Note : recently we got to know that this adnetwork is scam so don't use it •

When you create website or blog and start adding content on it? This question arises on your mind? why don't I monetize it? like other bloggers, isn't and then you probably searched on Google which is best and high paying Adnetwork for publishers, and after checking many articles your research will come to an end as majority of bloggers as always suggest Google's Adsense.

Adsense is indeed high paying Adnetwork with best cpm rates, but if you just created a website or blog then most likely you will not get approval, because there are some requirements you must qualify to become publisher of Adsense like your website or blog must be atleast 1 year old and which ever category content you post should be unique with sufficient good quality articles and yeah best template or theme is must for better user experience to visitors.

However, most newbies who apply for Adsense were frequently get rejected as thier website or blog unable to qualify for adsense due to different reasons, but the problem here is Adsense don't specify the reason why thier website or blog rejected
so newbies due to lack of experience in this field takes times to figure out issue with the blog or website to fix them.

While, some newbies whoever tired of getting Adsense approval usually search for an alternative to Adsense on Google and they endup finding Adsterra, Popads, AdEx which doesn't have requirements to become publisher, but the problem is this Ad Networks doesn't pay much they only pay high for CPA actions and ads don't look proffesional.

But, most people don't know if they're unable to get approval on Adsense they can apply on Google certified ad partners which uses Google Ad exchange to display ads on your website, eventhough Google ad partners are more strict then Adsense as you will most likely have to pass huge traffic and quality content requirements.

The advantage of Adsense is even if you don't have much traffic you will easily get approval based on other qualifications but if you somehow unable to pass and qualify for Adsense then you can try your luck on Google certified ad partners, fortunately now-a-days few Google ad partners like Ezoic reduced it's traffic requirements to 10k views for month and don't forget on any Google ad partner unique and good quality content is mandatory.

So, newbies first create quality content as people say quality is king to rank on SEO with hard and smart work then apply for Adsense or Google certified ad partners, Incase if you believe that the website or blog you manage has quality content but not getting approval from Adsense then you can apply for Ezoic.

Ezoic is little hard to get approval as there is some traffic requirements, recently we found a ad network named Purple Ads which didn't mention any specific traffic requirements but quality traffic is must thus if you're unable to get approval on Adsense and Ezoic then you can apply for Purple Ads.

Purple Ads is best Adnetwork alternative to Adsense and Ezoic which has anti-fraud protection, auto optimization, self serve platform, multiple ad formats, only 10$ required for payment, so do you like it? are you interested in Purple Ads? If yes let's know little more info before we explore more.

• Purple Ads official support •

Website :

• How to register and get approval from  Purple Ads •

- Go to then tap on I'm a Publisher ->

- Tap on Signup Now

- Enter Email, Enter and Confirm Password then tap on JOIN

- Now, go to your email service provider and find confirmation email from Purple Ads to Activate Your Account.

- Tap on Verify your email.

- Login to your Purple Ads account then tap on + Add Site

- Enter site details then tap on ADD SITE

- Copy the following meta tag : and add it on the main page of your website between the <head></head> then just tap on Verify Domain to proceed further.

- Your website is added and currently under pending verification status.

- Once verified, you will get an email from Purple Ads stating Your website [             ] has been approved.

- Login into your Purple Ads Account again then tap on Not installed.

- Select preffered and available Ad units.

- Tap on </> Get code then tap on Copy

- Paste earlier copied code between <div> </div> tags of your website, for example : you can copy and paste this code on your blogger widget then on SAVE

- Once done, you can configure Your PayPal account email to receive payment every month when threshold reached to 10$.

Voila, you successfully registered and applied on Purple Ads.

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of Purple Ads there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, so if you want one of the best Ad network alternative to Adsense and Ezoic then Purple Ads is on go choice.

Overall, Purple Ads comes with light mode by default, it has clean and simple user interface that ensures user-friendly experience, but the only issue we found on Purple Ads is website not fits perfectly on mobile seems like it was on desktop view due to that texts looks small which is un-satisfactory, anyhow if  in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will Purple Ads get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now Purple Ads is nice.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention Purple Ads only support PayPal and 10$ is minimum threshold to recieve payments, if you want to send money to other payment portals is not possible as of now through Purple Ads, but in upcoming updates they may add more payments methods to make it flexible for publishers.

Finally, this is Purple a best Ad network alternative to Adsense and Ezoic for Publishers with no specific traffic requirements, are you an existing user of Purple Ads? If yes do say your experience and mention which feature of Purple Ads you like the most in our comment section below, see ya :)