Do you use twitter alot? If yes may you likely tweeted alot of twitter tweets on profile but later on you may want to delete your old twitter tweets and make your twitter account clean for any reason but deleting twitter tweets are not easy because twitter officially not have any option or feature to delete all the tweets in one go so, you have to depend on third party service which automatically delete all your twitter tweets at once. 

In this scenario, we have found an #1 rated third party service app named Tweet Deleter that can delete all your old tweets at once, Tweet Deleter was available as website and app which you can utilise to delete all your old tweets of any account but do remember once the tweets deleted by Tweet deleter cannot be reversed it has no facility to put them in trash bin or backup so you have think twice before deleting your old tweets so you won't get issues later.

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• How to download Tweet deleter • 

It is very easy to download Tweet deleter on these platforms for free!

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Tweet deleter key features

- Delete your tweets from twitter
- Delete your replies from twitter 
- Delete your retweets easily
- Unlike your likes from twitter
- Unmute muted users
- Unblock blocked users
- Filter to clear
- Multi Account

How to delete your old Twitter Tweets using Tweet Deleter app with UI & UX Overview •

- Open Tweet Deleter app and login into your Twitter account.

- Tap on delete icon ( Trash bin

- Tap on DELETE to delete a your tweets, additionally you can use filter but it was only available for pro users. 

- Tap on here you can access re-tweets, replies, likes etc and delete them as well. 

- If you upgrade to premium, you can access to multi-account, remove all ads, access to remove likes section, time or monthly for 4 weeks at price of 3.49$.

Overall, Tweet deleter app is simply cool it will make hard task ease, now you delete all your Twitter tweets automatically once instead deleting them one by one, when it comes to user interface of tweet Deleter app it can be better but it is fine as of now and it is easy to use which matter so it can give a good user experience but we have to wait to see tweet deleter may get better user interface in future. 

Finally, this is how you can delete your old tweets, re-tweets, likes etc using tweet deleter app with ease, we liked the app alot we even used before tweet Deleter app works like charm do you installed tweet deleter app? If yes do you liked it? Do mention your experience with tweet deleter in our comment section below, see ya :)