Twitter is un-doubtedly the most popular and well build micro-blogging platform it has millions of users in India & Overseas they even accepted to comply with India new IT rules on June 01 but there will be some negative impacts on desi apps for sure as we know after TikTok ban Indian companies utilised this opportunity and created apps like TikTok and grown thier companies userbase and get profits that will increase nation economy and spike the potential of India developers

If Indian developers have the potential to make an alternative for TikTok then there is also possibility to create an alternative for Twitter like when PUBG banned Indian developers unleashed thier creative skills and talent by creating alternative to pubg like faug, sico and more which received a tremendous support from Indian people

Yes, banning apps some way unleasing Indian companies & developers talent & potential including that aatma nirbhar is also one of the reason behind this huge improvement in digital software sector this program launched by PM Modi will motivate and provide financial support to Indian developers who create quality world class apps. 

So, If India change the public economy to closed economy by creating polices very similar to china which will restrict foreign investment and supervise or control the technology transfer that will improvise and increase technology, self reliance, home grown inventions and economy for sure.

But, India changing its policies similar to China is possible either it will change Or not there is high chance India change its policies similar to China considering the success of aatma nirbhar bharat but do note that take our estimation as grain of salt it may happen or not, if that happens india will become more self reliant. 

However, Indian people like to support & use swadeshi products either software or real like they supported india's alternative to twitter named koo or TikTok alternative and pubg alternative indians like and love to support & use swadeshi stuff if there is quality and that worth money, so if Twitter will be available in India or not in future by our analysis on the frequent changes in IT policies of India that are created to protect national sovereignty and security

Eventhough, Twitter is india's most loved micro-blogging & social network website used by millions of people and celebraties to share thier opinion or support & create trends but if you like to support India apps or websites to help Indian developers and companies that will increase our economy then you will surely need an Indian made products, apps, websites or services. 

In this scenario, if you want best alternative to Twitter we have two micro-blogging websites made by Indian developers named named koo & tooter while koo is app there is no web version available right now but In Tooter it has web version that will make you feel like you are using original Twitter website so, you can consider Tooter as an reliable Twitter alternative, do we got your interest if yes let's know little more Information on Tooter & start joining on it. 

Tooter is perfect alternative to Twitter which believes that India should have a Swadeshi social network. Without one we are just a digital colony of the American Twitter India Company, no different than what we were under the British East India Company. Tooter is our Swadeshi Andolan 2.0. Join us in this Andolan. Join us!

• Tooter Official Support •

Tooter Originally forked from the Mastodon project, Tooter's codebase is free and open-source, licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3 (AGPL3) As a result, you, the user, have a choice when using Tooter: you can either have an account on, or, if you don't like what we're doing on or simply want to manage your own experience, you can spin up your own Tooter server that you control, that allows you to communicate with millions of users on their own federated servers from around the world, including users on Tooter. You can download the complete source code of Tooter from : Gitlab

Website :

- App Info - Google Play

How to download Tooter •

It is very easy to download tooter from these platforms for free

How to register on with key features and UI & UX Overview

- Go to, To Create an Account : You need to Enter your Username, Email address ( Gmail, Yahoo only ) Password, confirm password, check ✔ I agree to the terms of service and tap on SIGN UP. 

- Now, check your Gmail or Yahoo email service provider to find verification mail from Tooter tap on Verify email address to confirm your email and open in same browser that you start sign up to to save time and login & join on

- Enter your Email, Password and Tap on LOG IN to enter in

- Check the Cool image & Tap on Next

- Add your profile image, cover image & Enter your Display Name & Tap on Next

- You can follow people here, but it is not working, blank may be its a bug, just tap on Next 

- Introduce Yourself, but it is also not working for me at least, if you also facing such issue, just switch to deskop mode once and revert back to mobile mode, it will fix the issue instantly. 

- Home, check all the latest feed. 

- Notifications, check all, mentions, likes, resposts, follows etc. 

- Groups, You can create them to. 

- Explore, The stuff. 

- Profile View of Tooter. 

- In menu, we have lists, shortcuts, search, pro feed, preferences, blocked users, help, muted users and many more options, just explore once you joined you'll get It. 

- Kudos, You successfully registered and joined on, Isn't cool? Now it's up to you just use it like Twitter feel it! 

Atlast,  You can upgrade to TooterPro but they stopped upgrades in December 2020 but they may remain it as getting popularity, This are just key features tooter may get more features soon that makes it even more better, considering it's features its a bonanza for people who looking for an alternative to twitter if you are require twitter alternative then tooter is only best & reliable choice that even beat koo app.

OverallTooter is simple, clean, quick and fast micro-blogging website it is very easy to use due to it's simple user interface that you clean user experience packed with the required interesting features that we have in twitter, but we have to wait and see will Tooter get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of Tooter now Tooter have perfect user interface and user experience that will get Twitter vibes which you may like to use for sure. 

Moreover, it is worth to mention Tooter is the only social network website that exactly will make you feel like you are using the twitter old version that was integrated with the twitter features with some Tooter own features that , Yes, Indeed so, if you are searching for Twitter alternative that is easy to use and have the vibes like twitter we suggest you to choose Tooter is an excellent choice that has potential to become your new favorite

Finally, This is a swadeshi 2.0 micro-blogging site by indian developers, the best and reliable social networking website for people who want an alternative to twitter and for indians who want to support Indian companies and developers, so do you like it?  How do you feel about Tooter? Are you already using Tooter? If yes do say your experience in our comment section below, see ya :)