Baby doge is a meme coin got inspired by Dogecoin founded by environmentalist and philanthropist Christian Campisi on June 1st, 2021 but in intial stage Baby doge like other meme coins didn't received attention in global level but due to it's ressemblance to Dogecoin it recieved good attention and recognition from Dogecoin likers and that helped Babydoge to build nice community.

However, the real fun and good days begin for Baby Dogecoin when Elon Musk tweet on it goes viral within hours Baby doge got global level attention and recognition that helped Baby doge price go sky rocketed for few days but when the hype and buzz cool down baby doge price went back to lower price which is different story.

In the month of October a meme coin named Shiba Inu created alot buzz and hype because of its 7x price jump which made many people get awesome profits and even some people become millionaire so many folks who hold baby doge & Shiba Inu get a question in mind is this Shiba inu better then Baby doge as it gives better profitable returns, In simple : " No " 

Eventhough, Shiba Inu coin right now able to give high returns which is good fortune and definately beneficial for holders but Baby doge have tokenomics technology which means on every transaction occur within Baby doge, 10% will be taken as transaction fee on that 5% of baby doge will be in liquid pool and another 5% will be distributed to Baby doge holders, so in long run baby doge holders will get higher amount of baby doge in wallet and bigger profits in long run without even buying baby doge in future. Isn't amazing.

While, most crypto coins including Shiba inu do not have tokenomics, considering that Baby doge is better then Shiba inu, but the fact is future is unpredictable so anything can happen in future even Shiba Inu may add support for Tokenomics, in that scenario Shiba inu & Baby doge may face tough competition as both are Elon Musk favourite coins which were inspired by Dogecoin.

But, The major problem faced by Baby doge coin is most crypto exchanges do not support Tokenomics which means it will take more time then usual to list Baby doge on crypto exchange platforms, Baby doge have to co-operate and ask the crypto exchange platforms to add support for Tokenomics which is new technology in crypto world.

Even with the issues occurred due to  Tokenomics still Baby doge managed to list on numerous popular crypto exchange platforms like which can be highly appreciated, including that Baby doge team do amazing marketing to rise the coin popularity and price, they even created thier own Baby doge swap to trade or stake Baby doge to make Baby doge a successful project. 

Atlast, Baby doge is better then Shiba inu just because of Tokenomics except that Baby doge and Shiba inu both are normal meme crypto coins inspired by Dogecoin which are favorite crypto coins of Elon Musk who frequently promote them on his Twitter handle, so with all these Baby doge surely have bright future ahead if every thing goes smooth like butter it may able to reach 1 cent by 2025,

Finally, This is Baby doge, the first crypto meme coin with Tokenomics support, so do you like it? Are you interested in Baby doge? What do you think about Baby doge, do you own Baby doge? If yes kindly mention all your opinions & experiences of Baby Doge in our comment section below, see ya :)