nicegram °

The founder and developer shared us story behind Nicegram for iOS.

Tech Tracker : Sergey, can you share us your story behind Nicegram ! 

Sergey Akentev : so, I'm a backend engineer with more than 5 years of experience, I'm a telegram enthusiast who fond of creating bots and related software. 

Switching from android to iOS, I realized that telegram app for iOS is not very comfortable for me. I've been looking for chat folders, filters, unblocked content  and improved translator. 

I've been searching for customization client with same features for a long time, but there were only old unsupported versions. 

I was not familiar with mobile coding but with all the knowledge and Google I've successfully build the swift app using github sources and pushed first beta version to the testFight. 

App was named "Nicegram" because it's a " Nice Telegram". I want to show everyone that's how nice the telegram app can be. 

Nicegram got a lot of positive feedback from my first testers. the day I realized who if not me will create best iOS alter- native telegram client? there the long & cool story of nicegram begins! 

Tech Tracker - Thank you ✌

° App Info ✨

° What's new ✨
  • UpdatedChats & Messages unblock method
  • Forward As Copy (without Author)
  • Save to Cloud button for fast forwarding to your saved messages.
  • Fast user restrict from context menu
  • Support up to 10 accounts
  • Messages translator via GTranslate
  • [Premium] Quick Translate button
  • Ability to hide contacts tab & tab names
  • Themed bottom folder list

Other Features are not re-implemented yet ðŸ˜©

Nicegram now supports 7.3 sources with Voice Chats in Groups, Announce Messages with Siri and more!
This also includes some fixes for Premium on non-latest devices and improvements for translator. 

For more details - here 

Check version history - here

Translate - here

° Nicegram UI overview ° 

Nicegram screenshot 1Nicegram screenshot 2Nicegram screenshot 3Nicegram screenshot 4

° Nicegram key features °

Nicegram returns you the joy of pure communication:

- Get more focus with Folders & Tabs. Group chats by topic you want, or split them by type - channels, bots, private and more. Be productive on the messaging fields!

- Hide unused Tabs. Decide whether you need to hide or show Contacts and Calls tabs at the bottom of your app.

- Forward messages without author tag.

- Translate incoming messages or activate Premium to get quick translate shortcut button.

- Switch between ten accounts. Multiple accounts now mean more than three, that’s limited in a standard Telegram Messenger app.

- Instantly Save Messages to your Cloud with a single tap.

- Admin like a boss. Restrict users faster than a bullet. Long tap a message and proceed to an exception menu.

- Nicegram is not only NICE. It is SAFE to use. Don’t just take my word for it. Go and check yourself the source code at Github

- Unblock chats

- Ghost mode

- Premium Beta 

• FAQ - here

This are just some of the key features of nicegram for more detailed brief features explanation go to website - here 

Donate - here

° Nicegram Official Support °

•  Official Channel: @nicegramapp

• 🇬🇧 English chat: @nicegramchat

• 🇬🇧 Developer Blog (insides & beta): @nicegramdev 

• 🇷🇺 Русскоязычный чат: @nicegram_ru

• 🇨🇳 Nicegram 中文讨论组: @nicegram_cn

• 🇹🇼 Nicegram 臺灣討論群: @nicegram_tw

• 🇮🇹 Nicegram Italia: @nicegram_it

• 🇹🇷 Nicegram Türkçe: @nicegram_tr

• 🇪🇸 Nicegram Español: @nicegram_es

• 🇩🇪 Nicegram Deutsch: @nicegram_de

• 🇮🇷 Nicegram Persian Channel: here

• 🇮🇷 Nicegram Persian Chat: here

Moreover, nicegram provies amazing customer support for people around the world with many languages.

Contact @Kylmakalle if you want to be part of a tiny team (which includes only me 😁)

Finally, The dedication that Sergey Akentev puts in this app just amazes me, this app definitely need to be praised for being up to date facing challenges and struggles to give android telegram user experience in iOS, are you a user of nicegram do convey your user experience in our comment section  below, see ya :-)