There are numerous cloud file hosting platforms available on internet with thier own privacy policies, so it is bit difficult to find reliable and trusted cloud file hosting platform which guarantees protection of your personal data and account details, even though many file hosting platforms state they ensure safety of your data still you can't rely on them as cloud file hosting platforms can be exploited by hackers.

Usually, most cloud file hosting platforms comply with law enforcements, so if you're normal person then there will be no issues but incase you're a pirate and uploading all copyrighted material then your IP address will be given to law enforcement agencies who will trace your location and arrest you with proper proofs to present in court and if court found you guilty they will order and give punishment according to law.

This is why, most pirates and people who take extreme care of data use such cloud file hosting platforms which don't comply with law enforcement agencies and yeah they use fake IP and account details with TOR or proxy to hide thier real IP address to safeguard and maximize anonymity, 

However, even if you follow all security protocols to protect from law enforcement agencies still there is no protection to your files uploaded on online cloud file hosting platforms as law enforcements agencies can complain to DMCA which will block domain on internet stating voilation as copyright infringement so you may never able to access files again.

The another problem with online cloud file hosting platforms is they have file storage limitations and little expensive to upgrade, so generally pirates and people who want extreme privacy don't upload thier files on online cloud file hosting platforms as they also can leak your IP address which is why they create Torrent files.

Torrent files use trackers and seeding a peer to peer technology to transfer files between users so tracing original owner of files is impossible as there is no IP linked to it so you'll get military grade protection thus pirates create torrent files to share copyrighted content on Internet, but you can only create or download torrent files through torrent clients.

Torrent files generate magnet link which can be downloaded through torrent client and supported download managers like 1DM and online cloud hosting file generate download link which can be downloaded using browser or any download manager so in case if you don't want to download torrent files using torrent clients or 1DM then you can use Telegram bot.

Telegram is popular and advanced social messaging platform created by pavel durvov and nikoloi durov where you will get futuristic features that ensure privacy and security of users with many amazing un-official bots created by third party developers to ease your life for sure.

Now a days, people started using Telegram bots to download torrent files and magnet links as there is no need of torrent client and download managers, if you don't know those bots then it's ok we are going to present few best telegram bots, so are are you ready?

Note : @MagnetLinkDLBot, @uploadbot, 
@TorrentXbot are un-official Telegram bots created by third party developers using Telegram public API, so telegram won't take responsibility as on un-official  bots there is data theft risk so you can't trust un-official bots even if they ensures privacy and security, so use this bots at your own risk we are not responsible for any personal or financial issues, we just shown it for info and demo purposes.

• Torrent and magnet link downloader telegram bots official support •

@uploadbot / No support
• How to download Torrent files and magnet links using Telegram bot •

- I'm using @MagnetLinkDLBot, you can also use @uploadbot, @TorrentXbot.

- Open any bot you like then tap on START

- If bot ask you join channel then do it.

- Now send your torrent file or magnet link.

Hurray, You sucessfully downloaded torrent files using Telegram bot.

Atlast, This are just highlighted key features of this bots, there may be many hidden features inbuild that provides you external benefits to give you the ultimate usage experience, so if you want best bots to download torrent files then this bots can be worthy choice.

Overall, all 3 bots are very easy and simple to use thanks to telegram public API for such structure developers can only add commands and buttons to provide any features to users due to that bots has intuitive interface which ensures user friendly experience, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will this bots get any major UI changes in future to make it even better as of now they are nice.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention all 3 bots almost has same features but @uploadbot seems fast and quick as at most times you don't have wait in queue, @TorrentXbot is fast but most of the times bot is busy and don't even have option to wait in queue, while @MagnetLinkDLBot is little slow but download torrents for sure.

Finally, this is how you can download torrent files and magnet links on telegram using 3 bots, are you an existing user of this bots? If yes do you your experience and mention which feature you like the most out of them in our comment section below, see ya :)