We have many shortlink services available out there in internet like bit.ly, is.gd, ow.ly etc but there are normal shortlink services which don't promote your website or blog that can be considered as drawback so, if you want to promote your website or blog then you have to create branded links with your custom domain or subdomain but to create branded shortlinks you need a link link management platform which you can trust and rely on. 

In this scenario, we found an leading link management platform named rebrandly which can turn every link you share into a promotion for your brand, rebrandly brand links include a custom domain name and a keyword which will improve brand visibility and increase link trust and optimise SEO ranking. 

Yes, Rebrandly is an reliable link management platform which provide numerous features like Share links using https (SSL) protocol, Retain data for more than 30 days, Create and manage multiple seats/teammates, Add retargeting to links, Easily and automatically include UTM parameters, Automatically generate QR codes from links and more. 

• Rebrandly.com official support • 

- Telephone : +14157022047
- Support : here

Rebrandly.com key features •

- Link Management -

 Fast Redirects

• Editable destination URLs

• Custom URL slugs

• Link search

• QR codes

• Link tags

 Branded link export

 Link expiration

 UTM presets

• Bulk link creation/edit

• High volume links

- Traffic Routing -

• 301 SEO redirect

• Parameter forwarding

• Open graph control

• Link retargeting

• Mobile deep linking

 Traffic routing

• Links with emojis

- Analytics - 

• Link analytics

• UTM builder

• GDPR privacy

• Private/public reports

• Aggregated reports

• Custom report builder

• Your logo in reports

• Server to server clickstream

- Domain name management - 

• Multiple domain names

• Https (SSL)

• Main domain redirect

• 404 redirect management

• Custom SSL

- Collaboration - 

• Teammates (extra seats)

• Workspaces

• Multiple access levels

• Two-factor authentication (2FA)

• Single sign-on (SSO)

• Activity audit logs

- Training and support - 

• Knowledge base

• Video tutorials

• Email support

• Onboarding and link import

• Account management

• Direct training

• Dedicated engineer support

• Enterprise tool integration

- App Info - Google Play

• How to download Rebrandly App •

It is very easy to download Rebrandly from these platforms for free. 

How to register and setup branded links on Rebrandly.com with UI & UX overview •

- Tap on Sign up free

- Enter your name or company name, your business email, password and tap on Create account or use Google or Facebook to sign up. 

- After sign up, tap on Enter your dashboard. 

- Choose Bussines or Personal according to your requirements, Enter your First name, Last name and tap on Done

- Tap on 1.Add a branded domain. 

- You can register a new domain or Tap on Connect a domain to add existing one. 

- Enter you domain name and tap on Next

- if your domain not associated with blog or website then you can tap on Yes, this is a spare domain else tap No, it's being used for my website, blog, etc. 

- Then, You can only use subdomain in Rebrandly free version to use domain you have to purchase pro plan , so if you want to continue with free version of Rebrandly tap on Use a subdomain and Enter your sub domain name and tap on Next

- You can use any subdomain but most likely people and digital marketers who want to promote blog or website create subdomain with name .link or .links which is relevant and authentic. 

- Now, Go to your domain provider website and add this Rebrandly DNS records. 

- Once added, you will be notified to email in most cases dns propagation is pretty quick it won't take 24 hrs. 

- Tap on View My Domains. 

- Wait until the DNS propogated, refresh the page after 5 minutes, if not propogated wait more time. 

- Once, Propogated you will see a green dot then tap on hamburger menu. 

- Tap on Links

- Tap on New link

- Enter or Paste your destination url, select your branded domain, enter your slash tag and tap on Create link and you can enable Copy to clipboard if you want. 

- Boom, You successfully registered on Rebrandly.com and done setup to create branded shortlinks for your website for free. 

Atlast, Branded links are more trusted by users click through rate is high and you can use shortlinks in platforms where long links are prohibited, Do remember you can enroll for premium plan as well in Rebrandly.com and you can add several subdomains in free version of Rebrandly.com which you can manage them in same account of rebrandly website or app. Cool right? 

Overall, Rebrandly is very easy to use due to its simple user interface either app or website which gives you simple and clean user experience but we have to wait and see will Rebrandly get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now Rebrandly have perfect user interface and user experience that you may like to use for sure. 

Moreover, it is worth to mention rebrandly is top leading link management platform used by companies and corporates, Yes, Indeed so if you are searching for an best and reliable link management platform to promote your website or blog to increase it's brand identity or any reason then we recommend you to choose rebrandly as we use rebrandly for our website to, this is not promotion! we didn't paid by rebrandly.It's up to you. 

Finally, This is how you can create branded Shortlinks of your articles, blog or website, it is very simple and useful to promote your website or blog, so do you like it? If yes do you tried rebrandly.com? If you are a registered user of rebrandly do mention why you like rebrandly and say your experience in our comment section below, see ya :)