If you are looking for budget smartphones that are exclusively made for your gaming and multitasking requirements then you have only few gaming smartphones out there in budget segment while there are numerous budget smartphones from well known smartphone brands like Xiaomi, Redmi, micromax and Infinix but none of these companies branded thier budget smartphones as gaming smartphones under 150$! 

But, Tecno Pova exclusively launched as gaming smartphone by Chinese company transsion which currently giving flagship phone features in budget smartphones to  revolutionize budget smartphones market by creating tough competition to company's like xiaomi, redmi and infinix and they also played major role digitilising countries like Africa with thier affordable budget smartphones! 

Yes, this powerful and marvellous Tecno Pova have flagship features in lower price it is undoubtedly best for gaming and multi-tasking but also fabulous in every corner insense it is the best budget phone competing other budget smartphones producing companies like xiaomi, redmi, infinix or micromax as per our view! 

Tecno Pova have two variants 4gb - 64gb variant and 6gb -128b, we recommend you 6gb - 128b as we believe 6gb - 128gb only the best budget smartphone as 4gb - 64gb model comes under general category! So, usually when choosing smartphone for gaming you need to opt for bigger ram and storage smartphone, if you choose Tecno Pova 6gb - 128gb variant then you can get best out of smartphone! 

Eventhough, Tecno Pova 4gb model still considered as gaming smartphone due to gaming oriented features and functionality but considering RAM the 6gb variant of Tecno Pova is best mobile it is better to spend few more bucks to get 6gb variant of Tecno Pova instead of 4gb variant! 

Now let's know, why tecno pova 6g - 128gb variant is best budget smartphone. 

• Why Tecno Pova is best budget phone •

- Design

- Storage : 128GB

- Foremost, storage of smartphone is very important the higher storage you get on the device the more files, data and games you can store in it, tecno Pova comes with whooping 128gb storage which means you don't need sd card! When compared Tecno Pova with other budget smartphones in this price range most budget smartphones have 64GB of internal storage only, so Tecno Povo wins ultimately in storage section. 

- RAM : 6GB

- if you want to buy smartphone then RAM of smartphone is crucial it is must for every process on your device mainly to play or run games and apps smoothly on device you device so the higher RAM you have on device the more better your device will give performance, so when selecting a smartphone for gaming and multitasking you need to select a smartphone with higher RAM so you won't face lags or frame drops etc, Tecno pova comes with powerful 6GB RAM so you won't face any issue for gaming and multi-tasking it will work combinely with other features and software to give best out of device.

- Display : 6.8inch

You won't get AMOLED or super AMOLED display in 200$ below budget smartphone but you get full hd display with huge 6.8 inch display that gives nice experience to play games and media in tecno povo no other device in this price range give 6.8 huge display! 

- Battery : 6000Mah

Tecno pova have humoungus battery it has 6000 mah that can give you more than one day battery life with moderate usage if you want to play pubg then you can get up to 6hrs of gameplay for sure and again no other device give 6000mah of battery in this price range. 

- Software : HiOS

You may seen many custom softwares like MiUI, One UI, Sailfish Os etc there are very popular softwares eventhough HiOS was not popular like this softwares but it has ultimate features and functionality that is perfect for sure and it can give edge to edge competition to these popular softwares! 

• Game mode
• Bike Mode
• WhatsApp mode
• Power Boost
• Ultra Power
• Social Turbo
• 360° flash light

• Einstein Game Engine

Tecno pova have thier own game engine named Einstein game engine which made to improve gaming on your phone! 

- Camera : Quad core

Tecno pova comes with 16mp primary and 8 mp back camera Dual-LED flash! 

- Proccesor : Mediatek G80

These days mediatek processors are in heavy use on budget smartphones and meditek is performance based chipset so definitely you will get best gaming and multi-tasking experience! 

- Charger : Fast charging Support

In this price range many budget phones won't give fast charging but tecno pova provides 18 watt fast charging and fast charger included in box! 

Overall, tecno pova gives you amazing experience with all features stated above you have many high end flagship features in this budget device. 

Moreover, poco m3 is the only device which comes with 6gb variant in this budget price range but they not poco m3 is not a gaming smartphone and in many features tecno pova wins like gaming engine, battery and fast charging etc. 

Finally, this is tecno pova, do you already own tecno pova if so say your favorite feature in the comment section below, see ya :)