Gamers love to collaborate with fellow gamers to play together and chat each other, this is why game developers like to  turn thier games from offline to online mode to create competitive, fun and cool experience on the go which will eventually lead to game growth in future.

However, if you don't have online mode on games then it is not possible to chat and play with fellow gamers, instead you have to play with computer, even if you have online games still it is little hard to find fellow gamers who like to chat and play with you, so if you don't find a partner of your choice then you have to play with system randomly selected players which is little dissapointing for gamers who play games with dedication and sincerity.

But, from past few years we got to see numerous platforms specifically created and dedicated to gamers like discord, while some gamers created groups on social messaging apps like Telegram and WhatsApp to gather gamers and play together and chat each other, including that there are many gaming platforms on internet yet most of this platforms are not upto the expectations and requirements of gamers as there are few missing features and drawbacks that should be addressed.

In this scenario, we have a workaround we are glad to present you an interesting gaming platform named Wasder where you can find games to chat and play with fellow gamers through match making automatically for multi-player games, even make new friends or invite your friends to party chats as this feature don't require your friends to be on Wasder, or else you can also invite friends to Friendshub to ramp up your gaming.

On Wasder, you can put all your favourite games on game spaces and share gaming clips that matters to you on custom feed by tagging fellow gamers, so do you like it? are you interested in Wasder? If yes let's know little more info about Wasder before we signup and explore more.

• Wasder Official Support •

Website :

• How to download Wasder •

It is very easy to download Wasder from these platforms for free.

• How to signup on Wasder with key features and UI / UX Overview •

- Open Wasder

- Tap on Join Wasder

- Enter your username / Nick name and check ✓ I agree to the terms and conditions then tap on Claim your nick.

- ✓ I'm not a robot captcha and select your date of birth and tap on Next.

- Enter your Email address and tap on Next.

- Enter your password and tap on Create account.

- Again, ✓ check I'm not a robot captcha and tap on Send code.

- Go to your email service provider and find latest email from Wasder, there you will get this verification code, just copy it and head back to Wasder app.

- Enter verification code that you copied earlier and tap on Verify now.

- You can now search and add games into game spaces to play with other gamers.

- You're in home. Here you can find games, check custom feeder and share message.

- In chat, you can + add game and find fellow gamers through match making.

- In friends, you can add friends and check all your friends.

- In chats, you can create + New chats and check existing chats.

- Tap on + New chat to create party chats.

- In Profile, you can edit profile details, add profile picture and cover with social media links and check other details.

Cool, you successfully registered and explored features of Wasder.

Atlast, This are just highlighted key features of Wasder there may be many hidden features inbuild that provides you external benefits to give you the ultimate usage experience, so if you want one of interesting and useful gamers platform then Wasder can be worthy choice.

Overall, Wasder user interface is pretty awesome, atleast for gamers with dark skin by default which most gamers like to use but it will be better if they also added light mode, but anyway Wasder provide fabulous experience, but in any project there is always space for improvement, so let's wait and see will Wasder get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now Wasder is amazing gamers platform.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention Wasder is one of the very few platforms created and dedicated for gamers to chat and play any genre games together, yes indeed if you're searching for such platform then Wasder has potential to become your new favorite.

Finally, this is Wasder, a platform to expand your world of gaming, so do you like it? Are you an existing user of Wasder If yes do say your experience and mention why you like Wasder in our comment section below, see ya :)