YouTube is revolutionary american video  sharing platform developed by Stev Chen, Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley on February 14, 2005 that got immense popularity as there is no platform like YouTube at that time on internet so on October 9, 2009 after 1 year popular search engine giant Google buyed YouTube for whopping $1.65 billion since then YouTube is managed by Google.

Google upgraded and updated YouTube regularly with useful and exciting features and they also added monetization option for YouTube channels which creators can enable to earn money once they're eligible linking Google's Adsense that display ads on YouTube channel videos so when some one view YouTube video ad it will generate ad revenue based on several factors that money will paid to Google who take some fees and add it to your adsense account over there you can withdraw money.

YouTube attracted everyone as it pays money so creators from different fields around the world started creating YouTube channel and videos to get fame and earn money while some creators depended on YouTube completely for money in sense they make living out it like real job but it's not easy to grow YouTube channel and make quality YouTube videos.

In this world, from ancient times to today's modern digital technology era competition is everywhere even on YouTube you'll find tough competition from millions of users like you especially from big YouTubers and companies who has big network and pay millons of dollors for advertising they also recruit SEO - search engine optimization experts to grow their YouTube channel and views so if you're beginner I mean newbie it's bit hard to get success in YouTube but that's not impossible.

In the early days of YouTube it is very easy to get views and subscribers on YouTube channels as at the time YouTube don't have millions of channels and videos but but now we have millions of YouTube channels and videos with billions of views and subscribers so in order to get success in this crowded platform you have to start from basics to become professional.

There are millions even billons of individuals like you who want to earn money and become famous on YouTube but the problem with most of them is they always stay in dream and never try to start their own YouTube channel and make videos thinking that they may fail or don't get success because of various reasons especially due to their low self esteem that's very common in beginners.

But, if you're someone who want to get success on not just YouTube in any field first you have to start acting your dreams in real life there is popular quote which says attempt is first success so get out of your bed and comfortable zone be ready to face adventures and feel like now or never to start a YouTube channel.

There are numerous methods and tricks used by each content creator to get views and subscribers which may work for them but the main pillars to get YouTube video views and channels subscribers in large is hardwork, commitment, consistency and quality content with patience then only you will sustain in YouTube for long time else your YouTube channel may get views and subscribers at first but later you'll see big drop in YouTube channel video views and channel subscriptions.

We have numerous successful YouTubers in different categories out of them MKBHD is very inspiring you may probably know him already his full name is Marques Keith Brownlee who uploaded first YouTube video on January 2, 2009 when he was just 15 year old from then MKBHD sticked with YouTube and continuously uploaded 100's of cool and interesting quality videos with no success but he didn't leave YouTube instead he world more hard then before.

MKBHD is now popular tech channel with millions of subscribers but in beginnings Marques Keith Brownlee struggled to get 1000 subscribers but he never been sad Marques Keith Brownlee always created tech videos with passion and uploaded those videos with excitement happily and one fine day when MKBHD seen surge in his YouTube videos views and subscribers he worked more hard then ever before to provide new and better quality content videos to his channel subscribers.

Now, MKBHD is seen as father of tech channels who inspired millions of people around the world to start YouTube channel by this you can understand start with what you know and have with passion then for sure success and money follows you even if not today but one day in future that may take more time then expected like years but be smart and manage them.

When you want to make forest a agriculture land you have to cut trees and remove rocks to smooth the land then only you can farm and harvest crops that's difficult but it will provide food to live like wise YouTube is forest the one who pass through blocks like competitors and big companies can smooth the path to earn money or become successful YouTuber for example : PewDiePie vs T-Series.

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg simply Felix is from Swedish who being a struggling student used to stream games on old laptap through his entertainment YouTube channel named PewDiePie with his own style of commentary and after numerous videos uploads over months PewDiePie just got 100 subscribers but Felix didn't stop making YouTube videos like MKBHD.

PewDiePie YouTube channel after 9 years on August 24, 2019 made Felix become one solo YouTuber to reach 100 million subscribers prior that PewDiePie is most subscribed channel in YouTube since 2013 so you may very likely know PewDiePie any way PewDiePie channel subscribers base was surpassed by an Indian music production company T series in year 2019.

Even though, PewDiePie didn't win against T-Series and officially ends war on April 28, 2019 but the fact is PewDiePie being a channel run by solo YouTuber with no big production company or workers like T- series still in just 3 years PewDiePie become most subscribed YouTube channel from 2013 to 2019 so it's evident you don't need money to reach top on YouTube all that matters is you have to strive hard to make unique quality content then you may beat PewDiePie as well.

The creator of PewDiePie YouTube channel Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg don't have money to buy new laptop even dropped out of college but he used his old laptop to make YouTube videos and now he is eSports Millionaire with super high tech gadgets to make videos so you may be in  position of PewDiePie even more bad financial conditions but that can't stop you isn't? just like PewDiePie start using the existing products and brain that can solve anything then once you earn money on your YouTube channel invest it to improve and reach more.

On YouTube, we have thousands of big YouTubers like MKBHD and PewDiePie who has different category channels and subscribers base but one thing they all have in common is once upon a time all of them are beginners like you so take anyone as your inspiration if you really want one else make yourself to inspire someone like MKBHD and PewDiePie.

Most people say you must have skill to get into YouTube but that wasn't true unless if you're trying to teach complicated and technical subjects related to certain matters usually when you start learning and making YouTube videos on particular topic you will eventually learn more to make new videos then in future by this you will gradually learn and master both skills.

if you have skill already then it is definitely helpful as you can make video content much faster then those who don't know skill in your selected category but it is possible some times the one who don't have skill make much better then you as the person may have skill to craft videos for YouTube instead of that particular category.

Anyhow, now a days people making such YouTube videos that don't have quality content but still they're are most viewed and going to Trending section as some creators use catchy and fake thumbnails or titles also known as Clickbait which is unethical but they are grasping attention of viewers making them to open instantly in excitiment to know about it thus they're getting top position in YouTube trending list.

Clickbait fake thumbnail or title on YouTube video may let people open it and viral your channel but when viewer find out truth viewer may report and dislike your YouTube channel stating misleading content that can negatively impact your YouTube channel including that viewers may block your channel video suggestions and never watch your channel videos again so never ever do Clickbait.

Beginners do alot of unnecessary works which they shouldn't in YouTube so to help them we are going to provide detailed step by step guide on how to start a YouTube channel with do's and don'ts to grow your channel completely and put it in safe zone, so do you like it? are you interested? If yes let's get started.

• YouTube official support •

Website :

• How to download YouTube •

It is very easy to download YouTube from these platforms for free.

• How to start and grow a YouTube channel [ Beginners Guide ] •

- Open YouTube app or search and go to on browser then tap on your account profile photo.

- Tap on Your channel.

- Foremost, on YouTube the first thing people see is your channel name so make sure you edit and set cool and interesting easy to remember channel name carefully that can connect with people as you have to brand it in future then comes YouTube profile which is very important as people only can recognise your channel through profile photo so make clean and simple channel logo using any photo editor you like i suggest Pixellab at size 800×800px that you can resize and use on your site and social media platforms etc.


- Tap on ✏️ 

- Tap on 📷 then add YouTube channel banner at size 2048 x 1152 px with an aspect ratio of 16:9 even though most people usually don't check Cover Photo but it's very important as it will make your channel professional in addition provide complete look and feel to viewers then tap on ✏️ to edit and add description you have to explain about your channel in detail to your viewers and add all your social media handles, patreon and donation links so that everyone on Internet and YouTube will know what they can expect from you and support channel including that description make people subscribe to your channel so make sure to add simple and user friendly positive impact words.

- Now, Tap on +

- Tap on Create a Short, when you want to upload 15 to 60 seconds video inspired by TikTok a popular short video hosting from ByteDance but as Short is only 60 seconds so make sure to add and edit good quality content that has potential to make people to watch short again and again then they'll subscribe your channel for sure.

- Almost all YouTube channels are now making Shorts only as they are only 15 to 60 seconds viewers showing interest to watch them over regular videos so if you can make good short then you'll get 100k+ likes and millons of views easily especially after TikTok ban in india large percentage of Indian TikTok users to shifted to Shorts so if you have indian channel then there is high chance that your short may go viral in less time.

- YouTube Shorts are super popular and can immensely increase your YouTube channel video views and subscribers so most small and big creators now making shorts while many creators creating Short only exclusive channels and got super fast and quick success so if you want success in YouTube in less time then make Shorts.

- Incase, you don't want to make Shorts then simply upload videos or Go live both has 12 hour video limit most people like to watch long videos as they have more content and information over shorts even you'll get paid more in long videos then shorts mainly if you have good and lengthy content upload regular videos don't go with Shorts they have time length limit so you can't explain everything in detail that won't provide full information thus people don't get impressed and subscribe channel.

- If you can't create and upload videos for whatever reason then tap on Go live and live stream any thing you like but currently YouTube don't allow channels that don't meet criteria like 1000 subscribers and watch hours can't mobile stream but you can stream using desktop and live stream mobile apps like StreamLabs, Turnip etc.

- Usually, it's easy for celebrities like actors and artists to get views and subscribers using face live streams as they receive huge attention from people and they are already used to such live performance acts but if you're common man then getting success through face live cams is hard as people don't show interest to see you and you may find it to difficult to speak or perform on live as you're still beginner yet you can do with practice it's not rocket science instead you may try to live stream popular events or games like PubG, FreeFire etc that's more easy then face live streams, anyway it's up to you.

- You'll find millons of common people on YouTube who are neither a celebrity or company they make live streams in several categories and get thousands and lakhs of live streamers so if there's are able to make it then why can't you for that to happen you need to master live streams with engaging content and patience and once you get success with live streams don't forget to add superchat and ask for donations if you really needed that it will help you run YouTube channel smoothly.

- Most beginners, on YouTube don't upload shorts, videos and live regularly it's not compulsory to make videos and upload everyday but if you can do that then you will speed up the process of showing your channel videos to viewers and main issue with beginners is they upload 3 to 5 videos then leave YouTube that way you will never stay in YouTube don't be impatient kindly put brain and heart to create atleast 100 unique and best possible videos in your category with your talent and creativity then you'll start getting attention and recognition from fellow users.

- Here, I'm trying to upload Short, you can upload video as well and for both of them title is very important so as said earlier don't put Clickbait titles instead always put geniune catchy video titles that are short in length then select visibility to Public if you want people to see videos that's what we want right? and select audience if you upload adult content select 18+ or if your targeted audience are children then select Yes, it's for kids and restrict my video to viewers over 18 in this way your video will not be reported and get proper audience who like to watch your content time to time regularly.

- Tap on Upload SHORT or Video, if your video is less then 60 seconds YouTube will consider it as Short else it will be regular video so check length of video before uploading on YouTube channel and most importantly if your channel is dedicated to shorts then only upload Shorts else upload long videos I suggest you to upload both Shorts and long videos especially if you dedicated channel to long videos time to in that way people who watch your short videos will try to watch your long times thus you'll get fast YouTube channel video views and subscribers for sure.

- Once first video, short or live stream uploaded on YouTube channel you done first step to cross oceans your channel is your ship and your videos are it's engine and in order to run engine you need views and subscribers that act as fuel to get them YouTube have to listen your videos in suggestions that will get organic traffic else create social accounts on several popular platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Pinterest, Reddit etc to share your YouTube channel and video links and build followers that's bit hard but worth it to get views that are usually enough to meet YouTube Monetization eligibility requirements.

- Generally, Most YouTube creators don't get views on first videos in beginnings but there are some people who get millons of views and channel subscribers from first 1 to 5 videos that's possible if you have such potential content that are entertainment by people but don't get excited because over night success is not good as you are still beginner it's hard to manage it due to that most times only one or two video go viral then your channel views and subscribers start dropping to botton that won't help your YouTube channel in future.

- If you got over night success with first 1 to 5 videos on YouTube and your are able to manage it perfectly then super fine and good for you but remember considering most big YouTuber channels the one who build YouTube channel gradually will get stable success for instance MKBHD and PewDiePie there videos didn't even got 100 views and channel subscribers in early days but eventually they started getting millions of viewers and channel subscribers after 100s of videos made over few years thus it's clear slow and stable is better then over night success.

- Now, in your videos tap onthen tap on Edit, don't tap on Edit advanced settings in Studio which will go later.

- Here, you will get Add video description option tap on it like YouTube channel description YouTube video description is very important as people check it to know information about your videos so make sure to add valuable description in simple with relevant YouTube channel, video,  product affiliate, patreon, donation links.

- In sense, you can add your own or collobarted YouTube channel or video links, affiliate links of products from Amazon and Flipkart etc that you shown in video, patreon or donations links from PayPal or UPI etc so that your viewers and subscribers can help you and channel financially which will not just increase video views and channel subscribers but also multiply revenue for sure.

- In Location, you have to add name of place that your video shows this is useful for travel YouTubers but other category creators also can add their country, state or area location that make some native people watch your videos for patriotic reasons that's why some tech YouTubers also provide Location irrespective of the video content to get attention from people around the world.

- Now, tap on Add Tags and add as many words you want which apts to content but try to limit words to max 5 to 8 which are most relevant as unnecessary stuffing of irrelevant Tags aka words can mislead people as they tap on video tags to check similar content like yours if they find other content then viewers will report your video that can have bad impact on your YouTube channel but yeah if you add any genuine relevant tags then it will help people find your videos to reach more once done then simply tap on Comments.

- Comment section is right below your YouTube video where people express their thoughts and opinions on your video and it's content in their own way some people encourage you with tips and tricks to improve your channel through comments then another set of people will discourage you even when you make good content with inappropriate words themselves or through bots they are considered as spam which can be blocked here in comments by enabling Hold potentially inappropriate comments for review once you Select it YouTube will auto block all inappropriate comments using bots found in English language which you can later review to publish or delete forever completely.

- If you don't make videos in English language and getting inappropriate bad and spam in your country or regional language then you can go to YouTube studio in desktop mode where you can add custom settings to restrict comments of particular improper words in any country or regional language thus you will no more see inappropriate comments which are not liked by you and channel followers.

- Majority of small and big YouTubers face inappropriate comments problem every day especially in the start of YouTube channel you may also get them but don't feel bad or get demotivated instead learn from bad comments to improve content every time thus people who used to bad comment will praise you in future if you have solid content and most people like it still getting bad comments then there is no fault with you or content few people who intentionally do bad comments on your YouTube channel are jealousy of your success when you start recognising them then you're wasting valuable time so don't care about them simply ignore and try to make best videos always with passion happily.

- You may say I will disable comment section as it will completely stop all bad comments but wait comment section is not just place for bad comments over there you will find alot of people who send good and logical comments that will help you grow your channel when you interact with them it will increase engagement including that when you maintain friendly conversation with your video commenters it will increase viewership and subscribers they also share your videos which is why you shouldn't disable YouTube comment section while you may have seen some YouTubers disable YouTube comment still get millons of views they may but if that YouTuber enable comment section then for for sure video will reach more. 

• How to download YouTube studio •

It is very easy to download YouTube studio from these platforms for free.

YouTube official mobile app don't provide complete features thus you can't do alot of things like change of thumbnail and category etc in order to do them you have to install YouTube studio app but even YouTube studio app lack numerous features so to edit or change YouTube channel or video to full extent you have to go to YouTube studio in desktop mode on your browser which we're going to do that  later but right now YouTube studio app is enough open it to continue further.

- In YouTube studio app you'll find all uploaded videos tap on one which you want to change thumbnail and category.

- Tap on ✏️

- Tap on Change and add Thumbnail from storage then tap on DONE.

- Thumbnail is cover of video and first image people see on your video so when you make catchy and attractive thumbnail then people will click it which will increase video views that's why big YouTubers take hours to make best thumbnail while some popular creators hire professional editors to make simple yet amazing thumbnails but beginners due to lack of knowledge use default thumbnail of YouTube video that won't work most times so make a custom thumbnail at size 1280x720 on your own using image editors I suggest Pixellab and add on YouTube videos.

- You sucessfully updated Thumbnail but before you save it Tap on > to change the category of video.

- Tap on Category + it was in People & Blogs.

- You will get 16 categories select one that apts to your content then go back.

- Tap on Save.

- it is very important to select and add relevant category on each of your YouTube video thus users can easily find your content on YouTube and world wide web including that YouTube recommend and suggest your videos on other YouTube videos which are in your Category so you will gain attention bit quick so make sure to select right Category on your YouTube channel videos.

- Here, you can see by default Show how many viewers like this video is ✓ checked that you can uncheck to hide like count of your video but it's not recommended even though YouTube know when you get high likes on video to suggest and increase reach of video based on engagements but if you hide viewers like count then people can't see it as per psychology if large percentage of people like something then other will also somehow tune to like it so if your video doesn't show like count then the chances of people liking it is very low as most times large number of people will some how influence more people to do the same acts they done in this world.

You also get Standard YouTube license with that you have full ownership on our YouTube videos thus no one else on YouTube can use your video content and upload videos on their channels without your permission if any YouTube channel voilate and post your videos then you can send copyright claim or strike to those channel to remove infringing YouTube videos and channels easily.

Beginners who just started YouTube channel and don't know anything about copyright polices download YouTube videos they like and upload that video on their YouTube channels without written permission from it's creators thus they will eventually get copyright claims which are not harmful in some cases creators just take monetization money leaving YouTube video while few creators send copyright strike when they reach 3 YouTube channel which has infringing copyright content will be removed from YouTube so kindly don't use someone else content or videos without written permission instead use copyright free content and music like NCS on your YouTube channel to be safe zone.

If you want everyone to upload and reuse your content and videos without your written permission then there is creative commons license on YouTube which you can enable on YouTube studio website on browser in desktop mode for whatever reason YouTube studio app didn't provide option to change license from Standard to CC aka create commons.

The drawback of CC : creative commons videos is everyone will use your work thus it's bit difficult to earn money on them yet thankfully as everyone use your content it will reach more people anyway if you are some one who want full authority and earn money with YouTube videos then stay with Standard YouTube licence.

Fortunately, in YouTube Standard license you'll get option to allow or dis-allow embedding when you allow embedding any person on internet can embed your YouTube video on their blog or website to to present and show as reference to his content in this way your revenue will increase but few people don't allow embedding YouTube videos for personal or commercial reasons so it's up to you I  suggest you to allow embedding on your YouTube channel videos. 

- Now, you know how to upload videos on YouTube it's time go to YouTube Studio on your favourite browser in desktop mode.

- Tap on $ then tap on NOFITY ME WHEN I'M ELIGIBLE then you'll get email when you're ready to monetize YouTube channel.

- The easy to pass requirement of YouTube is 2 Step verification which you may probably done already if not go to your e-mail account then in settings tap on personal info tab in that if there is no phone number add it thus if you loose your e-mail password then you can set new e-mail password using OTP aka one time password recieved to your phone number.

- 2 Step verification is for security of your email and YouTube channel thus no one can hack your password and enter into your account and channel without your permission if someone from unknown IP address try to access your email account with wrong password few times then they asked to enter OTP which they can't do as OTP sent to phone number set by you.

Thankfully, even if someone bypass 2 Step verification and hack your account still you can recover your YouTube channel by tweeting about your channel hack on YouTube Twitter support it's better to notify your viewers and subscribers about channel hack on social media handles and urge them to tweet about it to YouTube support with a hashtag then after within few days verification YouTube will give back your email and YouTube channel.

- Usually, who just started YouTube channel won't have community guidelines strikes also known as copyright strikes that will be applied on your YouTube channel when you voilate YouTube polices if you already have community guideline strikes then create a new Google account and YouTube channel then monetize it there is no way to monetize a YouTube channel with community guidelines strikes unless they are removed by YouTube.

- Few years back there is no requirements to enable Monetization on YouTube channels but from year 2018 Google in order to reduce spam and get geniune content creators YouTube introduced some eligibility requirements like atleast 100 subscribers to enable Monetization that later changed and increased to 1,000 subscribers, 4000 hours watch time, 2 Step verification, 0 active community guidelines strikes to enable monetization and earn money through Adsense.

Adsense is popular Ad network from Google where you to have to add your website or YouTube channel if Adsense find your website or YouTube channel meet requirements then it will allow to monetize and display ads on them since more then a decade most bloggers and YouTubers using Adsense to monetize websites and YouTube channels to easily earn money using content online

Most creators don't know that adsense is connected to AdWords a ad marketplace owned by Google where companies and individuals like you bid to display ads on Google products like Blogger and YouTube etc those ads will be displayed based on several factors like keywords, traffic, CPM, CPC, CPA, RPM etc and generate revenue in that publishers receive 68% share then remaining share will be taken by Adsense.

But, it's bit hard to pass YouTube requirements and get adsense approval so most beginners who are new to YouTube using illegal tricks and methods to achieve 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours like Sub4sub, buy real and bot views etc that may help you reach 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours quickly but that's not organic and authentic so it may have negative impact on your YouTube channel.

You have to grow YouTube channel organically not artificially first work hard to make quality content videos or shorts with that gain 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours it may take time but it will teach you content plays main role in YouTube and as you reached to 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours from 0 in this process you learn alot of things like how to make quality worthy videos with that knowledge you will get potential to target more adventurous milestones.

However, if you already created and uploaded more then 100 valuable content rich videos or shorts but still didn't got 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours then don't worry it happens there are few legal ways you can grow your YouTube channel but you need money first you have to make an ad and publish on Adwords after that pay and advertise your YouTube channel and it's videos on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc.

Most successful YouTubers with millons of subscribers that you see today never spend money on advertising their YouTube channel in beginnings instead they always focused on making awesome content time to time with improvements there are few YouTubers who taken upto 5 years to get first push from YouTube so don't waste your money on advertising instead buy products like smartphone or camera etc which ever necessary that can improve quality of your videos.

Incase, you don't have money to advertise or buy products then you're lucky this is when brain will think sharp try to use what you have and make best possible quality videos using your old computer or smart  phones most big YouTubers that you see with expensive cameras and smarphones today once started with low or midrange computers and smartphones and slowly reached to 100k then 1M subscribers.

Once, you reach 100k subscribers there are two options be solo YouTuber or join in MCN aka Multi channel network both are different when you are solo YouTuber you have to do everything on your own while in MCN you have to do what MCN company says you to do to increase your YouTube channel views and subscribers then you have to share revenue with them.

MCN aka Multi channel network is a company that partner with content creators and help them grow their YouTube channels with their expertise in terms of content they also spend high amount of money on advertising videos of connected YouTubers to increase views and subscribers including that they apply many SEO - search engine optimization tricks and methods to grow YouTube channel which is why MCN Youtubers get more brand value then solo YouTubers.

Solo YouTuber channel may take more time to reach milestone then an MCN channel as Solo YouTuber have to think and execute plans himself even they don't have money like MCNs to manage and spend money on advertising which is why alot of Solo YouTubers stay behind of MCNs YouTubers interms of brand value, video views, engagement and channel subscribers.

Anyhow, even if you join MCN still success is not guaranteed as first you need to have potential then only MCN will approve you so there is nothing like MCN YouTubers are better then Solo YouTubers for example : MKBHD and PewDiePie are not connected with any MCN they are solo YouTubers from the start still they get millons of video views and channel subscriptions every day just because of quality videos even big MCNs can't beat them as they build cult followers from scratch to now.

It's up to you either be a solo YouTuber or join MCNs both has it's own advantages and dis-advantages where you can get success there is a big myth some Solo YouTubers says that because of MCN there are unable to get YouTube channel video views and channel subscribers but it's not true as MCN is legal company like YouTube they have big team and budgets with knowledge and expertise to grow brand value of their YouTube channels.

MCN don't intentionally pull back success of Solo YouTubers they just work with their own plans and strategies to grow YouTube channel legally if MCN done anything illegal then YouTube is advanced enough to detect and block them using algorithms one thing Solo YouTubers who complain about MCNs must understand YouTube won't show favouritism to anyone if they really do then Solo YouTubers like MKBHD and PewDiePie already got pulled back by MCN aka Multi channel networks but it didn't happen and won't happen in future.

Anyhow, if you like to join in MCN make sure to select trusted MCN company which has good name and used by big YouTubers then read agreement terms and conditions properly to sign agreement else if you choose low profile MCN networks and sign agreement without reading terms and conditions then one fine day they will scam and backstab you they neither give your YouTube channel or money as they take already your sign on agreement so always be cautious and careful.

In my opinion, Solo YouTubers are better as they have completely authority and control on their channel they have full freedom to make video and channel the way they like anytime and anywhere while on MCN feel like you're under someone control even if they are to nice to you so if you want to rule and build your YouTube channel with your own hands then be Solo  YouTuber else you want support to grow YouTube channel then go with MCN aka Multi channel network.

The success of your YouTube channel totally depends on you even if you're solo YouTuber or MCN YouTuber make sure to put eye on every thing don't completely trust MCN they can grow even downfall  your YouTube channel so be careful and Solo YouTubers must strive to reach such position like MKBHD and PewDiePie where no one even big MCN and companies take years go ahead of you, isn't?

When you reach 100k subscribers, this is when companies contact you to promote  brands so make sure to create business email prior using Zoho or any other platform then put it in your channel description once you done you will get different brand promotion emails so pick them ethically and carefully then advertise the right one that will help your viewers and subscribers don't advertise bad stuff for money if you do that viewers and subscribers loose trust on you and simply leave your YouTube channel.

Note: The on-screen attitude and character like the way you talk and behave with your viewers and subscribers matters most so kindly be good with your viewers and subscribers then they will build trust on you which will turn them as your cult followers who don't leave you in any situations beside up and downs of your YouTube channel, Gotcha?

Atlast, don't delete your YouTube channel and videos even if they don't get any views who knows one fine day your video and channel can go viral so always backup your YouTube videos somewhere safe on trusted cloud storage platforms I suggest decentralized cloud storages or social messengers like Telegram thus even if you loose your YouTube channel for hacking or copyright strikes etc then you can easily re-upload them back on other YouTube channel to start climbing mountain again.

Remember, when you attempt you'll start when you start you'll work to make video when you make more video you'll be consistent when you'll be consistent you'll work hard when you work hard you'll learn when you learn you'll get skill when you get skill you'll make quality videos when you make quality videos you'll get recognition when you get recognition you'll get views when you get views you'll get subscribers when you get subscribers your YouTube channel will grow when your YouTube channel grows you'll get popularity when you'll get popularity you'll get money, so start a YouTube channel.

Finally, this is how beginners can start and grow YouTube channel, do say your tips and methods which are helpful to begginers and then kindly mention difficulties that you faced when you first start a YouTube channel and how did you overcome them in our comment section below, see ya :)