In today's modern world, online shopping is in use like never before it has become very easy to buy and sell products in few taps on screen not like in olden days where you need to go to vendor or company physically to buy products or services.

Yes, Daily billons of products and services. were listed by individuals & companies in thier online shopping portal but to handle them any company or individual seller have to provide contact details and good support chat option to customers which will increase the reputation of company and grow the sells to get good profits. 

In such scenario, there is big chance if you don't provide your contact details or support option to your customers then they will more likely buy the same product from other individuals or companies leaving you because contact details and support option increase trust on your company and products or services that provide future warranty to your customers. If you truly care about your customers and want to build communication with them then providing contact details and top standard support will eventually benefit your company in various ways else it can give negative impact according to entrepreneurs and bussines experts globally. 

However, Most entrepreneurs and old companies providing good communication to their customers through contact details or support option using their website but new companies and entrepreneurs were unable to provide contact or support option to them due to lack of knowledge and expertise in bussines for them they have to create website and provide contact details or support option to thier customers to drive them to your messengers and help them to buy you products or and services. 

But, New Entrepreneurs and small companies are not aware of this method and principle communication and good relationship with the customer is very crucial for company success because they are unaware of this fact New sellers and small companies are not providing any contact details or support option to thier customers due to that they are unable to reach the target sells and getting disappointed because of lack of sells and loss in financial matters. 

In this scenario, if you are a new seller or company we found a website named which will provide workaround to new individual sellers or new companies to create free website through and let new individuals and new companies Add thier contacts and support details with information about thier products or services to drive clients and companies to seller or company desired contact destination like messengers or email etc. 

Before, we continue to start registering and setting up free website on let's know more about it is created and developed by two developers, drawn together by shared vision to let the new sellers and small compaines who thier offer own products and services. 

To get thier own free website and add contact or support details of thier own to drive thier customers and communicate with customers to solve thier query or help them to buy products or services through messengers. 

The story dates back in 2017 when the founder Max Cold and Peter Mukhya created first in the world business card with messengers back then it was very popular link in Instagram bio's, Max Cold and Peter Mukha developed in-focus on mobile and messengers due to it's future of sales and to and small companies with free tools for growing online business faster official team

- Founder : Max Cold
- Co-Founder : Peter Mukha official support • 

How to register and setup free website on to add your contacts and products details with UI & UX Overview • 

- Go to

- Tap on Get your free website

- You can register with Google Gmail
Apple ID, Email choose whichever you want and register with

- Here, Enter your Website name, Website link and tap on Create website. 

- Upload Cover, Logo, Enter your Title, Subtitle and tap on Add

- Now, tap on + to add messengers block. 

- Tap on Messengers + 

- Here, You can add all your messengers details by tapping on +

- Re-tap on + to add social media links block. 

- Tap on Socials +

- Enter your social network link with https:// and tap on Add

- Tap on + again, to add your website link. 

- Tap on Link +

- Enter your Link title, Link URL and tap on Add

Congrats, You successfully registered on and done basic setup on free website that you just created with added contact details which your customers follow the link and choose the best way to contact you but wait you can also use for blogging to get more visitors. 

How to use for blogging to get more visitors •

- Tap on +

- Tap on Image +

- Upload your article thumbnail, select original recommended, you can select square and rectangle as well, then tap on Add

- Tap on + to add link block for your article. 

- Tap on Link + to add article name & url. 

- Enter your Link title, Link URL* then tap on Add

- Tap on + to add divider block to arrange space between each article block you add here. 

- Tap on Divider +

- Select big divider - line and tap on Add

- Top right corner, tap on pubish icon and tap on Public website to launch on web for free with

Atlast, In free version of you can only add classic light and classic dark template to add more templates and blocks like Product list, Quote, FAQ, Features, Image Gallery, Video, Video Gallery for this blocks you need to purchase pro plans which will unlock all the above blocks. If you are interested to purchase pro plans of check the current pricing of pro plans below.


Overall, You will get these useful features and benefits if you upgrade to pro plan of as shown above, currently you don't have option to add custom domain but mssg link is seo friendly, custom domain feature will be added soon in upcoming weeks, it is very easy to use due to its simple user interface website gives you simple and clean user experience but we have to wait and see will get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now have perfect user interface and user experience that you may like to use for sure. 

Moreover, it is worth to mention have many free blocks like Hat, Heading, Text, Messengers, Links, Social, Lists, image, available in free version which is more than enough but product list is definitely essential for any small bussines to add products like in the above image. So, if you have requirement to add product block or any pro version block then we recommend you to try pro plans which are worth every penny, is the best free website maker which was used by 30,000 + entrepreneurs to list thier products with free plan blocks and pro plans to grow your online bussines faster. Now it's up to you. 

Finally, This is how you can create free website under 5 minutes and add contact details to drive customers to your messengers with, it is very simple and useful to promote your website and products to grow your company and sells in addition you can also utilise it as blog to get more vistors, so do you like it? If yes do you tried If you are a registered user of do mention why you like and say your experience in our comment section below, see ya :)