When it comes to latest Andriod software updates, Google updates it's pixel devices first then other smartphone manufacturers and developers use Andriod open source project to build on thier devices, how ever Google also started providing developer preview builds of Andriod latest versions to install on Pixel smartphones earlier before official release to test and debug bugs etc from users.

People, who owns Pixel smartphones can manually download and install this latest Android developer previews from Google's Android developer official website, but if you want to install this Andriod developer preview builds on other smartphones then it's not possible, if you insist to try latest Android versions on your smartphones then you have to wait till Google officially make it open source then you can build custom rom out of it to install on Andriod powered smartphone else developers even started porting Android developer preview build to thier devices.

Recently, a developer named Jamie ported Android 13 developer preview 1 build after it's release on February 12 to Redmi Note 9 Pro, Poco M2 Pro, Redmi Note 9 Pro Max, Redmi Note 9S, Redmi Note 10 lite, smartphones, all these Xiaomi devices has qualcomm SDM720G SoC with same display, dimensions, battery capacity, similar cameras so a LineageOS developer named Cosmin made unified trees and codenamed Miatoll.

This Andriod 13 developer preview 1 build port to Miatoll devices is not GSI - Generic system image, so like any other custom rom you have to simply download Andriod 13 DP1 ported rom zip and flash it using custom recovery like orange fox, teamwin recovery project aka TWRP, or PE - Pixel experience recovery by wiping system, data, dalvik, cache and format is surely necessary else you will end up with issues.

All Pixel developer previews and betas ported to Miatoll devices are Pixel's latest otapackage with features like inlined vendor, system and ODM props, Pixel's special vibration patterns, encryption to keep your data safe, with carefully picked features ( removed some features that Miatoll devices doesn't support / we don't need ), so that you'll get minimal debloat,  and everything you get with Pixel on Miatoll devices with VoLTE support.

The developers who ports Pixel latest Android developer builds to Miatoll devices provide monthly updates and has stability as first prioriry so you will get stable ports with essential VoLTE support, which means you don't have to worry, despite being ports you will get stable performance just like custom roms.

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• How to download Andriod 13 developer preview 1 ports for Miatoll devices •

It is very easy to download Andriod 13 developer preview 1 ports for Miatoll devices from these platforms for free.

Pixel OTA's ports to Miatoll devices are not possible without developers, credits goes to Jay, Umang Jai, Sudeep, Piraterex, Omarilzz, Erfan Abdi, NeFeRoN, Ramii Ahmed, Alex Winkowski, iNeoony, Nippon and testers Emma, Akash, Twix, Pichachu, Zhen Bang, Kohaku, qxungz, so thank them if you find these ports useful.

Note : you can only install custom roms, GSI or ports that are build for your device, so if you install other devices stuff on your device then it will be soft or hard brick your device which is sometimes irrepairable, so kindly don't that and In order to install custom roms, GSI, ports on your device you have to unlock bootloader, and flash custom recovery then install custom roms by following specific guides that are especially created for your device from trused portals like XDA, if you don't that then you can end up troubles, so be careful and remember we are not at all responsible for any damages occured to your device, be at your own risk.

Finally, This ports are maintaned by Jamie, credits goes to rain2wood.github.io/pixel-infra/ thanks to them and him for bringing Andriod 13 developer preview 1 for Miatoll devices, you can donate on PayPal to support him, do you own any Miatoll devices? have you tried this Android 13 DP1? If yes do say you experience and what how do you feel about Andriod 13 on Miatoll devices in our comment section below, see ya :)