Once in while have you ever felt that the electronic PCs that you use now every day extensively are big? you may probably do isn't? be thankful to many companies and inventors who over the years worked super hard to make PCs in compact size due to
that we're using them easily in your place table even laps anywhere and anytime but back then like 70 years ago PCs are quite huge like in size of large room or cars etc, do you know this, is this amazed you?.

You may or not but what you heard is legitimately right back then at first like more then two centuries ago PCs are known as computers which are basically hardware machines designed to execute any tasks mechanically then later on by year 1940s few inventors begin making electronic computers which are powered by electricity after that in just one decade inventors figured way to execute software on processor of computers that paved way for modern PCs and smartphones etc.

When inventors personally or along with companies started executing softwares which are basically developed using many programming languages on processor of electronic computers at first they are not in visibile format including that they're big and expensive but later on many inventors for personal or commercial reasons begin continously reducing the size of electronic computers using various technologies in that process by year 1960s we got to see 
monitor display computers where you can see and control digital operating system like CLI aka command line interface.

However, computers used to be still big and expensive thus they are mostly limited to millionaires and companies at that time by year 1970s few inventors succeeded in developing less expensive home computer with CLI and mainly GUI aka graphical user interface operating system that you simply use with mouse pointer easily then as time goes inventors along with companies kept on upgrading and updating PC by adapting to latest technologies due to that we got powerful and advanced modern PCs.

In 20th century, we have many futuristic PCs with amazing CLI and GUI Integrated operating systems which can install and run heavy resources additional softwares but as said earlier PCs despite it reduced size yet still considerably big as you can't easily even struggle to use them on move like while walking or running etc so to fix this some developers build and released handheld PDA - personal digital assistant which has all features and options of PCs thus you'll be definitely able to use them quite conveniently and comfortably.

PDA surely become best replacement to PC that decreased it's size immensely even some PDAs can make and receive telecom network calls and messages etc but most of them don't do it due to that majority of people have no choice other then to use wireless voice communication device known as mobile phone which is  evolution of Telephone but alot of people at that time want to Integrate PC operating system on mobile phones so that they can install softwares and also communicate simultaneously on the go, isn't cool?.

Fortunately, we got small size keypad mobile phones packed with number of mobile operating systems mainly Java and SymbianOS etc, like on PC you can install and run softwares but only tiny kilobyte or few megabyte size ones which is basic so to replace keypad mobile phones back in time Apple inc. build revolutionary multi- touch display technology smartphone that was released by it's founder Steve Jobs in year 2007 on January 9 named iPhone.

iPhone has closed source powerful hardware and software which recieved huge attention and recognition with thumping success around the world at first it's operating system doesn't have name that is based on Mac OS X but from iPhone 2 Apple inc. named it as iOS which is quite astounding that's one of the main 
reason why alot of people used to buy iPhone smartphones on the go.

Especially, the size of iPhone is just 3.5 inches as back then Steve Jobs seems to like small devices but iPhone is expensive due to that not everyone could afford them yet still because of that the sells of keypad mobile phones dropped slightly so many mobile companies who got losses and want to survive or get back on track in business to supply enormous demand started making plans and strategies to make amazing useful smartphones.

Most mobile companies like Nokia and Samsung etc has potential and capability to make top notch quality smartphones but what they lack is operating system like iOS which they can't use as it's closed source operating system from Apple inc. so they instead created thier own mobile operating systems or totally depended and relyed on new or existing ones as well.

Thankfully, majority of smartphone manufacturers used to prefer and like search engine giant Google free and open source operating system Android due to that now it has more then 70% world wide market share that was build and released for the world's first time in year 2008 on HTC Dream / G1 build in partnership with HTC a well known and popular taiwanese mobile maker brand used globally.

Even though, In beginnings at that time when iPhone popularity is in it's peak level almost all mobile companies for few years used to make smartphones under 4 inches in size but eventually large percentage of people want to watch better quality video content and bigger battery life due to that many mobile mobiles started increasing size of smartphones, amazing right?

Smartphones by early 21st century reached to more then 5 inches in size but in few years we got many revolutionary upgrades in hardware and software of  smartphones like in camera and display etc due to that you'll be able to play more high quality and resolution graphics videos and games so mobile companies to cover and supply the demand and requirements
build and released tablets with 5 to 7 inch size but currently we are getting same size even much bigger smartphones.

There are mostly big size smartphones available now as majority people like and prefer to use them but some people for whatever reasons may be because of nostalgia still want to use small size smartphones who may have to buy old
smartphones or new ones created for minimalists like Palm Phone but due to various reasons they are not worthy at all so people who know that since long time smartly using smartwatches extensively.

Smartwatch is basically watch with circle or square design in size of 1.5 to 2 inches that you put on your wrist to check current day time but it's not regular one instead it comes with hardware parts and software of smartphones so you can do many more things like accessing world wide web of internet and installing apps etc including that they are integrated with heart rate and SPO2 level sensors etc which you can use while walking, jogging, running, exercise or workout sessions to keep them in track so 
that will not anything to much that can put you at risk to be safe zone and they'll also help in getting fitness and healthy lifestyle which became super necessary now.

Generally, since ancient times large percentage of people in order to check time used to analyse weather conditions and then later on we got clock towers which are big so inventors worked on and created small ones which we put in our homes and offices etc at first they used to comes in analogue style but later on in this modern era we got digital clocks but anyone of that can't easily use them on move due to that it become hard to check time at that time inventors developed and released wrist watches which are still widely used by people worldwide.

Now a days, majority of people mainly old ones still use regular traditional wrist watches but large percentage of millennials and Gen-Z getting into smartwatches, if your someone who decided to buy smartphone then wait you have to select them carefully else you will waste money that's why we decided to say some guidelines which may follow to buy dope value for money smartwatches.

Foremost, when you want to purchase Smartwatch you have to first check it's design and screen size if it's small then you may can't do see it vividly which is why it is always better to choose big ones but if you're minimalist then it's up to you and then make sure to select big battery life capacity with software, storage with additional extended storage support with memory card, memory, powerful and advanced CPU so that in all combined it will run tasks smoothly.

Usually, most smartphones under 10$ don't provide popular operating systems like Android and iOS instead they utilise unknown softwares so before buying make sure to get such operating system that has millions of apps support with ultra customization like Android but it's completely fine if you choose Apple inc. iOS smartphones that seems to provide close ecosystem for better security.

it is always better to select such smartwatch that comes with either Android or iOS as they let you Install millions of apps with number of amazing themes included with sim card and WiFi with hotspot support to make and recieve calls, messages, mobile data over such smartwatches which comes with unknown operating system that won't let you install additional apps yet provide some system apps and themes in addition heart rate and SPO2 sensor etc so due to limited features they are not worthy for sure.

When you search online to buy smartwatch you will see expensive iOS smartwatches which you can buy if you are fan boy of Apple Inc. products but if you want to open eco-system without any type of restrictions and limitations then at much less affordable price you will get Android powered smartphones but it's always better and suggested to don't overspend on smartwatches.

The reason why you shouldn't spend to much money on expensive smartwatches is because at the end they are small size wrist watches Integrated with the limited capacity hardware and optimize software so you can't play heavy resources games or use apps even if you do you'll see lags and frame drops once in while which will not let you use smoothly so if you are on limited budget then better go to less price Android smartphones around below 200$ which usually have and provide almost all features and options at approx quality of 
expensive smartwatches for amazing and fantastic experience on the go.

Meanwhile, you'll also find cheap smartwatches below 20$ with limited features without Android operating system yet usually have all required sensors which as said earlier not worthy unless you don't want operating systems and on tight and limited budget then definitely going for cheap smarphones is totally fine but make sure to check the cheap smartwatch that you want to buy is from reliable company providing all required features with good customer feedback from buyers globally.

In sense, it's recommended to go with 
reliable quality hardware Android or iOS smartwatches that gives regular software updates packed with warranty even if it's few dollors extra from your budget over unknown brands cheap price and quality smartwatches which don't even provide warranty at this time smartphones are not super powerful and advanced mainly due to limited space available for companies because of that they're unable to Integrate more hardware components but as time goes like computers for sure smartwatch will be able to provide PC level hardware and software functionalities in future.

I expect currently at present smartwatches are powered by mobile operating systems but may be after few years we may get to see desktop ones as well including that as you know smartwatches comes with small size display smartwatches but in future it is very likely possible that we get big ones like upto 5 inches even more with inbuild capability for holograph and projector that will show user contents of smartwatches in large screen etc that even you may use it based up on sensors normally, ain't this super cool and amazed you?

But, it's not fully guaranteed that you get hologram and projector support on smartwatches as now we are diverting and moving towards smart lens which will show functionalities of smartphones and PCs in front of your eyes using virtual and augmented reality combined known as mixed and extented reality but still it may very likely will happen considering various different factors, don't you think?.

Finally, this is how you can select and buy smartwatches and my few predictions on future of smartwatches, are you an existing user of smartphones? If yes do say your experience and mention which smartwatch in your opinion is best value for money according to you in our comment section below, see ya :)