Do you want to send your latest articles or updates notifications to your website or blog visitors automatically? It will help you increase daily engagement rate with your blog or website audience, previously blogger have feedburner email subscription service to send latest articles or update notifications to the blog or website audience but blogger recently notified regarding discontinuance of this service as feedburner going to stop this email subscription service soon. 

Yes, feedburner email subscription service going to stop at the end of may 2021 but if you are already using feedburner email subscription service then you can backup your emails from blogger before the end of may 2021, do check your blogger console for more Information regarding this matter. 

However, Email subscription have many negative effects on your website or blog due to that most popular websites and blogs already switched to bell push notifications which will send your latest articles or updates notifications to visitors if they subscribe to your bell push notifications service.

Feedburner or any Email subscription service have some drawbacks like it will spam the subscriber email inbox if the website or blog have large amount of articles or updates published in day which will cause concern among subscriber and they will have trouble deleting the emails and the subscriber eventually put them in spam or block or unsubscribe from email subscription service. 

So, Bell Push notifications are better and on go choice for any blog or website currently, it will directly send the latest articles or updates push up notifications to the subscriber browser as a notification which is better then email subscription service as said earlier, bell push notifications are simple and clean so subscriber click through rate is high compared to email subscription service.

In Push notifications, there are few types of push notifications but Bell push notification method is popular and recommended one because bell push notification won't ask the vistor to subscribe or give popup on screen instead give the vistor choice either to become subscriber or not in the home page with a small bell icon 🔔 due to this reason bell push notifications were liked by audience because it will not disturb or interrupt vistor exploration of blog or website. 

Bell notifications are safe unlike emails which may contain phishing links etc or virus push notification doesn't contain links until you open the blog or website so bell push notifications provide more safety and security to the subscriber including that bell push notifications won't be stored in your device they will just give direct notification to your browser which will be notified to subscriber phone notification bar containing little information of article or update which you can slide left or right to remove from Notification bar itself or click on the push notification to visit the blog or website. Simple right? 

But, there are numerous push Notification service websites out there available in internet so you have to choose the right one wisely so that you won't get issues later in future because if you don't choose good and reputed push notification service that was not verified or not even known either it will work or not Is doubtful so the Blog Or website audience may not receive articles or updates notifications to thier browser. 

In this scenario, we have a workaround we found an reputed and popular push notification service website named which have free plan that will send push notifications to 10,000 subscribers but if you think you have more then 10,000 subscribers then have paid plans which you can utilse to send notifications to your blog or website subscribers, so why late let's know little more info and start registering on to setup bell push notifications on your blogger blog or website, official support •

How to download un-official one signal API app •

It is very easy to download onesignal unofficial client from these platforms for free but this is unofficial one signal app availabile on play store but if you have any doubts or concerns about the safety of this app then do check the app source code in Github

How to register on and setup bell push notifications on blogger. 

- Tap on Sign Up

- Enter Email Address, 8 character minimum passwordcompany
or organization name and tap on Create Account or you can use GitHub, Google, Facebook to sign up faster. 

- Once you done sign up, here enter your website name and scroll down

- Select Web Push and tap on Next: Configure Your Platform. 

- Step 1, Choose Integration ; Wordpress Plugin or Website builder and scroll down. 

- Slide right, select your website builder / cms : Blogger and Scroll down. 


- Step 3, Tap on + Add Prompt : Push Promt. 

- Select Bell push notification and scroll down for additional customization, you can customize as per you liking. 

- Once, you customized as per you liking tap on Done to continue. 

- Once, You added Bell notification promt, delete existing prompt like push slide prompt which was added by one signal default to proceed further and scroll down. 

- Step 4, Enter Website title and welcome message as you like, it is better to keep it default and Scroll down. 

- Step 5, Keep it default, Only edit if you know what you are doing in Advanced settings and Scroll down. 

- Tap on Save 

- Copy the code to paste it above of you website or blog but before you do that Scroll down. 

- Tap on FINISH and now you can paste the code in section of your blog or website. 

- In Blogger, Add Html / JavaScript widget and paste one signal code in it and tap on SAVE to get push notification Bell on your website or blog in one minute. 

- Go to you website, You can check Bell icon, the visitor have tap on it, once the visitor tap on Bell icon it will open a pop up in browser like below. 

- Then, Visitor have to tap on ALLOW to become subscriber of your blog or website to receive latest articles or updates to his browser notifications. 

Congratulations, Now you successfully registered on and setup bell notifications on blogger for free. 

Atlast, Do remember you can also add push notifications to your Android app, Apple iOS APN's, Email, SMS, Windows, MAC Os, Huawei Android, Amazon Fire, Chrome Extensions and more with the push notification service choose and configure according to your requirements. 

OverallOneSignal is very easy to use due to its user interface which gives you easy and simple user experience in desktop mode but in Mobile it is little hard they have to make it better but we have to wait and see will Onesignal make Mobile user interface more user friendly in future as of now only desktop mode of is good that have potential to give perfect user interface and user experience that you may like for sure. 

Moreover, it is worth to mention Onesignal is currently the most used popular push up notification service used by popular blog sites to deliver their latest articles and updates to thier audience, Onesignal is gaining more popularity these days due to people switching from email subscription service to bell pushup notifications, Onesignal is reputed and reliable pushup notification service that you can use. 

Finally, this is how you can setup bell push up notifications on blogger, do you liked it? If yes have to tried? If you are already user of Onesignal do mention how is your over all experience with Onesignal have you ever faced delays or issues with Onesignal do mention your experience on onesignal in our comment section below, see ya :)