We know the fact to stream live to youtube people like to use OBS software in PC but OBS not available in Android due to that people who doesn't have PC searching for perfect live streaming app for YouTube in Android then streamlabs app comes into the scenario which have most advanced features that we only seen in OBS which is the major prospect of streamlabs yet there is some features not available in stream- labs which made users to find some other alternative to stream live to YouTube. 

In this scenario, we found an youtube live streaming app which have many advanced features that will let you not only stream to YouTube but you able to multi-stream upto 6 other platforms like Facebook, Twitter's periscope, twitch and more popular social media platforms at same time for free in 1080p quality which is amazing.

Prism Live Studio Official Support •

Website : 

- App Info - Google Play

How to download Prism Live Studio

It is very easy to download Prism Live Studio on these platforms for free! 

Prism Live Studio Key features with UI & UX Overview •

- Prism Live Studio

- Allow Camera, Microphone, Media important permissions to use the app. 

- Try using the PRISM chat widget. 

- Easily share your own photos, videos and music by adding them to your screen.

- Add some background music by selecting a track from the 5 different themes (Playful, Sentimental, Action, Beatdrop, Retro) included in our app.

- Add more fun to your broadcast with stylish masks, interactive effects, emotion stickers, and background filters.

- Create special videos easily by applying speed adjustments, background music and a variety of effects and filters.
- Choose between the LIVE, VIDEO, and PHOTO modes to either create an interactive live stream or pre-recorded session.

- You have necessary camera control features to get better photo and video quality. 

- Scan the QR code via PRISM PC to connect your mobile camera. 
- Stream to multiple social networks at the same time for free.

Overall, prism live studio app is fabulous with its potential features, all the features perfectly fitted into clean user interface which enables awesome user experience. 

Moreover, prism live studio by Naver corp. is only app that gives you all the features that are required to stream live to youtube including that prism live studio is the only app that have feature to live stream to different social media platforms at the same which is unique. 

Finally, prism live studio is awesome, now you can live stream with awesome effects including that prism live studio features will make you enjoy your live stream, do you installed prism and started using prism which feature you like the most say us in our comment section below, see ya :)