Steve Jobs founder of Apple inc. on January 9, 2007 launched iPhone 1 a revolutionary small size multi-touch advanced hardware and software smartphone that can totally replace keypad phones with it's technology so from people around the world iPhone 1 got huge attention due to that Apple able to sell it's futuristic iPhones instantly.

Even though, iPhone 1 is very expensive but still people used to buy them as they never seen such an amazing mobile with multi touch technology which is way better then keypad mobiles so mobile companies who make keypad phones understood that if they don't make mobile like iPhone then it is hard to survive in this mobile market.

Most biggest and popular mobile companies like Nokia and Samsung etc started making plans to create mobile like iPhone but they failed to do as they don't have operating system like iPhone which is way smarter and advanced then keypad mobile operating systems like Java and Symbian etc but iPhone operating system don't have name Apple marketing team said iPhone runs a version of Apple's deskop operating system OS X.

Thankfully, from iPhone 2 Apple named it's operating system as iOS so people started calling iPhone 1 operating system as iOS 1 any how iOS 2 is upgraded version of iOS 1 that has new features with enhancements to improve user interface and provide best experience to users so this time it become even hard for mobile companies to create and develop operating system like iOS.

iOS is closed operating system thus no one has access to it except Apple so mobile companies can't use it to include on thier mobiles at that time in year 2008 search engine giant Google partnered with HTC and released a mobile named HTC Dream with it's open source operating system Android that was actually purchased in year 2005 from Andy Rubens.

Android is the first operating system that has potential to compete with iOS as it's free and open source anyone can build thier own version and add on thier mobile so most mobile companies who unable to make thier own operating system and can't get access to iOS started developing thier own version of Android with added exclusive new features and OEM apps to install on thier mobiles for instance HTC sense and Samsung OS.

The mobiles powered by Android are bit less expensive then iPhones so people who can't get an iPhone started buying Android mobiles as both iOS and Android mostly has same and similar features in addition you can customize Android as you like which is not possible on iOS as it's a closed ecosystem but on iOS you'll get much better security and privacy.

However, Android mobiles also known as smartphones are bit less expensive then iPhones that's doesn't make them affordable most companies especially Samsung, HTC, Sony etc used to make costly Android powered smartphones due to that many people especially in india like developing countries unable to afford Android smartphones.

In developing countries buying a iPhone is dream even though Android smartphones are much less price then iPhones yet they used to cost more then one or more individual monthly salary so only some people able to buy them remaining all sticked with old and outdated keypad mobiles from different companies due to that most people stayed away from smartphones at that time a china mobile company Xiaomi entered in smartphone business with low price budget friendly smartphones that amazed everyone.

There are numerous mobiles companies and smartphone brands in the world but only few of them got immense success Xiaomi Inc is one of them a china mobile company founded by 40 year billionare Le Jun with his 6 associates on 6 april year 2010 who previously owned Kingsoft and that later selled to Amazon Inc. for $70 millon in year 2004.

Xiaomi M1 is first smartphone from Xiaomi Inc released in year 2011 didn't got much hype but in year 2014 Xiaomi released Redmi Note which is affordable not just in india every where in the world that provide flagship powerful hardware and software features while Samsung and and HTC etc who used to charge thrice for low end Android smartphones which are not value for money and can't compete with Xiaomi smartphones.

Xiaomi didn't stop with M1 and Redmi Note they keep on releasing new affordable smartphones with better hardware and software then existing ones which are successful as a person even from poor financial background can easily buy Xiaomi smartphones and then Xiaomi to expand it's smartphone business created a sub- brand named Redmi.

Redmi is most successful sub brand of Xiaomi which introduced many new low price mid range smartphones especially Redmi Note series are super popular and got huge craze around the world thanks to value for money features out of them in year 2016 Xiaomi released Redmi Note 3 and received ultimate appreciation from customers and tech community worldwide.

Redmi note 3 is feature rich mid range smartphone with best possible processor generally on most smartphone Xiaomi use Qualcomm Snapdragon processor as it's development friendly even most people like to have Qualcomm Snapdragon as there is myth that Qualcomm Snapdragon is better then Mediatek but it's not true both are good with it's own pros and cons anyway Xiaomi smartly released Redmi Note 3 with Qualcomm Snapdragon and Mediatek processor thus people can easy choose one they prefer and like.

The thumping success of Redmi Note 3 inspired Xiaomi to work even harder to make more amazing smartphones they continued mid range Redmi Note series but some people still unable to buy mid range smartphones as they are more then 100$ so Xiaomi to reach its smartphones to everyone started making and releasing low end smartphone series.

Redmi 4A and X series dedicated to low end smartphones Xiaomi released first low end smartphone named Redmi 4A in year 2016 that has best possible value for money features at it's price range and better then most low end smartphones due to that most people who don't want to spend or afford more then 50$ on smartphone started buying Xiaomi's Redmi 4 series smartphones.

However, most people prefer to buy mid-range Xiaomi smartphone as with few added bucks you can get up to date best smartphone but some people want high end flagship hardware and software in mid range price that's actually not possible for almost all companies not for Xiaomi they created a new sub brand named POCO and started POCOPHONE series to provide high end flagship smartphone at mid range price.

POCO F1 is first smartphone from Xiaomi released in August 2018 best known as OnePlus killer because of high end flagship features at half the price of OnePlus due to that POCO series got quick popularity thanks to Xiaomi marketing team they are very co-operate to third party developers especially from XDA to support custom roms but this doesn't mean you can unlock bootloader and root your POCO device it voids warranty.

POCO smartphone include Snapdragon 800 series processor at just $250 that you usually find in $500+ smartphones which is the main key selling point of POCO F1 so people who can't spend $500 to get Snapdragon 800 processor started buying POCO F1 to full fill interests even mid range smartphone users extending budget to purchase POCO smartphones.

Fortunately, Xiaomi also release flagship smartphones series to compete with Google Pixel, Apple iPhones and Sony Xperia etc which are less popular then low end and mid range series but Xiaomi flagship series also has value for money smartphones so many people who want high end expensive smartphones buy Xiaomi MI and Mix flagship series.

In sense, Xiaomi release smartphone in all ranges and all of them except Xiaomi MI A1 Android one series has custom build Android version developed by Xiaomi known as MIUI that has custom skin and Xiaomi own device extra features to pull full potential of smartphones that gone through number of updates and upgrades just like Android to become one of the best custom skin Android software loved by Xiaomi and other smartphones users.

Apple don't focus much on low and mid range they don't even release iPhones below 500$ but still has majority share in USA so they don't have any problem but Samsung a south korean largest mobile company used to release very less feature smartphones in the name of low end and mid range so Samsung lost majority of it's customers to Xiaomi Inc. and other china  mobile company smartphones mainly in india not in US and European countries.

In-fact Samsung struggled to compete with Xiaomi in low and mid range smartphone segments while Samsung faithful customers keep on asking Samsung to release low and mid range low price smartphones like Xiaomi but they didn't instead Samsung released same old low and mid range smartphones with little changes so eventually Samsung lost full grip in low and mid range market to regain that Samsung after many years and long wait for Samsung fans they manufactured and released M series.

Samsung M series is budget friendly smartphones for Millennials that has specifications close to Xiaomi and received global recognition especially in india because of M1 series Samsung able to slowly regain it's grip in low and mid range segment even now Samsung managed to safeguard the grip by continuing legacy of Samsung M series but Xiaomi still has big upper hand above Samsung as most people buying Xiaomi budget smartphones over Samsung.

Global mobile companies like HTC, Sony etc also used to make budget friendly smartphones like Samsung but completely lost low and mid range market when Xiaomi entered with budget smartphones and got popularity now HTC not making low end and mid range smartphones even though Sony does but they can't compete with Xiaomi so no one really care about them except hardcore customers.

The problem with most global companies like HTC, Samsung, Sony, Apple is there take high profit margin and spend billions on advertising and marketing it's products even pay high commission to retailers thus they put high price to manage everything and make sufficient extra profits to survive in this competition of mobile companies that is understandable but consumers don't care about all those things they first compare and find best price to buy most value for money smartphone.

Especially, indian mobile companies severely affected by the entry Xiaomi who used to import smartphones from china then add thier logo to sell low features smartphones with high profit margin and price in india while Xiaomi manufacture and release even assemble parts in thier own plant with value for money features at low price and margin for customers.

You may probably wondered how Xiaomi is able to generate profits on such low price smartphones isn't? when media outlets asked Xiaomi regarding this they simply replied we take just 2% to 4% profit even no profits on smartphones including that we don't spend much money on ads and marketing thus we are able to sell smartphones at best price possible.

If you're in business then you may know each company has it's own strategies and plans to sell it's products and get profits likewise Xiaomi has it's own strategies and plans they didn't want instant profits instead Xiaomi first trying to get full scale recognition from people to increase brand reputation by that they're able to get investments and make many more new category products so in future Xiaomi will get big profits for sure..

In fact Xiaomi already selling number of electronic products and most of them got wider attention from public as over the years Xiaomi gained millions of loyal customers and fan base with it's smartphones that immensely boosted brand identity which make people buy from Xiaomi over other companies.

Motorola a American company founder of world's first mobile Motorola 8000DX is biggest competitor to Xiaomi since 2013 with G and E low end and mid range series but unfortunately Lenova a china mobile company buyed Motorola since then Lenova manufacturing and releasing Motorola smartphones.

The change of Motorola ownership to Lenova significantly decreased the quality of smartphones most Motorola users say Lenova damaged Motorola that luckily helped Xiaomi to reach newer heights yet Lenovo used to give tough competition to Xiaomi in early days with it's smartphones like Lenovo K3 Note and Lenova Phablet etc but now it's no match to Xiaomi.

Xiaomi only sell it's smartphones on online market in flash sales with Amazon and Flipkat etc which is one of the main reason Xiaomi able to sell it's smartphones at much less price as they don't have to pay any commission to offline retail stores while global and indian mobile companies partner with retail stores and pay them commission to sell smartphones that extra investment of mobile companies will eventually get charged from customers hidden in overall price you'll never know.

Anyhow, after the entry of Xiaomi in global smartphone business many china mobile companies launched thier smartphones brands world wide out of them Tecno, RealMe, iQOO, Oppo and Vivo got assuring success and giving edge to edge tough competition to Xiaomi but some china mobile companies failed like Meizu, ZTE and Gionee etc.

Atlast, Xiaomi is active and in full josh they already released budget 5G smartphones and like always working even harder to make and release quality 5G smartphones at low price as possible to win against it's competitors but right now it's bit hard as almost all china and global companies are trying to release 5G smartphones at best price so let's wait and see who will make most value for money 5G smartphone in low and mid range market.

Finally, this is success story of Xiaomi are you an existing user of Xiaomi? If yes do say your experience with Xiaomi smartphones and products or mention which is your favourite Xiaomi smartphone or product and why you do like it? In our comment section below see ya :)