Last year, Indian government banned many chinese apps including PUBG due to many concerns regarding data breach & security issues, as there is a fight between Indian & chinese solidiers at the border that raised and spiked revolts and tensions between china and India, eventhough PUBG Is developed by South Korea company named bluehole corporation with the idea of brendon green who was offered to create a Battle Royale game for bluehole corporation appointing him as creative director and then he came up with PUBG. 

But, bluehole corporation only developed and released PUBG on PC not on mobile, mobile version is developed by a chinese gaming company who have large share in bluehole corporation taking the rights from bluehole corporation to develop & release a PUBG mobile version in India and other markets but PUBG korean mobile version is still developed by bluehole corporation only in South Korea & Taiwan. 

Yes, PUBG mobile version is developed & released in India by a big chinese gaming company named Tencent, after the release of PUBG in india it received huge craze & popularity with-in weeks from Indian gamers and people started playing PUBG like no other game it changed fate and future of mobile gaming in india as many gamers started choosing PUBG as career enrolling for tournaments and they even started live pubg gaming stream on thier YouTube channels. while pubg is just a game and fun for some and for some of the gamers it is future and career. 

But, The sudden ban of pubg mobile in india last year sparked worries among gamers & people who love pubg mobile they thought pubg will comes fast but pubg taken at least a year to return back in india changing the name from PUBG Mobile to BATTLEGROUNDS Mobile India by providing pre-registrations on Google's Play Store with some rewards for fans. 

So, if your are a pubg player then you may probably eagerly waiting for pubg to return back in india and your wait is over pubg is now available to Pre-Register in india, you can easily Pre-Register on google's play store & get some rewards for free, if you concerned about release of battlegrounds pubg mobile as per speculations from the popular gamers it will release at the end of may or start of June first week, 

• How to Pre-Register for Battlegrounds mobile India on Google Play Store • 

- Go to Google Play / Pre-Registrations  and tap on Pre-Register

- Tap on Install when available or tap on Got it if you don't want. 

- Yay, you successfully pre-registered for BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE India. 

- Battlegrounds Mobile Pre-Registration Rewards for Fans -

- Recon Mask, 
- Recon Outfit
- Celebration Expert Title 
- 300 AG

BATTLEGROUNDS Mobile Official Support •

Overall, PUBG returns back to india with the re-release done by pubg real owner south korea company krafton, bluehole corporation buyed by krafon in 2018 from then krafon is taking care of pubg, so there is very slight chance of re-banning from government may this time krafon completely worked with india government to launch on Google's Play Store, 

Moreover, PUBG return made pubg players to celebrate showing their liking via Twitter trends and pubg gamers already started using BATTLEGROUNDS mobile India instead of PUBG title on thier YouTube videos and live streams, and the news of pre-registrations created alot of good vibes to pubg players who choose pubg on thier future and career. 

Finally, this is how you can Pre-Register for BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE India Aka pubg, do you like it? Are you waiting for release of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA? if yes when do you think they will launch pubg in playstore to download, say us including that do you like pubg? In our comment section below, see ya :)