Telegram is one of the most popular social messaging app founded by pavel durov and nikoloi durov where millons of users create different types of channels and groups in numerous categories to share various files like movies, music, archives, documents etc so users whoever require them can download but the only issue here is on telegram it is not possible to rename files once sent, so people have no option other then to download any size to internal storage then rename it.

However, there is a workaround for this which many telegram users don't know, it is possible to rename telegram files using a unofficial telegram bot named Renamer bot made by CW Proiects, here in this bot you just have to forward the telegram files which you insist to rename then follow the simple instructions to rename telegram files in ease.

Majority of telegram users come and use thousands of useful unofficial bots every day created by third party bot developers using official telegram public API, there you will find all types of bots to simplify and fast-track your work, so do you like it? wanna rename telegram files? If yes let's know little more info before we show you the steps to rename telegram files using Renamer bot, let's begin.

Note : telegram won't take any responsibility on unofficial bots as there is high probability of data theft risk, so kindly use @Renamer_bot at your own risk we are not responsible for any personal and financial losses, we just demonstrated for educational and informative purposes.

• How to rename telegram files using @Renamer_bot for free •

- Go to @Renamer_bot and tap on START

- Forward the telegram files which you want to rename.

- Tap on Rename

- Now, send your new file name.

- Tap on Document.

- it will download and start rename process.

- Done, you successfully renamed telegram file using @Renamer_bot

Atlast, This are just highlighted key features of @Renamer_bot there may be many hidden features inbuild that provides you external benefits to give you the ultimate usage experience, so if you want to automatically extract screenshots from video then @Renamer_bot can be a worthy choice.

Overall, @Renamer_bot is very easy to use due to its simple and clean user interface that gives you user friendly experience but we have to wait & see will @Renamer_bot
get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now you may like to use for sure.

Moreover, it is worth to mention @Renamer_bot is one of the very few working telegram files Renamer bots, by using this you can also add caption and add watermark to files, Yes indeed in case if you are searching for such bot then @Renamer_bot has potential to become your new favorite.

Finally, this is how you can Rename telegram files, add caption and set watermark to files using @Renamer_bot, if you're existing user of @Renamer_bot then do say your experience and mention which feature you like the most in our comment section below, see ya :)